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Engine Internals Buyers Guide

Because it's what's inside that counts.

Oct 14, 2013
01 mahle piston set Photo 1/26   |   01 Mahle Piston Set

01 Mahle

Honda S2000 PowerPak Piston Set
Available for the 2.0L and 2.2L engines in boosted and normally aspirated applications, Mahle’s exclusive GoldSeries skirtcoating allows its PowerPak forged pistons to be run in the Honda S2000 FRM (fiber reinforced matrix) cylinder boreswithout the need to sleeve the engine block. As with all Mahle PowerPak piston assemblies, these are lightweight, ultrastrong, slipper skirt–forged pistons that include German steel pins, race-proven round wire locks, and a steel-nitrided racing ringset.

02 titan motorsports camshafts Photo 2/26   |   02 Titan Motorsports Camshafts

02 Titan Motorsports

2JZ High-Lift Camshafts
After months of development and testing in race and street applications, Titan Motorsports has released its Toyota 2JZ high-lift camshafts. Currently available in 264/9.35mm lift, 272/9.45mm lift, 280/9.45mm lift, and 280/10.4mm lift, these high-lift camshafts require a valvespring upgrade and come complete with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

03 eibach valve springs Photo 3/26   |   03 Eibach Valve Springs

03 Eibach

Eibach’s valvesprings are race proven, motorsports-quality pieces designed for maximum lift, maximum performance, and durability. These springs utilize increased seat pressure for optimum performance. They also feature a higher natural frequency for high rpm capability and are dual chamfering for lower wear on seats and retainers. Constructed in-house by Eibach and individually tested using Bosch Dynamic Testing, these valvesprings are easy to install with stock retainers—no machining or special retainers required.

04 goopy performance apex seals Photo 4/26   |   04 Goopy Performance Apex Seals

04 Goopy Performance

Mazda rotary engine apex seals
Goopy Performance apex seals come in 10 different sizes to meet each customer’s particular requirements. This enables customers to avoid unwanted compromises, such as machining the 2mm apex seal slots to 3 mm simply because they thought there wasn’t a better alternative. Goopy’s oversized apex seals solve this problem and are available for the 12A, 13B, and Renesis engines, along with stock sizes and one-piece designs. Goopy seals are competitively priced and provide unsurpassed performance and durability.

05 ross racing pistons Photo 5/26   |   05 Ross Racing Pistons

05 Ross Racing Pistons

Subaru Forged Rally/Drag Racing Piston
For high boost and abusive applications such as rally and drag racing, Ross has designed a stronger piston forging with rigid, high-strength 52100-bearing-steel wristpins to minimize flex and pin distortion. The forged side relief design allows for the ultimate balance of strength and weight. The inverted dome recess promotes combustion chamber efficiency, and OEM-style lock retention clips provide ease of installation. As with all Ross pistons, these pistons are forged from 2618 T-61 aerospace aluminum and machined to exacting tolerances on CNC machines.

06 JE pistons gasket Photo 6/26   |   06 JE Pistons Gasket

06 JE Pistons

Pro Seal Head Gaskets
Available for most popular sport compact engines, JE Pro Seal head gaskets use a proprietary embossment process that ensures superior sealing and durability. A multilayer coating provides excellent sealing of coolant and oil.

07 ferrea competition valves Photo 7/26   |   07 Ferrea Competition Valves

07 Ferrea

Sport Compact 6000-Series Competition Valves
Ferrea’s 6000-series competition valves are designed to provide excellent reliability in an environment of high spring pressures and roller cams, at a budget price. These valves have high fatigue resistance and tensile strengths, making them a leading choice among sport compact race teams. These valves can be used in drag- and track-racing applications and are available for most sport compact vehicles.

08 wold technology piston set Photo 8/26   |   08 Wold Technology Piston Set

08 Jim Wolf Technology

Nissan VQ35HR/VQ37HR Pro Racing Cam and Piston Set
JWT has released its new VQ HR naturally aspirated camshaft and piston set for serious track engines requiring more than 400 hp. The 12.5:1-compression-ratio piston design makes it possible for the large, 13.8mm, 310-degree intake cams to operate within the full span of the ECU-controlled phasers without contact, and to achieve optimum mass flow balance with the 11.5mm, 300-degree exhaust cams. This package is currently used in the JWT / Nissan Motorsports 370Z Grand-Am race engines. JWT supplies camshafts for most Nissan performance engines.

09 skunk2 connecting rods Photo 9/26   |   09 Skunk2 Connecting Rods

09 Skunk2

Alpha Series Connecting Rods
Skunk2 Alpha connecting rods are forged from select 4340 chromoly steel and feature a straight H-beam design, resulting in the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. Comprehensive heat-treating, tempering, and shot-peening processes together ensure that each Alpha Series rod remains consistent and strong. Finally, each rod is Magnafluxed to ensure integrity and that each process has been completed thoroughly and according to Skunk2’s rigid specifications. Applications available for D-series, B-series, and K-series Honda and Acura engines. H-series and F-series coming soon.

10 JE pistons FSR pistons Photo 10/26   |   10 JE Pistons FSR Pistons

10 JE Pistons

Time Attack FSR pistons for Subaru EJ257 engine
JE Pistons has just released Time Attack FSR pistons for Subaru STI EJ257 engines in STD, 0.25 mm and 0.5 mm oversize in 8.5:1 and 9.5:1 compression ratios. These pistons feature a new, high-strength FSR forging design that is both strong and lightweight and has undergone extensive on-track testing to ensure flawless performance in high-horsepower Subarus. Available for both standard-stroke (79mm) and 83mm stroker applications.

11 ARP bolt kit Photo 11/26   |   11 ARP Bolt Kit

11 ARP

Nissan GT-R VR38DETT rod bolt kit
ARP has just released a new Custom Age 625-plus connecting rod bolt kit for Nissan’s VR38DETT DOHC V6 applications, found in the ’07-plus GT-R. This kit includes a set of 12 Custom Age 625-plus cap screw–style rod bolts that are nominally rated at 270,000 psi tensile strength, and a 1/2-ounce pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant. The Custom Age 625-plus material has considerably better fatigue life, and the bolts are reusable as compared with the OEM Torque To Yield (TTY) rod bolts that must be replaced after each use. Optimum design, enhanced reliability, and increased strength are the main attributes of ARP’s Pro Series connecting rod bolts.

12 GSC power division camshafts Photo 12/26   |   12 GSC Power Division Camshafts

12 GSC Power-Division

GSC Power-Division cams show large improvements over stock in all parts of the powerband, especially with upgraded turbos. All GSC cams are CNC machined, giving them the ultimate in precision and reliability. Paired with GSC valvespring kits with Ti retainers ensures that your valvetrain is the best it can be. S1, S2, and S3 profiles are available for many of today’s most popular imports, suiting the needs of daily drivers and race cars alike.

13 GSC power division valve guides Photo 13/26   |   13 GSC Power Division Valve Guides

13 GSC Power Division

GSC Power Division’s new valveguides are designed for a perfect fit, ease of installation, and are shaped to help airflow rather than just copying the OEM design. These valveguides are made from manganese bronze and turned on a dedicated precision CNC turning center. This results in less time fitting guides to the head, thanks to holding the tightest tolerances and best quality control possible.

14 racing beat rotor assembly Photo 14/26   |   14 Racing Beat Rotor Assembly

14 Racing Beat

SuperLightweight Rotor Assembly
Racing Beat’s superlightweight rotor assemblies for ’87-’95 Turbo applications are machine lightened using a CNC mill and based on the stock ’89-’91 rotors (9.0:1 compression ratio). The initial weight of each rotor is approximately 9.7 pounds, and upon completion of the machining process, the weight is reduced to approximately 8.7 pounds. The lightening process removes material from both the external sides of each rotor and the internal ribbing and bearing support areas. After completion of the machining process, each pair of rotors is balanced with matching front and rear counterweights to provide an assembly capable of high-rpm operation.

15 AMS performance stroker kit Photo 15/26   |   15 AMS Performance Stroker Kit

15 AMS Performance

Mitsubishi Evolution Stroker Kit
The AMS Evo Stroker Kit increases the displacement of your 4G63 from 2.0 liters to 2.3 liters, increasing torque output by 10 to 15 percent. The increase in torque will result in spool up 400-500 rpm sooner than the 2.0. These kits include Manley crankshaft and I-beam rods; 9:1-compression JE custom-spec pistons; ARP main studs, crank, and connecting rod bearings; and a race balance shaft kit. Recommended max engine speed is 7,800 rpm for Road Racing and 8,200 rpm for drag racers. Applications include Mitsubishi Evolution 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, GSR, MR, RS, and SE. Fits all USDM, JDM, and European models.

16 buddy club cam gears Photo 16/26   |   16 Buddy Club Cam Gears

16 Buddy Club

K20/24 Cam Gears
Buddy Club K20/24 adjustable cam gears are made of forged, lightweight AL7075-T6 aluminum and allow custom camshaft timing. The four-bolt design eliminates cam gear slippage. Exhaust cam gear can be purchased separately and allows continued use of i-VTEC systems.

17 HKS evolution x kit Photo 17/26   |   17 HKS Evolution X Kit

17 HKS

Capacity Upgrade Kit for Evo X
HKS’ Capacity Upgrade kit for Mitsubishi Evo X increases displacement of the 4B11 engine from 1,998 cc to 2,139 cc by replacing the original crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons. This stroker kit is capable of supporting up to 580 hp when combined with the HKS 3240 turbo kit. HKS’ forged pistons, I-beam rods, and forged crank are designed for endurance, reliability, and longevity with record-setting results. Imported to the U.S. by Motovicity Distribution.

18 skunk2 valves Photo 18/26   |   18 Skunk2 Valves

18 Skunk2

Ultra Series Valves
Skunk2 Ultra Series valves are designed for Honda B-series and K-series engines as their premium line of valves. Manufactured from HNV3 martensitic steel (IN) and EV8 austenitic steel (EX) one-piece forgings, they are designed for optimal sealing, airflow, and stability. The austenitic nickel-based alloy is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, making it ideal for engines that output extremely high temperatures. Ultra Series valves are also heat treated using a proprietary process for extraordinary strength and durability as well as chromium nitride–coated using a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process for improved wear and heat resistance.

19 toda racing chain tensioner Photo 19/26   |   19 Toda Racing Chain Tensioner

19 Toda Racing

Heavy-Duty Timing Chain and Chain Tensioner
Two important components that are often overlooked when building high-power Honda K-series and S2000 engines are the timing chain and timing chain tensioner. By utilizing precision manufacturing technologies, Toda’s heavy-duty timing chains reduce chain stretch and friction, resulting in smoother chain operation and consistent valve timing. Toda’s chain tensioner maintains correct chain tension and overcomes the oil pressure auto tensioner’s weak point, preventing valve timing slippage under heavy engine braking.

20 tomei powered pro cams Photo 20/26   |   20 Tomei Powered Pro Cams

20 Tomei Powered

Subaru EJ Pro Cam
Tomei’s new Pro Cams have been designed to enhance the torque and power of vehicles with significant levels of modification. A range of sizes is available for the Subaru EJ20 and EJ25 engine and for both single and dual AVCS setups. These camshafts have been made from special material and are designed for high-rpm and high peak power.

21 wiseco armorplating coating Photo 21/26   |   21 Wiseco Armorplating Coating

21 Wiseco

Sport Compact ArmorPlating coating
Wiseco’s Sport Compact pistons now feature its new ArmorPlating process applied to the critical parts of the piston, as well as the company’s ArmorGlide skirt coating. The primary purpose of ArmorPlating is to increase durability of the ring grooves by creating a hard, smooth surface for the rings to rest on. This process will help prevent microwelding, which occurs when the ring gets so hot it pulls aluminum from the ring groove and makes the rings stick. This tough coating will also combat the erosion on the crown of the piston caused by detonation.

22 cometic head gasket Photo 22/26   |   22 Cometic Head Gasket

22 Cometic

Subaru EJ-Series MLx head gaskets
Cometic Gasket Inc has just released its new ’96-’13 Subaru EJ-series MLx head gaskets. These gaskets utilize an integrated “stopper” layer for combustion chamber sealing and improved cylinder clamp load without increasing bore distortion. MLx gaskets are ideal for applications that continuously see elevated cylinder pressures from forced induction, nitrous injection, or increased compression.

23 eagle specialty stroker kit Photo 23/26   |   23 Eagle Specialty Stroker Kit

23 Eagle Specialty Products

Mitsubishi 4G63 Stroker Kit
Eagle Specialty Products’ Mitsubishi 2.3L stroker kits features a 100mm, forged 4340-steel crank that has been nitrided and micropolished. The kit also includes Eagle forged 4340-steel H-Beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts, forged 2618-alloy Arias 8.5:1 pistons and rings, racing rod, and main bearings. Applications for six-bolt and early and late seven-bolt 4G63 engines. Recommended for use up to 1,000 hp.

24 supertech performance valvespring set Photo 24/26   |   24 Supertech Performance Valvespring Set

24 Supertech Performance

Valvespring Set
Supertech Performance valvesprings are made with premium superclean chrome silicon vanadium steel alloy for higher performance and durability. They are computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not surpass the limits for long durability under extreme conditions and harmonics are well under control. Applications for most popular sport compact vehicles.

25 k1 technologies crankshaft Photo 25/26   |   25 K1 Technologies Crankshaft

25 K1 Technologies

94mm Mitsubishi 4G63 Crankshaft
K1 Technologies offers a variety of billet crankshafts for the sport compact market including the very popular 94mm Mitsubishi 4G63 application. All K1 cranks are made from 4340 or EN30B material on internal milling and five-axis CNC machines. K1’s stress and simulation capabilities allow for optimizing crankshaft geometry by simulating balance, bearing loads, bearing oil film, torsional loads, and stress analysis.

26 CP carillo pistons Photo 26/26   |   26 CP Carillo Pistons

26 CP Carillo

Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S FA20 Pistons
For Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S owners looking to add forced induction, CP-Carrillo has just released its new line of low-compression, 2618-alloy-forged pistons for the FA20 engine. These pistons include CP-Carrillo’s 51-series wristpins and its premium CPN ring set, which includes a gas nitride steel top ring, a taper hook groove second ring, and a low tension oil ring.



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