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Questions About Wheels & Engine Swaps - Tech Support July 2009

Tech Support

Jul 1, 2009
Sstp_0907_01_z+tech+wheels Photo 1/3   |   Questions About Wheels & Engine Swaps - Tech Support July 2009

Here's where we act like we know something technical about cars. Feel free to ask us about your technical troubles. Write us at or Super Street c/o Tech Support, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Feel free to include a picture of your project or tech problem.

Q I want to ask about a set of wheels I just purchased. The wheels are Gat Toscena and truthfully have no idea about them, I saw them on a TRD project car and that's the only time I have ever seen these wheels. The centercaps reads "European Made, Japan Member." I just wanted to know if you guys know anything about them.
Chris Staley
Via the Internet

A With guys like Charles and Sean on staff, questions on old school JDM parts are easy, especially when they're about wheels. It's not `Toscena', it's `Toscana'. The Gat Toscana line was produced by Weds. These were made in Japan, for Japanese cars, but they had a European influence. They always had a Porsche look to them. Good size lip you have there. Now you need to polish the lips or maybe just spray bomb them with paint.

Q Which one would be better for 1994 Lexus ES300, a turbocharger or a 2JZ-GTE engine swap? My car has 144,000 miles so maybe I should rebuild and upgrade the transmission before doing any upgrades.
Erik Marquette
Via the Internet

Sstp_0907_08_z+tech+engine_bay Photo 2/3   |   Questions About Wheels & Engine Swaps - Tech Support July 2009

A What are you smoking son? Last we checked, the ES300 was a front wheel drive car, which means it has a transverse mounted engine and transmission. Now the typical answer for crazy motor swaps, is that anything can be done with enough time and money. But we just don't think it is possible to mount an inline six that was originally mounted longitudinally in a rear wheel drive car, into your front wheel drive car. Even if you found a transmission and adapted it to fit, there just isn't enough room in your engine bay. Nice try but if you didn't know, the ES is the black sheep of the Lexus familia. It's the only FWD of the bunch.

Q I own a 1991 Toyota Pickup (I know, I know, ew) and I want to start tuning it (or something else). A couple ideas I had was to keep the original engine and try to modify it from there. Another idea I could try is to find a 2JZ-GTE and swap it in. Or should I just toss the truck aside and get something else? And if I did get something else, what do you recomend? I'm in no rush to do anything and I can do almost anything.
Rick Jochim
Northern Vermont

A If your Pickup came with a 22R, you're set. There are tons of performance parts, including turbo kits for your motor. Or if you want, you could swap in the older turbo 22R engine from the previous Pickup generation. Doing a 2JZ-GTE would be tons of work but it would be an insane truck if you could pull it off. You might look at the 1JZ-GTE as a cheaper alternative. But honestly, unless you really love the truck it's not the best performance oriented car. You could easily sell it and buy an older Nissan S13 for the same price and have a ton more options. That is if you just want something easier to mod.

Sstp_0907_12_z+tech+nissan_300 Photo 3/3   |   Questions About Wheels & Engine Swaps - Tech Support July 2009

Q First, I have a 1990 Nissan 300ZX and I was thinking about putting a RB26 in it. Do you know anyone that has done it and how much fab work is needed? I hear that I would have to use the transmission from a RB25. Any info would be great thanks.
Vladimir Delcin
Somewhere in Florida

A Unlike the Lexus guy, this swap is more feasible, but still an ass ton of work. If you have to ask, you probably aren't up to the challenge. There will be cutting and welding involved. And yes, you will need the RB25 transmission, as it is a RWD one, whereas the RB26 transmission is an AWD style. Join the forum and start reading. Research the swap from the guys that have already done it.



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