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Honda S2000 Comptech Supercharger Kit - Blown Open

Out Of The Box, The S2000 Is An Incredible Car. The Open-Topper Is Hard To Improve Upon And Making More N/A Power Is A Possible But Costly Proposition. Here's One Alternative: Comptech's S2K Blower Kit

Dru Barrios
Jan 1, 2006
Photographer: Roger Blessum

The S2000 has one of the most powerful factory right-out-of-the-box four-cylinder motors ever built. For some people, that's enough. But for a Honda enthusiast, that's just the beginning. As efficient as the F20C is, extracting naturally aspirated power out of it is a costly, time-consuming challenge.

Htup_0601_01x_o+honda_s2000_comptech_supercharger_kit+front_left Photo 2/32   |   Honda S2000 Comptech Supercharger Kit - Blown Open

The obvious road to easy bolt-on power is forced induction, this time in the form of a Comptech Supercharger and Aftercooler kit. Sami Toucan of Anaheim Hills, Calif., offers up his '00 S2K to the forced induction genie and long-time behind-the-scenes HT wrench Roger Blessum installed the kit before we took it down to Pro Street Import in La Mirada, Calif., for a dyno test.


Pro Street Import
La Mirada, CA 92638
By Dru Barrios
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