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Project LS350Z Part 2 - Fueled Racing Swap Kit

Installing the engine and drivetrain

Mark Gearhart
May 31, 2017

Don't worry — Project LS350z is still alive! Sometimes life gets the best of us and weekends that were originally slated for car work are replaced with adulting. We've made solid progress and our now supercharged LS3-powered 350Z will soon be running. For our next segment we install the engine and drivetrain with a Fueled Racing complete swap kit. To check out our previous progress, click here for the drivetrain preparation story.

Fueled Racing is the preverbal anti-Christ to purists, as they specialize in LS swap kits for everything from S-chassis cars to Supras. Parts can be purchased individually or in complete swap kits, like our FR350ZLHD. What you get includes:

  • Billet engine mounts
  • Transmission mounts (offered for a variety of automatic and manual transmissions)
  • Custom Moroso oil pan (stud kit, gasket, and pickup tube)
  • Oil filter relocation kit with pre-made AN lines
  • Dipstick
  • Power steering lines and fittings
  • Driveshaft
  • 304 stainless 1.75-inch long tube headers

The hard anodized billet aluminum engine mounts are serious pieces. Fueled Racing designed them to place the engine as far back as possible for weight distribution and to gain additional clearance on the front of the engine. The mounts utilize a captured polyurethane insert to ensure your engine will never come loose even if the polyurethane mount completely fails.

The transmission cross member is made of DOM tube and is fully TIG welded. A polyurethane transmission mount is included. Our transmission of choice is a TR6060 that was sourced from a fifth generation Camaro, though they also offer many other mounts, including the T56, Turbo 400, TKO500, TKO600, T56 Magnum, G-Force GSR, and more.

The rear sump oil pan is made exclusively for Fueled Racing by Moroso and has six integrated trap door baffles. Because Z33s are already low cars, the pan is designed to sit above the cross member bracing.

Their kit will require remote mount coil packs or increased clearance at the false firewall on the passenger side. We decided to keep the coils on our sweet Holley valve covers and cut a relief in the firewall for the last coil.

All in all, the kit was very straight forward and easy to install. The only additional "massaging" we needed to do outside the coil pack clearance was a little bit on the tunnel where the bell housing was rubbing. Next up — fuel system, front drive, clutch hydraulics, and our East Coast Supercharging C6 kit!

Project ls350z part 2 fueled racing ls swap kit Photo 2/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Fueled Racing Ls Swap Kit

Here's the core of the kit's components — mounts, oil pan, and oil filter relocation kit.

Project ls350z part 2 fuedld racing long tube headers Photo 3/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Fuedld Racing Long Tube Headers

Fueled Racing also builds their own super nice 304 stainless long tube headers with 1.75-inch primaries.

Project ls350z part 2 fueled racing driveshaft Photo 4/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Fueled Racing Driveshaft

A steel driveshaft that's designed around your transmission configuration is also included. Upgrades include an aluminum or carbon fiber version.

Project ls350z part 2 fueled racing hydraulic kit Photo 5/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Fueled Racing Hydraulic Kit

Since we are converting from an automatic to a manual, we also have their hydraulic kit. The master cylinder upgrade is highly recommended due to the additional fluid capacity needed to operate the Chevy clutch release bearing.

Project ls350z part 2 factory vq35de Photo 6/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Factory Vq35de

Our tired, all original VQ35DE showed its age, though will live again in a Craigslister's 280Z project.

Project ls350z part 2 engine bay Photo 7/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Engine Bay

The best part — cleaning up 14 years of grime!

Project ls350z part 2 engine mount Photo 8/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Engine Mount

Installing the engine mounts are straightforward even though we managed to screw it up initially. Hey, it was a late night.

Project ls350z part 2 upper strut hat bolts Photo 9/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Upper Strut Hat Bolts

The rear cross member brace and upper strut hat bolts will need to be removed so the cross member can be dropped down.

Project ls350z part 2 steering linkage removal Photo 10/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Steering Linkage Removal

With the cross member still dropped, remove the steering linkage to make way for the driver's side header. The passenger's side installs without issue.

Project ls350z part 2 moroso oil pan install Photo 11/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Moroso Oil Pan Install

Moroso's oil pan fits in there nice and tight. Be careful with the steering rack's hard lines as they sit very close to the sump of the pan.

Project ls350z part 2 transmission install Photo 12/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Transmission Install

The transmission mount bolts perfectly into place. The factory heatshields must be removed to make way for the long tube headers. Fueled Racing also includes the ball socket with a short run of tubing so the headers can be easily adapted to the rest of the exhaust.

Project ls350z part 2 fittings and lines Photo 13/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Fittings And Lines

Specially machined rack fittings and lines easily attach to the stock rack.

Project ls350z part 2 engine leveling Photo 14/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Engine Leveling

Before tightening up the engine mount bolts the engine should be leveled. Slots In the cross member and the ability for the lower mount to move within the bushing allows for easily leveling.

Project ls350z part 2 fueld racing locking dipstick Photo 15/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Fueld Racing Locking Dipstick

Fueled Racing's locking dipstick adds a nice touch and is set to the appropriate length.

Project ls350z part 2 oil filter relocation kit Photo 16/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Oil Filter Relocation Kit

One of the final bits — mounting the oil filter relocation kit to the frame.

Project ls350z part 2 supercharger mock up Photo 17/17   |   Project Ls350z Part 2 Supercharger Mock Up

To make room for the supercharger we will need to make a new core support. Stay tuned for that story as well!


By Mark Gearhart
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