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Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

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Apr 1, 2009
130_0904_10_z+products_april_2009+titek_innovations Photo 1/7   |   Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

Who: Titek Innovations
What: Stainless Steel Manifolds
Rides: Nissan SR20DET, Mazda RX-8, Mitsubishi Evo 8/9
Where:, 877.333.8613
TiTek Innovations exhaust manifolds are now available for the RX-8, Evo 8/9,and the SR20DET. These are made of SUS304 stainless steel and mandrel-bent tubing to enhance exhaust gas flow. The manifolds directly bolt onto stock engines (and turbos).

130_0904_03_z+products_april_2009+titan_motorsports_cover Photo 2/7   |   Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

Who: Titan Motorsports
What: Carbon-Fiber Air Diversion Plate and Fuse Box Cover Rides: '93-98 Toyota Supra
Where:, 407.277.8423
Titan Motorsports takes a minute to show us they don't just make high-horsepower parts for Supras. They also make some good-looking parts as well. The company's carbon-fiber air diversion plate keeps the airflow going to the radiator and not over it. It's also a great item for making your engine bay look better. The carbon-fiber fuse box cover is for you guys who just can't get enough carbon.

130_0904_08_z+products_april_2009+blitz_bov Photo 3/7   |   Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

Who: Biltz
What: Super Sound Blow-Off Valve VD (Venturi Drive) Rides: Universal
Where:, 626.839.8340
This type of VD isn't like the kind that Charles has, it's the kind you want. With a Venturi funnel and sharp fins inside, the outgoing airflow is manipulated into a sharp devastating sound. The large 36mm valve and dual drive system says Blitz isn't f-ing around. This isn't the stuff you put on your car just to get a cool sound. The new Blitz BOV can be used for either open atmosphere or a recirculated system. The recirculation flange is sold separately and is available in 22mm, 28mm and 34mm.

130_0904_09_z+products_april_2009+cosworth_crankshaft Photo 4/7   |   Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

Product Of The Month
Who: Cosworth
What: Lightweight Billet 94mm (2.2L) Crankshaft Rides: Mitsubishi 4G63 Engine
Where:, 310.534.1390
So your Evo isn't fast enough? Well, Cosworth is here to help. With a 94mm billet crankshaft your 2.0L 4G63 will now be a 2.2L. Not a 2.5L, but big enough to do some STI ass-kicking. Admit it, you guys hate each other. This revised version is significantly lighter than other designs and is now available without the entire stroker kit (which includes pistons and rods). Machined from heat-treated EN40B steel and featuring an isotropic super finish, the crank has superior friction reduction and lubrication properties.

130_0904_13_z+products_april_2009+volk_racing_wheel Photo 5/7   |   Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

Who: Rays Engineering
What: Volk Racing G2 and GT30 Rides: Various
Where:, 562.946.6820
As if Rays Engineering didn't offer enough in its Volk Racing product line, the company has just released two new wheels. The new Volk Racing G2 is a one-piece forged rim, great for the street and track. And to please the non-race minded drivers, the new GT30 is a multi-piece rim, which is great for the street and shows. And if these new wheels don't suit you, there's bound to be something in their ridiculously extensive lineup for you.

130_0904_14_z+products_april_2009+led_shift_knob Photo 6/7   |   Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

Who: BMP Design What: LED shift knob
Rides: Various Where:, 800.648.7278
BMP design's new custom gear shift knobs feature a clearly visible LED display of the selected gear on the top of the knob in any of four display colors. Simple installation involves only one set screw and two wires. The stylish knob learns any shift pattern by simply passing through the gears and fits most vehicles with shift lever diameters of 10mm to 14mm. Available in three colors: Classic Titanium, White or Black.

130_0904_15_z+products_april_2009+aem_power Photo 7/7   |   Cosworth Billet Crankshaft and More - Upgrade

Who: AEM Power
What: Engine Position Module and Pencil Coils
Rides: Honda B, D, H and F series engines
Where:, 310.484.2322
Now you don't have to do an expensive K-series swap to have coil packs on your older Honda engine. The EPM replaces an engine's distributor and allows for the use of coil-on-plug or wasted-spark ignition. It provides precise engine position using dual zero-speed optical sensors, which offers the advantage of immediate signal generation regardless of engine speed. The EPM easily adapts to the cam and can be used with any aftermarket engine management system. Installation is simple via a four-wire connection (12V, ground, crank signal and cam signal). For a complete setup, AEM offers its very own Pencil Coils. (So cool! Too bad I'm going K-Series - SK).



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