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2.0T Intake & Exhaust Dyno Test - Heavy Breathing

Following A Downpipe And Software Test, We Return To The Dyno To Measure An Intake And Exhaust On This VW Cc 2.0T.

Zack Williams
Nov 2, 2010

Looking like a Mercedes CLS but priced like a Camry, the VW CC offers a unique combination of Euro style and quality at an affordable price with plenty of tuning potential.

Eurp_1011_01_o+volkswagen_cc_intake_and_exhaust_test+volkswagen_cc Photo 2/12   |   2.0T Intake & Exhaust Dyno Test - Heavy Breathing

Inevitably, we were rather curious about what could be extracted from the familiar 2.0TSI engine in this application, so took a first crack at a CC 2.0T auto with Euro Sport Accessories in Anaheim, CA. In et 1/10, we fitted Euro Sport's own 3'' downpipe and GIAC software, yielding close to 15hp and 45 lb-ft increase.

With those impressive numbers as a starting point, we were looking for more power combined with a sweeter exhaust note. So we opted for a stainless steel exhaust and short ram intake that weren't available for the CC during our first attempt.

Since then, Euro Sport has developed a short-ram intake system. It fits almost every 2.0T application thanks to an almost identical layout spanning all the models. Removal of the stock airbox and installation of the new tubing was extremely simple and added a sporty look under the hood.

With minimal expectations for power increases, we were surprised to see almost 5hp and 4.5 lb-ft increases at peak, with more under the curves. These were strong numbers for such an affordable, DIY upgrade and surprising since we'd failed to find such significant gains with our '06 Jetta GLI 2.0T FSI (et 9/06) in previous dyno tests.

Eurp_1011_11_o+volkswagen_cc_intake_and_exhaust_test+graph Photo 3/12   |   The blue line shows power and torque for CC 2.0T with Euro Sport downpipe and GIAC software. The red line is the same with Euro Sport intake added. Green line is intake and Techtonics exhaust. All four additions have produced a much faster, more responsive and better sounding car

There still appear to be relatively few affordable exhaust options for the CC but a call to Techtonics Tuning (TT)revealed VW's part numbers for its Passat and CC exhausts were identical. Therefore, it seemed reasonable to conclude that Techtonics' Passat exhaust should fit this application as well.

We were sent TT's stainless steel system with Borla muffler, hoping it would fit. Once on the car, it was evident the bends were right, but the system was approximately 2'' too long to mate with the downpipe. You could cut either the downpipe or system to make it fit. Euro Sport opted to cut its own downpipe since they had spares if it went wrong, but if you had a stock downpipe, it might be safer to cut the aftermarket system. Either way, after a quick cut and welding the downpipe tube, it mated right up.

Again, we weren't sure what to expect from the exhaust but were delighted with around 2.5hp and 5 lb-ft gains at peak over the intake numbers. It also had a noticeably deeper, throaty exhaust note that gave the car more of an attitude.

Overall, we're very pleased to drive away with around 8hp and 9 lb-ft more at peak. There's also the visual improvement of the polished exhaust tips and intake under the hood for bragging rights.

There are further plans for the CC in the coming months, possibly including a K04 turbo upgrade from AWE Tuning, so stay tuned.

Part Supplier Price
Intake $180
Exhaust $745

Intake install
Installation is totally straightforward: Disconnect the MAF connector plug and then the spring clamp around the hose. Remove the 5mm allen bolt on the airbox mount. Disconnect the snorkel from airbox and pull the box from its rubber mounts. Then remove the two Philips screws securing the MAF and refit it to the inlet tube with the original spring clamp. Connect the supplied silicone hose to the other side of the MAF using the hose clamp provided. Connect the Euro Sport intake tube to the other end of the silicone hose and clamp. Then mount the ITG filter to the end of the intake tube. You'll need to fit a rubber cap over the hole in the intake tube for the CC, and the supplied rubber bushing into the mounting point on the car. Place the intake tube over the mount and tighten 10mm nut. Reconnect the MAF plug and fit the snorkel to provide airflow.

Eurp_1011_02_o+volkswagen_cc_intake_and_exhaust_test+intake_kit Photo 4/12   |   1

Exhaust fitting
To remove the OE exhaust, you need to cut it after the first resonator (look for three dimples) - you may also need to remove the sway bar to do this. Then undo the two 13mm clamps from the downpipe and remove the system from its four hangers. The exhaust will then slide out of the downpipe.

Eurp_1011_06_o+volkswagen_cc_intake_and_exhaust_test+exhausts Photo 8/12   |   1

When fitting the Techtonics system, there was a 2'' overlap so we cut the downpipe to fit. Once done, slide the supplied sleeve onto the downpipe and secure with stock clamp. Then lube center section of TT system and clamp to the other side of the sleeve. Lube the other end of the center section and slide on the muffler.

Before fitting the exhaust, the TT hangers need washers fitted. These comprise circular washers and small clamps. The washers dictate where the hanging rubbers will sit and prevent them sliding off. Install the inside washers first, hang the exhaust from the rubbers, then fit the second washer and clamp it in place, securing the rubber in between. You can move the washers along the hanger to aid final alignment.

Eurp_1011_07_o+volkswagen_cc_intake_and_exhaust_test+exhaust_tip Photo 9/12   |   2
By Zack Williams
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