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Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Evo X Turbo Upgrade, Mazda3 Turbo Kit, T60R Turbocharger And More!

Apr 20, 2010

R35 GT-R Intercooler
The HKS intercooler kit for the R35 GT-R features two lightweight, large-capacity intercooler cores, polished-aluminum piping and a carbon-fiber air duct that greatly improves cooling efficiency. By utilizing two lightweight cores with a new inner fin design, HKS is able to improve efficiency, minimize pressure loss under higher boost levels and reduce front-end weight. Directing airflow to the intercooler cores and radiator, the included carbon-fiber air duct is matched to the size of the HKS intercooler cores.

Modp_1005_03_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+gtr_intercooler Photo 2/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

M-Line Universal Intercooler
The Mishimoto M-Line universal front-mount intercooler is constructed of 6061 aluminum for high performance and long-lasting durability. Sleek and stylish, the high-performance M-Line intercooler will give the perfect cooling capacity needed for smaller turbo applications.

Modp_1005_02_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+universal_intercooler Photo 3/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Blouch Turbo
Dominator 3.0 XT-R
The new Dominator 3.0 XT-R sports a fully machined billet XT compressor wheel with superior aerodynamics, and out back the Dominator 3.0 XT-R utilizes the proprietary Blouch 10cm2 turbine housing for reduced turbine inlet pressure and engine pumping losses. All of this combined with a high-efficiency Garrett GT turbine wheel, Garrett GT full ball-bearing system and adjustable upgrade wastegate actuator make the Dominator 3.0 XT-R a great bolt-on performance turbocharger for your Subaru.

Modp_1005_01_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+blouch_turbo Photo 4/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Go Fast Bits
SV45 Blow-Off Valve
The largest addition to GFB's range of products is the SV45, designed specifically for drag racing and high-horsepower engines. The most important feature of this valve is its unique flow path, which has proven capable of flowing enough for engines pushing more than 1,200 hp, and the SV45 comes with two nested springs to allow the spring pre-load to be easily tailored to suit a wide variety of idle vacuum ranges.
+61 2 9534 0099 (international)

Modp_1005_04_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+blow_off_valve Photo 5/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Go Fast Bits
Deceptor Pro Adjustable
Blow-Off Valve
The Deceptor Pro is based on the patented volume-adjustable Stealth FX, a breakthrough in blow-off valve design, featuring an industry first electronic in-car adjustment of blow-off valve volume. This design gives users the option of a more subdued BOV "whoosh" sound and worked where other BOVs like this didn't: on airflow metered vehicles that were sensitive to the "vent-to-atmosphere only" blow-off valves of the past.
+61 2 9534 0099 (international)

Modp_1005_06_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+adjustable_valve Photo 6/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

GTX-R Turbochargers
These new Garrett GTX-R turbos feature all-new compressor wheel designs with next-generation aerodynamics and higher efficiency to deliver much-improved performance over the previous design. Garrett GTX-R Turbochargers provide a 10 percent gain in flow as well as 10 percent higher pressure ratio over the traditional Garrett GT Series compressor wheels. Introductory sizes available will be the Garrett GTX4294R, GTX4202R and GTX4508R with more models arriving soon.

Modp_1005_07_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+gtxr_turbochargers Photo 7/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

DC Sports
Stainless Steel Downpipe
For Sr20DET 240SX
This stainless steel turbo downpipe is now available for Nissan S13s and S14s equipped with an SR20DET swap. Made from 100 percent T304 stainless steel, these downpipes are TIG-welded and polished to a high-luster finish. Many hours of research and development have gone into this piece to ensure maximum power gains, making it a perfect addition to your SR-swapped 240.

Modp_1005_05_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+steel_downpipe Photo 8/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

EVO VIII & IX Arms Turbo Upgrade
A new turbo upgrade from Tomei comes courtesy of the M7960, expanding on the popular ARMS turbo line. This great all-around performer for stock and light- to medium-tuned 4G63 engines is now available to North American markets at an affordable price. With a setup like this, it's possible to achieve improved low-end response and can be tuned to over 400 peak horsepower.

Modp_1005_08_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_upgrade Photo 9/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Samco Sport
Mazdaspeed3 Silicon
Hose Kit
This three-piece silicon hose kit is a perfect upgrade for your new Mazdaspeed3. More durable and longer lasting than factory hoses, this kit also comes in a variety of color options to add some style to your engine bay.
44 (0)1443 238464 (international)

Modp_1005_09_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+silicon_hose_kit Photo 10/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Subaru EJ20 And EJ25 Turbo Upgrade
The goal of Tomei's turbo upgrade is to provide a large bolt-on solution to fit either an EJ20 or EJ25 Subaru boxer engine. A great choice for stock motors as well as performance-built setups, this easy-to-install turbo upgrade is sure to add a nice punch to your Subie on any budget.

Modp_1005_10_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_upgrade Photo 11/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Honda B-Series Turbo Manifold
Constructed of high-silicone ductile iron, these turbo manifolds from Blox Racing are a good way to get started on your B-series boost project. Using the latest casting technologies, each exhaust runner is only 3.5mm thick, which dramatically reduces the unit's overall weight. In addition, Blox Racing manifolds come with a lifetime warranty against cracks, just in case.

Modp_1005_14_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_manifold Photo 12/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Samco Sport
Single-Piston Recirculating
Blow-Off Valve
Trapped air in a turbo can create lag and in extreme cases cause damage to the turbine itself. Samco Sport now offers a range of T6 anodized billet alloy blow-off valves in both recirculation and atmospheric variants to help free up excess boost pressure and save you from costly repairs. Available with either diaphragm or piston internals, depending on vehicle application, these valves can be complemented with a Samco Sport Custom fitting kit.
44 (0)1443 238464 (international)

Modp_1005_12_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+samco_sport Photo 13/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Vibrant Performance
Air-To-Air Intercooler
Vibrant Performance bar and plate intercoolers are designed and built to provide superior cooling efficiency and overall durability compared to tube- and fin-style intercoolers, resulting in these cores being suitable for even the most extreme racing conditions. These universal intercoolers are currently available in three core sizes to suit the needs of your specific setup.

Modp_1005_13_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+vibrant_performance Photo 14/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

T60R Turbocharger
The T60R was designed for those with high power in mind. Its huge 60-lb compressor wheel, massive machined compressor housing inlet and fully ported exhaust and compressor housings give it the ability to move 850-870 cfm. This turbocharger has been proven to reach full boost around 3500-3800 rpm, depending on supporting modifications.

Modp_1005_15_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+t60r_turbocharger Photo 15/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Agency Power
EVO X GT35R Twin-Scroll
Turbo Kit
Agency Power's complete bolt-on turbo upgrade for the '08+ EVO X is the first available kit of its kind. Using a beefy GT35R twin-scroll turbo rated up to 400 hp, this kit also includes a tubular manifold, all required piping, clamps and connectors for easy installation. This kit is a great way to take your X to the next level while still maintaining factory reliability.

Modp_1005_17_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_kit Photo 16/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

WRX/STI Top-Mount Intercooler
With dimensions of 20x12x4 inches, the AMR TMIC is designed to cool down the air charge to the engine, which in turn gives the vehicle better response, more torque and more power. It has been tested at over 30+ psi, and all T-bolt clamps, gaskets and couplers are included.
914 381 5460

Modp_1005_16_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+top_mount_intercooler Photo 17/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

EVO VIII/IX/X Twin-Scroll
Prostock Turbo Manifold
> Compatible with all EVO factory-style turbochargers, the Full-Race ProStock EVO manifold uses Full-Race's robotically welded thick-wall merge collector to create a free-flowing and highly efficient twin-scroll exhaust manifold. During official testing, the Full-Race ProStock EVO VIII/IX/X exhaust manifold was proven to make more power across the entire rpm range from idle to redline than any competitor.

Modp_1005_18_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+twin_scroll Photo 18/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Tri-Point Engineering
Mazda3 Turbo Kit
This complete bolt-on turbo kit is a great way to get reliable horsepower out of your Mazda3. Developed to maintain driveability while still making power, this GT28R-based turbo kit has been dyno tested and street tested with more than 20,000 miles of R&D. All the parts come premeasured or preassembled for clean, easy and tidy installation.

Modp_1005_19_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+mazda3_turbo_kit Photo 19/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

DC Sports
Stainless Steel Evo Viii
& Ix Turbo Manifold
These turbo manifolds are made from 100 percent T304 stainless steel, are TIG-welded by hand and polished to a show-quality finish. Extensive research and development has gone into the design and production of these manifolds to ensure optimum power gains, durability and good looks.

Modp_1005_21_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_mainfold Photo 20/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

EVO X GT3240 Turbo Kit
The GT3240 turbine is rated to produce up to 580 hp and eliminates the problem of boost and power drops in high-rpm ranges. This kit utilizes the stock exhaust manifold in conjunction with a heat-resistant steel adapter to mount the turbine and the included 50mm GT II wastegate. The design assists in durability and heat dissipation and makes for an easy bolt-on installation in your EVO X.

Modp_1005_20_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+gt3240_turbo_kit Photo 21/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Rotated Mount V-Band Subaru Sti/Wrx Turbo Kit
The AMS Subaru turbo kit incorporates the latest V-band exhaust housings with options for 0.63, 0.82 or 1.06 a/r. The precision Turbo V-band housings not only provide the most horsepower and save weight but they also eliminate the need for gaskets. This kit includes all piping, clamps, hoses and instructions for easy installation.

Modp_1005_24_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+sti_turbo_kit Photo 22/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

TD06SH 20G Twin-Turbo Upgrade For R35 GT-R
Designed to boost the power potential of a GT-R to well over 850 hp, the GReddy twin-turbo upgrade for the new Nissan GT-R includes two TD06SH-20G turbochargers, large stainless steel turbo manifolds, twin Type-R external wastegates with 80mm stainless steel downpipes and twin 80mm Airinx intake systems. It also includes large aluminum turbo-piping, three-ply silicone hoses, oil lines, heat protection and necessary hardware.

Modp_1005_25_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+twin_turbo_kit Photo 23/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Vibrant Performance
Aluminum Vacuum Manifold
> Vibrant Performance's aluminum vacuum manifold allows for consistent vacuum from a single source to be distributed through its seven ports to support all your vacuum accessories. All ports are threaded for 0.125-inch NPT fittings and come with five plugs for the unused ports.

Modp_1005_26_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+vacuum_manifold Photo 24/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Sti Rotated Turbo Kit
This road-worthy and track-proven turbo solution gives you excellent, well-balanced performance for your STI. The high-velocity intercooler pipes, 3-inch downpipe, up-pipe, turbine housing and 3-inch cold-air intake are jet-hot-coated, and the kit also includes a three-point turbo mounting bracket, large front-mount intercooler, Garrett GT30R or GT35R turbo, aluminum heat-shield, Crawford Performance air/oil separator, and a pre-tuned map for the OEM engine management system.

Modp_1005_27_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+rotated_turbo_kit Photo 25/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Cbrd Speed Factory
EVO IX & X Turbo Manifold
Produced in a partnership with JMFabrication, the CBRD EVO IX & X turbo manifold is designed for use with stock housing twin-scroll turbos. Proven to produce 20- to 30-whp gains (with no loss in spool up) in independent testing, proper flange design, packaging and port work allow this tubular manifold to enhance the performance of any stock housing turbo.

Modp_1005_28_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_manifold Photo 26/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Hyundai Genesis Front-Mount
This front-mount intercooler kit is one of the best performing direct bolt-on intercoolers available for the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Using the same durable, race-proven core used on all of AMS' track cars, this intercooler has 60 percent more internal flow and frontal area than its stock counterpart.

Modp_1005_29_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+front_mount_intercooler Photo 27/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

370z Turbo Kit
This kit can provide 175-500 extra horsepower to your 370Z. It includes twin TD06SH-20G turbos, an extra-large twin inlet/outlet Type-29 Spec-R intercooler, heavy-duty cast manifolds, twin 38mm external wastegates with open dump tubes, high-capacity cast oil pan, stainless steel downpipes, twin Airinx air intake system, aluminum mandrel-bend piping and all necessary hardware. It doesn't include an engine management system, so you can decide what tuning option best suits your goals.

Modp_1005_33_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_kit Photo 28/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Forced Performance
"Red" Evo X Turbo Upgrade
FP's turbo upgrade can sustain well over 35 psi of boost pressure and still keep turbine backpressure in check, due to a proprietary advanced turbine design and massive turbine blades. Because of the advanced design of the blades, the spool up is retained near that of the stock turbocharger while the performance possibilities are massively increased.

Modp_1005_35_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+evox_turbo_upgrade Photo 29/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

'06+ Civic Si Turbo Kit
Engineered to offer the ultimate in performance and reliability, the Full-Race kit spools faster, last longer and produces more reliable power across the entire rpm range than any other kits on the market. Full-Race's K Series Prostreet turbo kits can support power levels from an ultra-responsive 300 whp to a 700-whp monster. This kit retains all accessories such as power steering and A/C.

Modp_1005_34_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+civic_turbo_kit Photo 30/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Synapse Engineering
R35 Gt-R Intercooler Piping Kit
All the piping in this kit is made from mandrel-bent, aircraft-grade aluminum tubing to eliminate horsepower-robbing compound bends. It improves overall boost response and provides a significant increase in on-track performance. This design doesn't require any cutting, which will allow you to return your vehicle to complete OEM configuration without problems.

Modp_1005_36_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+piping_kit Photo 31/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Cbrd Speed Factory
Evo Viii & Ix Front-Mount
Intercooler Upgrade
This intercooler doesn't sacrifice anything when it comes to performance, fitment and efficiency. The 3.8-inch-thick, high-fin-density Garrett core utilizes proprietary end tanks that can pair up with stock or aftermarket piping. This is the same FMIC core utilized on CBRD's time attack EVO, and no cutting or trimming is required for mounting.

Modp_1005_37_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+intercooler_upgrade Photo 32/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Forced Performance
"Black" Evo Iv-Ix Turbo Upgrade
FP's turbo upgrade for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV-IX is the most fully evolved, stock-appearing variant offered by Forced Performance. It features an 82mm HTA compressor wheel with a flow rate of 68 lb/min with its 84mm compressor cover. The turbine side features a large 67mm turbine wheel.

Modp_1005_38_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+turbo_upgrade Photo 33/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide

Speed Circuit
Evo X Wastegate Manifold Downpipe
Speed Circuit's new manifold/wastegate kit will allow you to upgrade from the stock internal wastegate to a manifold-mounted external wastegate on your EVO X, resulting in faster spool up, increased power and better boost control. Unlike many tubular turbo manifold designs that crack over time, this manifold is CNC-machined and built to last forever.

Modp_1005_43_o+turbo_parts_buyers_guide+manifold_downpipe Photo 34/34   |   Turbo Parts Buyer's Guide



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