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Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Scott Tsuneishi
Jun 7, 2011
Photographer: Manufacturers

Whether your engine is idling or at full-throttle, it needs a good oiling system to keep from turning into a molten metal of disaster. To prevent this unsavory transformation, we comprised a buyer’s guide of high-performance oil upgrade components to help you build the best oiling system for your engine.

Impp_1106_01_z+engine_oil_system+buyers_guide Photo 2/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Canton Racing Oil Pan

Applications: Honda D-series (1.6L) engines
MSRP: $240.00
The Canton Racing Honda D16A oil pan maintains the OEM dimensions, as well as the stock capacity, but has been engineered with an anti-slosh baffle to prevent oil from coming back out of the sump. The Canton pan also includes a -inch NPT bung for an optional oil drain setup, such as for a turbo. Canton also sells baffled oil pans with increased oil capacity for various Honda/Acura applications.

Impp_1106_03_z+engine_oil_system+oil_pan Photo 3/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter

Applications: Multiple vehicle applications
MSRP: $22.00
The HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter reduces oil pressure drop and increases flow properties by approximately 30 percent compared to competitor’s aftermarket oil filters. HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filters combine filter strength and structure to provide both superior oil flow and filtration to suit high-performance vehicles.

Impp_1106_02_z+engine_oil_system+oil_filter Photo 4/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Toda Racing Heavy-Duty Oil Pump Gear

MSRP: $250.00 to $620.00
Standard oil pump gears are made from a sintered alloy, which is sufficient for normal use, but its reliability becomes a concern in high-rpm racing conditions. Toda oil pump gears are made from heavy-duty, high-grade materials and CNC machined for improved high-rpm reliability.

Impp_1106_04_z+engine_oil_system+gear Photo 5/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Tomei Powered Subaru Baffle Stiffener

Application: Subaru Impreza (GC8 late-models D, E, F, G type/GDA/GDB), Legacy (BE5/BP5/BL5), Forester (SG5/SF5)
MSRP: $370.00
The Tomei Powered Baffle Stiffener helps improve oil lubrication while securing both the left and right side of the crankcase to give added support to its dual structural design, an inherent weakness discovered by Tomei engineers. The rubber baffle design helps with controlling the oil supply stability while reducing engine blow-by.

Impp_1106_06_z+engine_oil_system+baffle_stiffner Photo 6/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Cosworth Nissan Oil Control Baffle

Applications: Nissan VQ35DE (’03-’04 require fit kit PN 20008632)
MSRP: $75.00
The Cosworth Oil Control Baffle for the Nissan VQ35 has been engineered to stop oil from surging away from the oil pickup during hard-driving conditions. The unique Cosworth one-way control valves allow oil to flow towards the pickup but restricts it from migrating to the back of the sump during aggressive driving to maintain constant oil pressure.

Impp_1106_05_z+engine_oil_system+control_baffle Photo 7/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Toda Racing Anti G-Force Oil Pan

Applications: Honda/Acura K20A (DC5/EP3), K20A (FD2), K20Z (FN2), S2000 (F20C/F22C)
MSRP: $660.00 to $750.00
Toda Racing’s Anti G-Force Oil Pan is designed to prevent oil from moving around under extreme conditions, which could cause a drop in oil pressure. The Toda oil pan’s design also keeps air from mixing with the oil, and for ease of serviceability, the main baffle plate is removable, making is easy to clean when overhauling. An extra service hole is provided to simplify, for example, the installation of an additional oil temp sensor, etc.

Impp_1106_07_z+engine_oil_system+toda_racing_oil_pan Photo 8/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Cosworth Subaru Dry-Sump System

Applications: Subaru EJ20/EJ25
MSRP: $3,599.00
The Cosworth Dry-Sump Setup Kit for the Subaru EJ-series engine is a must for race and performance applications to reduce excessive and residual oil that can cause blow-by and power loss. The dry-sump system offers more consistent oil pressure to the engine, improved scavenging, and increased ring seal due to greater pan vacuum. The Cosworth system replaces the original oil sump with a machined from solid, low-profile alloy pan with twin scavenge ports, pump, internal baffling, and O-ring sealing.

Impp_1106_09_z+engine_oil_system+cosworth_dry_sump_system Photo 9/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

BluePrint Racing Oil Pump

Applications: Honda/ Acura K-series engines
MSRP: $230.00
BPR oil pumps are disassembled, machined, and ported OEM units that can improve your engine’s performance. Modification options are tiered and tailored to fit individual needs and are performed on brand-new OEM cores.

Impp_1106_08_z+engine_oil_system+blueprint_oil_pump Photo 10/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Cosworth Subaru High-Volume Oil Pan

Applications: Subaru EJ20/EJ25
MSRP: $599.00
Cosworth’s High-Volume Oil Pan provides additional oil volume along with improved oil control to reduce damaging oil temperatures. The Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 high-volume oil pan is fabricated from both custom and original OEM oil pan components resulting in an additional 2-qt oil capacity when compared to the standard oil pan. Each kit includes a powdercoated oil pan, mounting hardware, oil pickup, and spacer.

Impp_1106_10_z+engine_oil_system+coswroth_oil_pan Photo 11/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Racing Beat Dry-Sump Oil Kit

Applications: ’74-’95 Mazda 12A, 13B, and 20B engines
MSRP: $2,750.00
The RB (Ratech) Dry-Sump kits are intended for experienced, knowledgeable engine builders desiring an economical alternative to the more expensive Mazda factory systems. The benefits of a dry-sump configuration include the ability to lower the placement of the engine in the chassis, reducing oil foaming, and providing additional oil delivery under high g-force driving conditions.

Impp_1106_11_z+engine_oil_system+racing_beat_oil_kit Photo 12/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

AMS Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit

Applications: Mitsubishi EVO VII/VIII/IX
MSRP: $599.95
The AMS Oil Cooler Kit provides the most efficient oil cooling available. With additional 14 rows of heat exchanger and 30 percent increased surface area over the stock unit, the AMS unit is the ultimate oil cooler for your EVO. The kit is a direct bolt-on system, with no modifications needed and comes complete with pre-made lines with reusable billet aluminum hose ends.

Impp_1106_12_z+engine_oil_system+ams_cooler_kit Photo 13/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Killer B Motorsports Oil Pickup

Applications: Subaru EJ-series engines w/ ’04+ STI OEM oil pan or ’06+ EJ25 oil pan
MSRP: $209.00
Over the years, there have been numerous reports of Subaru oil pickup tubes on EJ-series motors from ’93 to current model years breaking, causing the instant loss of oil pressure and damaging the engine. Killer B Motorsports’ new and improved pickup uses a thicker diameter oil pickup tube and a support bracing to further strengthen the assembly.

Impp_1106_13_z+engine_oil_system+killer_oil_pickup Photo 14/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Toda Racing Honda S2000 Dry-Sump Kit

Applications: Honda S2000 (F20C, F22C)
MSRP: $12,200.00
The Toda Dry-Sump Kit been designed specifically for the F20C engine and is recommended for customers requiring the ultimate in engine oiling performance. Incorporating the latest technology from professional race teams, Toda’s dry-sump kit features internal oil feed and scavenge lines for lightweight and reliability as well as windage controlling baffles. The kit requires an additional oil tank, oil cooler, and hoses to complete.

Impp_1106_14_z+engine_oil_system+toda_dry_sump_kit Photo 15/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Racing Beat RX-8 Stainless Oil Line Kit

Applications: Mazda RX-8
MSRP: $449.00
Racing Beat’s fully assembled stainless steel braided hose set replaces the original factory oil cooler hoses on the ’04-’10 RX-8. The RB oil lines combine both rigid and flexible tubing, and include 10 mid-hose connector fittings to eliminate possible areas of leakage during racing and on high-output engine applications.

Impp_1106_15_z+engine_oil_system+racing_beat_oil_line_kit Photo 16/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Stillen High-Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan

Applications: Nissan VQ35DE
MSRP: $194.00
Stillen oil pans are designed to increase oil capacity and protect critical engine components from damage under hard acceleration and cornering. The aluminum pan features a deep sump, a large side kickout for oil control under lateral loads, and cooling fins for efficient heat dissipation. Each pan is designed as a bolt-on and a direct factory replacement.

Impp_1106_16_z+engine_oil_system+stillen_oil_pan Photo 17/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Jun Auto High-Flow Oil Pump

Application: Nissan RB26DETT, RB25DE (T), RB20DE (T); Subaru EJ20/22/25
MSRP: $1,100 to $1,400.00
Performance engines are susceptible to oil starvation at high rpm. Jun Auto developed a high-flow oil pump with a redesigned internal gear to increase oil volume and pressure to provide sufficient oiling to the engine’s internals. EDO Performance (authorized dealer)

Impp_1106_17_z+engine_oil_system+oil_pump Photo 18/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

AMS High-Performance Oil Pan

Applications: Mitsubishi: EVO VII/VIII/IX
MSRP: $669.95
The AMS wet-sump oil pan is designed to keep oil where it needs to be, even under the most severe racing scenarios. The stock oil pan for the EVO does not take into account the effects that sustained high-speed turns or rapid acceleration can have on the oil. During these situations oil can be pushed to one side of the pan causing vital engine components to be starved of oil. The AMS wet-sump oil pan will not only accommodate an additional 1.5 quarts of oil but by using a trap door and kick outs, it enables oil to stay where it is needed.

Impp_1106_19_z+engine_oil_system+stillen_oil_pan Photo 19/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Tomei Powered 4G63 Slicing Baffle

Applications: Mitsubishi EVO VII/VIII/IX
MSRP: $130.00 to $170.00
Keeping track of proper oil function inside an engine assembly is vital, especially during high-performance driving. The Tomei Powered Slicing Baffle serves the same purpose as the standard 4G63 baffle except that it has been redesigned for increased efficiency, to eliminate oil cavitations in oil passages, and prevent catastrophic problems such as oil pressure drop. It also serves as an oil cutter, which eliminates friction loss and is recommended for anyone who wants to take their 4G63 to the next level.

Impp_1106_18_z+engine_oil_system+tomei_baffle Photo 20/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Buschur Racing Baffled Oil Pan

Applications: Mitsubishi EVO VIII/IX
MSRP: $389.00
Buschur Racing offers a direct bolt-on, modified OEM Mitsubishi oil pan that has custom baffling inside the oil pickup area of the pan. The modifications to the pan decrease oil sloshing around in the pan and keep the pickup tube submerged in oilan important factor in any road race, drag racing, or autocross situation.

Impp_1106_20_z+engine_oil_system+buschur_oil_pan Photo 21/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

BluePrint Racing K-Series Oiling Modification Kit

Applications: Honda/Acura K-series engines
MSRP: $300.00
The BPR Cam Cap Oiling Modification Kit eliminates oil starvation and camshaft seizure by routing oil externally to the number 4 and 5 cam towers. Seizure has been known to occur on stock engines due to lack of proper oiling and is becoming more common with the use of aftermarket valvesprings with greater seat pressure or engines that see high rpm.

Impp_1106_21_z+engine_oil_system+blueprint_racing_kit Photo 22/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Racing Beat Oil Pressure Regulator

Applications: Mazda RX-7/8
MSRP: $99.00
The Racing Beat Oil Pressure Regulator for the RX-7 and RX-8 replaces the OEM rear oil pressure regulator on the engine. Each specific oil pressure regulator is designed to bypass at higher psi ratings, making them well suited for performance-oriented and racing applications.

Impp_1106_23_z+engine_oil_system+racing_beat_regulator Photo 23/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Stillen Oil Cooler Kit

Applications: Multiple vehicle applications
MSRP: $400.00 to $600.00
Stillen oil cooler kits reduce oil temperatures by 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and are available in street or race trim applications with various core sizes to meet even the most demanding driver’s cooling needs. The oil cooler kit comes complete and a Setrab cooler, Goodridge stainless steel lines, vehicle-specific bracket for OEM fitment, and a thermostatic plate to optimize performance in all weather conditions.

Impp_1106_25_z+engine_oil_system+stillen_cooler_kit Photo 24/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

BluePrint Racing Oil Pan Baffle

Applications: Honda/Acura: K-series engines using K20 aluminum oil pan
MSRP: $239.99
The BPR Oil Pan Baffle was designed with the benefits of trap-door baffling at a fraction of the price of a complete oil pan. The BP baffle extends deep inside the oil pan, essentially dividing the pan into thirds, keeping oil from moving from one side of the pan to the other during hard corning. The largest cell is centered around the oil pump pickup, keeping it fully submerged during hard cornering and/or aggressive driving.

Impp_1106_22_z+engine_oil_system+blueprint_racing_baffle Photo 25/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

HKS Low-Temp Oil Cooler Thermostat

Applications: Mitsubishi EVO IV to X
MSRP: $85.00
The HKS 4G63 oil cooler thermostat is a direct replacement for the OEM oil thermostat, which is prone to cause overheating of the oil during hard running of the engine. The low-temp thermostat allows oil to flow through the cooler several degrees sooner, keeping temperatures as cool as possible and help prolong the life of the oil.

Impp_1106_24_z+engine_oil_system+hks_thermostat Photo 26/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Tomei Powered Oversized Oil Pan

Applications: Nissan SR20DE (T)
MSRP: $390.00
Tomei’s Oversized Oil Pan for the Nissan SR20 was tried and tested on their N2 race Silvia that holds an additional 600 cc of oil over stock without changing its ground clearance. Internal swing plate partitions ensure that adequate oil is at the pickup point at all times to prevent oil starvation even under hard cornering with excessive g-forces.

Impp_1106_27_z+engine_oil_system+tomei_powered_oil_pan Photo 27/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Canton Racing Accusump Oil Accumulator

Applications: Multiple vehicle applications
MSRP: $190.00 to $228.00
Not only does the Accusump Oil Accumulator’s pressurized canister of oil pre-lube your engine, it also discharges its contents when it senses a loss in oil pressure; virtually eliminating the harmful effects of oil starvation while saving your engine. The Accusump can be used on anything from your weekend cruiser to your all-out track car.

Impp_1106_28_z+engine_oil_system+canton_racing_accumulator Photo 28/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

Racing Beat Oil Baffle Plate

Applications: ’71-’92 Mazda 12A and 13B engines
MSRP: $55.00
The Racing Beat Oil Baffle Plate slows the return of engine oil as it drains from the engine into the pan. In slowing the oil’s return, air that has been suspended in the oil (as foam) is allowed more time to separate from the oil. Removing this trapped air improves the ability of the oil to transfer heat and reduces pressure drops at high rpm operation.

Impp_1106_26_z+engine_oil_system+racing_beat_baffle Photo 29/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide

AMS EVO Dry-Sump System

Applications: Mitsubishi EVO VII/VIII/IX
MSRP: $4,999.95
The AMS Dry-Sump System is designed to prevent oil starvation, lower oil temperatures, and add oil capacity all while freeing up horsepower. The failing point of most traditional wet-sump oiling systems is the risk of oil starvation due to oil slosh during racing conditions. Under the sustained g-forces of racing oil can be pushed to one side of the pan, causing vital engine components to be starved of oil. The AMS Dry-Sump System helps prevent this by providing constant oil pressure throughout the engine non matter the driving conditions. This not only aids in motor longevity but also frees up horsepower by removing oil from the pan where it can create parasitic drag on the crankshaft.

Impp_1106_29_z+engine_oil_system+ams_evo_dry_sump_system Photo 30/30   |   Engine Oil System Buyer’s Guide
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