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EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Here is the EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide complete with performance parts.

May 17, 2010

Emanage Ultimate
This tried-and-true offering from GReddy is as close to a stand-alone management system as you can get, while maintaining the best and most desirable features of a piggyback EMS. 949-588-8300

Modp_1007_01_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+emanage Photo 2/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

RC Engineering
Fuel Injectors
RC Engineering has a large selection of injectors available for a wide range of high-performance or custom racing applications. Available as either top- or side-feed, sizes range from 155-1,600cc, depending on application. RC Engineering also offers fuel injector cleaning services.

Modp_1007_03_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_injectors Photo 3/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

The HKS F-CON V Pro is a stand-alone EMS that easily connects as a piggyback fuel and timing controller. With up to four selectable trim maps for different fuel octane ratings, the F-CON V Pro - with its 32x32 resolution for both fuel and timing maps - is the optimal solution.

Modp_1007_02_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+f_con Photo 4/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Power Rev Racing
Fuel Rails
Power Rev CNC-machined, high-flow fuel rails feature a 0.375-inch bore and come with all the necessary hardware for installation.

Modp_1007_04_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_rails Photo 5/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

The FlashPro enables the user to tune the eighth-generation Civic Si or 1.8-liter Civic, whether naturally aspirated or boosted, through the OBD-II diagnostic port. The FlashPro is also available for a variety of other applications, including the S2000 and JDM Civic Type-R.

Modp_1007_06_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+flashpro Photo 6/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Racing Composite Fuel Rails
Skunk2's Composite Fuel Rails are manufactured using a proprietary carbon-impregnated, aerospace thermo-polymer composite. This material is 33 percent lighter and 60 percent stronger than other rails. It operates up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit cooler when compared to aluminum. It also insulates fuel from radiant and conductive heat transfer under the hood.

Modp_1007_05_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+racing_composite Photo 7/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel/Ignition Controller (Fic)
This PC-programmable piggyback controller allows users to retard timing and add fuel to virtually any engine, even those with variable-cam timing. This FIC also works with latest OBD-II race vehicles, including a high-side output based on engine rpm.

Modp_1007_08_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+ignition_controller Photo 8/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Rails
These high-volume fuel rails feature a half-inch bore and additional ports and taps for pressure gauges and custom fuel lines. Your stock FPR or an aftermarket piece will mount up to these AEM rails with no problem.

Modp_1007_07_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+aem_fuel_rails Photo 9/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

The S300 is a plug-in module to the factory Honda ECU, which allows you to take control of virtually all of the ECU functions like fuel, timing, VTEC and so on. Forced induction, data logging, real-time updating of parameters and engine protection are a few of the S300's features.

Modp_1007_09_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+hondata_s3000 Photo 10/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Platinum Sport 2000
With 14 channels capable of controlling injection and ignition duties, the Platinum Sport 2000 can support most modern engines (including three-rotor engines) with multi-coil or conventional distributor ignition systems as well as aftermarket CDI systems. It's capable of controlling sequential injection on 4-,6-,8-,10- and 12-cylinder engines and direct fire ignition for engines up to 6 cylinders, or wasted spark ignition on engines up to 12 cylinders.
+61 2 9729 0999 (international)

Modp_1007_12_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+platinum_sport Photo 11/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Series 2 Ems
The Series 2 EMS from AEM is a complete engine control system that plugs into the factory harness and uses the factory sensors. AEM's Series 2 Programmable EMS is more powerful than its predecessor, with 1MB of internal data logging, USB connections and up to eight direct-fire coil outputs.

Modp_1007_13_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+series_2_ems Photo 12/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

FJO Racing
Low-Impedance Injector Driver
This product allows the use of low-impedance injectors with ECUs designed for high-impedance injectors only. There are no special setup requirements and it installs easily between the ECU and injectors and can be used individually or in multiples for any number of cylinders or injector channels.

Modp_1007_14_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+injector_driver Photo 13/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Cobb Tuning
This OEM ECU flashing, managing and monitoring assistant allows custom mapping while retaining the sophistication of the OEM ECU. Powerful software tools provide access to the heart of the ECU, allowing you to create custom calibrations and maximize gains for your unique setup.

Modp_1007_15_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+accessport Photo 14/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Injectors
Tomei injectors are a direct replacement upgrade for the stock injectors, specifically chosen for each Nissan or Mitsubishi engine to deliver optimum results. Sizes range from 550-740cc.

Modp_1007_16_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_injectors Photo 15/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Pressure Regulators
Tomei now has a universal fuel-pressure regulator to complete the fuel management tuning requirements to extract maximum power from your engine.

Modp_1007_17_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_pressure_regulators Photo 16/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Rails
HKS fuel rail kits are direct bolt-on replacements of factory fuel rails and allow for larger top-feed injectors and fuel pressure regulators to be added.

Modp_1007_18_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+hks_fuel_rails Photo 17/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

V88 & V44 EMS
Vi-PEC software has advanced tuning tools like QuickTune, which enables hands-free tuning with no input required from the user, other than running the engine through its various rpm and load sites. Motorsport features like anti-lag, flat shift and launch controlare standard features on the V44, V88 and plug-in ECU models.
+61 7 4051 6672 (international)

Modp_1007_21_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+v88_v44 Photo 18/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Injectors
Holley offers high-flow, Bosch-style fuel injectors for a wide variety of applications. Ranging from 19 lb-hr all the way to 95 lb-hr, Holley has your needs covered even for the most radical engine setups.

Modp_1007_22_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_injectors Photo 19/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Powerful and user-friendly, the new Info-Touch provides advanced engine monitoring with the ease of a touch-screen interface. Depending on the vehicle, the unit can display a large list of factory ECU signal items, estimate power with a weight/acceleration run, estimate fuel economy and cost in eco mode, data log up to 15 minutes of info, and read/reset DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). By simply touching the controls, you may select the screen vertically or horizontally in five preset patterns and six meter styles.

Modp_1007_24_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+info_touch Photo 20/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Goldin Brothers Racing
Ecu Modification
Goldin Brothers Racing has a 24-hour turnaround service to modify your car's ECU. A higher rpm limit can lead to additional power gains and allow your vehicle to remain within its optimum powerband. This service (just over $100) has been utilized by SCCA racers for more than 15 years and is now available for vehicles with manufacture dates prior to 2002.

Modp_1007_23_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+ecu_modification Photo 21/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Pressure Regulator
The SARD FPR is regarded as one of the best units on the market from Japan and has sizing and capacity options that are built to handle the fuel demands for all types of vehicles. You can find these under the hood of virtually every tuner car in Japan.

Modp_1007_25_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+pressure_regulator Photo 22/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Collector Tank
This secondary external tank is designed to eliminate fuel-delivery issues when high lateral g's starve the in-tank pickup from fuel. The fuel collector tank also offers the option of running two fuel pumps.

Modp_1007_26_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_collector_tank Photo 23/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Pressure Regulator
HKS offers an adjustable fuel pressure regulator that can be integrated into either a factory or upgraded fuel system. The HKS fuel pressure regulator offers the ability to maintain the necessary fuel rail pressure for high-performance applications. Adapter kits are available for certain applications, which allow for ease of installation.

Modp_1007_27_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+hks_fressure_regulator Photo 24/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

The M800 plug-in ECU for the EVO X RS delivers the tuning performance of MoTeC's most popular EMS with a quick and easy installation. It offers maximum sophistication to control the latest automotive advances, such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive-by-wire throttle, while maintaining the flexibility to suit a range of users.

Modp_1007_31_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+m800_evo_x Photo 25/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Platinum Pro VQ35 ECU
This fully programmable ECU interfaces directly with all the standard Nissan sensors and onboard computer systems, taking control of all the essential engine management tasks like fuel delivery, ignition timing, boost levels, camshaft positioning and correction maps. The Platinum 350Z/G35 ECU interfaces with the factory Nissan CAN bus for onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting.
+61 2 9729 0999 (international)

Modp_1007_34_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+platinum_pro Photo 26/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Pressure Regulator
AEM's adjustable fuel pressure regulators are capable of supporting fuel flow for engines up to 1,000 hp. Adjustable from 20 psi to maximum fuel pump capacity, these FPRs are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and available as Honda/Acura direct-fit or universal application.

Modp_1007_32_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+aem_regulator Photo 27/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Pumps
These universal high-flow EFI inline fuel pumps from Holley are the perfect way to upgrade your fuel delivery system to handle the higher demands of a modified and tuned engine. Holley fuel pumps are tested to perform well between 400 to 700 hp.

Modp_1007_33_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_pumps Photo 28/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Fuel Rail
The SARD fuel rail is one of the most complete upgraded fuel delivery rails available. Unlike others, this kit comes with all necessary fittings, block-off plates and grommets for bolt-on installation.

Modp_1007_36_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fuel_rail Photo 29/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Ezy Flash
Ecu Management
EzyFLASH is an easy-to-use handheld ECU management system that plugs into the OBD-II port. It holds more than 100 maps, logs data for up to 2.5 days, reads and clears trouble codes, has pass-through programming, USB updateable firmware and a two-year warranty.

Modp_1007_35_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+ecu_management Photo 31/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide

Technos Ecu Flash
This OEM ECU reprogramming allows the adjustment of fuel, ignition timing, cam timing and throttle control on most current Nissan ECUs. This ECU flash also changes the electronic throttle control setting, a feature exclusively available only from Technosquare's website.

Modp_1007_37_o+ems_fuel_system_guide+fechnos_ecu Photo 31/31   |   EMS & Fuel System Buyer's Guide



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