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2013 Bolt-On Buyers Guide

Quick, easy, and effective bolt-on power-getters

Sep 17, 2013

Bolt-on parts are the first modifications enthusiasts look to install when they initially start wrenching on their new toy. It makes perfect sense, since it’s the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to improve the look, sound, and performance of your rides. The only logical step before picking up any fresh new parts is to check out the featured products in our Bolt-on Buyer’s Guide!

01 Skunk2

Ultra-Series Intake Manifold
The Skunk2 Ultra-Series intake manifold is made from high-grade 356 aluminum alloy and features an all-new, three-piece design. This allows for easy disassembly, porting, and plenum volume changes through the use of a removable plenum and optional plenum spacers. The large 90mm throttle-body opening, 87mm velocity stacks, and smooth transitioning high-velocity intake runners ensure optimal airflow characteristics. The Ultra-Series intake manifolds are designed to be used with high-horsepower naturally aspirated or forced-induction setups and include a thermal manifold gasket to reduce heat soak.

02 MXP performance exhaust system Photo 2/27   |   02 MXP Performance Exhaust System

02 MXP Performance

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Exhaust System
Constructed from SUS304 stainless steel, the MXP after-cat exhaust system can increase the horsepower of your FR-S or BRZ while providing an aggressive exhaust note that still stays under the radar. This system utilizes clamp-on exhaust tips to ensure perfect fitment with most body kits and rear diffusers. A full race version is also available by special order.

03 buddy club exhaust Photo 3/27   |   03 Buddy Club Exhaust

03 Buddy Club

Spec 2 Exhaust System
Being Buddy Club’s most popular exhaust system, the Spec 2 is ideal for those enthusiasts looking to extract as much power from their setup as possible. The lightweight stainless steel construction and straight-back no-muffler design allow for maximum exhaust flow. Each piece is also connected by a spring hook, providing a lightweight connection and enhancing torque output at low rpm.

04 dyna batt dry cell battery Photo 4/27   |   04 Dyna Batt Dry Cell Battery

04 Dyna-Batt

Lightweight Dry-Cell Battery
By replacing your OE battery with a 13.5-pound Dyna-Batt Dry-Cell, you can quickly and easily lighten your vehicle by up to 25 pounds. This low-resistance/high-current battery has no liquid or gel inside, so even if it were to crack in a collision, there would never be a leak. With a slim 3-inch width, the Dyna-Batt also opens up a lot more space in the engine bay.

05 cobb tuning focus ST cold air intake Photo 5/27   |   05 Cobb Tuning Focus ST Cold Air Intake

05 Cobb Tuning

’13 Focus ST Cold-Air Intake
While maintaining the OE airbox and sensor housing, this intake replaces the rest of the air intake tract from the sensor housing to the turbocharger. It features an oiled dual-cone filter, custom silicone couplers, and a wrinkle-finished, 3-inch, mandrel-bent aluminum tube.

06 stillen 370z gen III intake Photo 6/27   |   06 Stillen 370Z Gen III Intake

06 Stillen

Nissan 370Z Gen III Intake
After building 58 different prototypes, Stillen proudly released the Nissan 370Z Gen III intake for all VQ37 platforms. Backed with a 1 million mile warranty on the filters and a lifetime warranty on the tubes, this polished-aluminum intake will stay cool while driving, increase horsepower, and look great for many years.

07 k n intake Photo 7/27   |   07 K N Intake

07 K&N

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ High-Flow Intake System
By replacing the OE air filter, airbox, and intake tube with an all-new design, the K&N high-flow intake system increases horsepower by an estimated 7 hp at 6,670 rpm. A powdercoated heat shield that takes the place of the stock airbox also protects the cone-shaped air filter from heat soak. Installation can be done in 90 minutes or less, making it a true bolt-on item that is also backed by K&N’s million-mile warranty.

08 AEM fuel rail Photo 8/27   |   08 AEM Fuel Rail

08 AEM

High-Volume Fuel Rail
Engineered specifically for popular four-cylinder vehicles, these high-volume fuel rails feature a 1⁄2 inch fuel bore to support flow for applications up to 1,000 hp. This large bore also damps backpressure pulses created by larger injectors, however, it still works perfectly with stock injectors. An additional 1⁄8 NPT port is included to accommodate a nitrous setup or a fuel pressure gauge, and the ends of each rail are pretapped to accept -6 AN or 9⁄16-inch x 18 fittings for those who need to use custom fuel lines. These fuel rails come with everything needed for installation.

09 MXP performance front pipe Photo 9/27   |   09 MXP Performance Front Pipe

09 MXP Performance

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Front Pipe
Constructed from SUS304 stainless steel, the MXP front pipe is designed for maximum durability and corrosion resistance while increasing exhaust flow and reducing weight. It replaces the restrictive OEM front pipe with a catless 63mm inner diameter unit, which enables more horsepower by providing optimal flow. Make sure to check your local laws regarding emissions equipment, because this front pipe may not be legal for street use in your state.

10 fluidamper damper Photo 10/27   |   10 Fluidamper Damper

10 Fluidampr

Performance Harmonic Damper
Harmonic balancers reduce destructive crankshaft torsional vibration, which is the end-to-end twisting motion that is naturally generated during each power stroke. They contribute to greater valvetrain and timing efficiency as well as reduce bearing, oil pump, and crankshaft wear. OE rubber harmonic dampers are limited to function within the narrow frequency range of stock operating conditions, however, if horsepower and torque are increased, the damper can overwork and suffer catastrophic failure. Fluidampr solves this issue with an inner inertia ring design that is engulfed in a specialized silicone. It dissipates heat well and immediately self-centers so it is free to be “shocked” by each torsional vibration. Fluidampr performance dampers are SFI 18.1 approved and race proven for more than 25 years.

11 DC sports CAT delete pipe Photo 11/27   |   11 DC Sports CAT Delete Pipe

11 DC Sports

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Cat-Delete Pipe
DC Sports Competition Pipes delete the catalytic converter to eliminate restriction in the exhaust system. Available in polished 304 stainless steel, these pipes are tested and tuned to provide maximum power output. Be certain to check your local laws regarding emissions equipment, because catless pipes may not be legal for street use.

12 optima batteries Photo 12/27   |   12 Optima Batteries

12 Optima

High-Performance Batteries
The Optima Red Top is a spill-proof battery that is 15 times more vibration resistant than traditional batteries. It has up to two times the life span and is designed to deliver strong bursts of power in all temperatures. The Red Top is also maintenance free and can be mounted in virtually any position, making it perfect for high-performance applications. The Yellow Top version is available for deep-cycle applications, as it can be repeatedly brought back from deep power drains to a full charge without any adverse effects.

13 k tuned ram header Photo 13/27   |   13 K Tuned Ram Header

13 K-Tuned

K-Series Ram Header
Fully constructed from 304 stainless steel, the K-Tuned Ram Header is essentially a long-tube header that has been pushed up into the engine bay to provide much better ground clearance. Its intricate design with an excessive number of turns keeps the exhaust gases hot, allowing them to be evacuated more quickly. The Ram Header makes the most power of all K-Tuned swap headers and fits both the K20 and K24 engines in the DA, EG, EK, and DC2 chassis.

14 stillen exhaust system Photo 14/27   |   14 Stillen Exhaust System

14 Stillen

Nissan 370Z Exhaust System
With dyno tests showing gains of more than 18 whp, this Nissan 370Z after-cat exhaust system will unleash the performance and sound of your VQ37 motor. Fully constructed from stainless steel and backed by a lifetime warranty, this exhaust system will look great and last for years to come.

15 greddy honda civic intake system Photo 15/27   |   15 Greddy Honda Civic Intake System

15 GReddy

’12 Honda Civic Si Air Intake System
Designed to perfectly match the free-flowing GReddy exhaust systems, these air intakes bring in a cool air charge and smoothly increase airflow to the engine. They use a multilayer, synthetic, deep-pleated, dry filter element, and the Momentum Series features a computer-designed, molded airbox that has factory air-duct integration.

16 P2R throttle body space Photo 16/27   |   16 P2R Throttle Body Space

16 Power Rev Racing

’06-’11 Civic Si Throttle-Body Spacer
These anodized, 3⁄4-inch throttle-body spacers are dyno proven to show a gain of 4.5 hp on the K-series-equipped Civic Si. They feature a 1⁄8-inch NPT threaded port at the bottom that can be used as an extra vacuum or nitrous port and include all the extended bolts and hardware required for proper installation.

17 tanabe FRS BRZ exhaust system Photo 17/27   |   17 Tanabe FRS BRZ Exhaust System

17 Tanabe

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Exhaust System
Made in Japan, the new FR-S/BRZ Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust system is constructed from 100 percent SUS304 stainless steel. It also uses Advantex packing material, giving your car a subtle high-performance sound while allowing it to test under 93 decibels. This exhaust system features all mandrel-bent piping with double-wall stainless steel tips.

18 power rev racing manifold gasket Photo 18/27   |   18 Power Rev Racing Manifold Gasket

18 Power Rev Racing

Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket
The Power Rev Racing thermal intake manifold gasket helps reduce intake air temperatures by removing the direct connection of the intake manifold to the cylinder head. By replacing the OE gasket with this thermal gasket, you help reduce the amount of heat soak that gets absorbed into the intake tract from the cylinder head.

19 HKS exhaust system Photo 19/27   |   19 HKS Exhaust System

19 HKS

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Exhaust System
HKS has fine-tuned its stainless exhaust system for the FR-S/BRZ boxer engine and GT platform. The three-part system consists of a USDM-Spec HKS tuned header, thin-wall 304 polished stainless piping, and twin Hi-Power Spec L mufflers with carbon-fiber-wrapped tops. The systems are tuned to maximize exhaust flow, reduce weight by more than 16 pounds, and still deliver the unmistakable HKS exhaust note.

20 tomei exhaust manifolds Photo 20/27   |   20 tomei exhaust manifolds

20 Tomei

VQ35DE Exhaust Manifolds, Version 2
The original version of the VQ35DE exhaust manifolds had the targets of sharp throttle response, driving enjoyment, and a true race exhaust sound. This new Version 2 design has all those targets met, with the additional goal of increasing power gains. The new designs were tested on both the engine dyno and at the racetrack during the Z Masters Race Series in Japan. After all the testing, Tomei is proud to have the Version 2 design excel in all aspects when compared with Version 1.

21 greddy genesis exhaust system Photo 21/27   |   21 greddy genesis exhaust system

21 GReddy

Hyundai Genesis Exhaust System
Building on the ever-popular Evolution line, GReddy introduces the new Evo3 exhaust system. The Evo3 was designed to provide the best combination of performance and sound while retaining the same Evo-style muffler and offset tip combination. The Genesis 2.0T exhaust system features large-diameter SUS304 stainless steel piping that leads to dual 70mm straight-through mufflers with 102mm GReddy tips.

22 AEM cold air intake system Photo 22/27   |   22 AEM Cold Air Intake System

22 AEM

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Cold-Air Intake System
Designed specifically for the 2.0L Direct-Injected Boxer 4 engine, this cold-air intake features an enclosed rotational molded plastic airbox, a large-diameter rotational molded plastic air intake tube, a proprietary ETI module, and a high-performance Dry Flow air filter. The enclosed box allows the engine to pull fresh air from outside the engine compartment, while the ETI module allows the MAF sensor to read proper air density. Dyno testing has shown gains of 10 hp at 6,500 rpm.

23 AEM WRX STI air intake system Photo 23/27   |   23 AEM WRX STI Air Intake System

23 AEM

’08-’13 Subaru WRX and STi Cold-Air Intake
Demonstrating a massive 36hp gain at 5,300 rpm, the AEM cold-air intake is one of the easiest ways to noticeably increase power on your ’08-’13 Subaru WRX or STi. This intake system features a large-diameter rotomolded plastic air intake tube and a high-performance dry-flow filter. A well-engineered heat shield is incorporated to block any hot air from entering the huge 9-inch, washable air filter.

24 DC sports exhaust system Photo 24/27   |   24 DC Sports Exhaust System

24 DC Sports

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Exhaust System
DC Sports exhaust systems are CNC mandrel-bent from T304 stainless steel, hand welded, and feature a straight-through muffler core that includes solid hangers and reuses factory mounting locations. All DC Sports exhaust systems are dyno tuned and tested to ensure maximum performance while maintaining a smooth but aggressive sound. All exhaust systems include complete hardware for ease of installation.

25 fujitsubo exhaust system Photo 25/27   |   25 Fujitsubo Exhaust System

25 Fujitsubo

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Exhaust System
Fujitsubo’s line of Authorize R exhaust systems is designed with minimal bends for the least restrictive flow. Also, with a TIG-welded construction using only the highest quality SUS304 stainless steel and glass wool fiber, this lightweight system can increase horsepower and torque output while still sounding great. Fujitsubo pays close attention to fitment to ensure the best-looking system while maximizing ground clearance.

26 cusco catch tank Photo 26/27   |   26 Cusco Catch Tank

26 Cusco

Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Oil Catch Tank
Cusco has designed an all-new vertically positioned and firewall-mountable oil separator tank for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. It features a 0.45L tank with an internal mesh screen that filters harmful elements from getting back into the engine, as well as a hose that can be routed to vent to the atmosphere or back into the crankcase. The Cusco oil separator tank is 100 percent made in Japan.

27 k tuned gasket Photo 27/27   |   27 k tuned gasket

27 K-Tuned

K-Series Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket
The K-Tuned thermal intake manifold gasket is manufactured with a high-grade temperature insulating plastic that is precision cut and designed to replace the OEM metal gasket. By insulating the intake manifold from engine heat, it will decrease the intake air temperatures and increase horsepower. The added bonus is that these gaskets are reusable, so you won’t have to buy expensive OEM Honda gaskets whenever you spend some time wrenching on your car!



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