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Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Beef up your bottom end for more power and longevity

Nov 8, 2010

Once you've freed up the breathing of a motor, the desire for more power doesn't stay away for long. The quest for more juice has plenty of routes to be taken, be they NA or forced induction. Regardless of which path you choose, it's wise to consider your engine's guts before jumping in head first. The parts featured in this guide are designed to create power and withstand the stresses associated with a highly built motor.

BLOX Racing
High Compression Valves

High compression valves from BLOX Racing undergo a heat-treatment process to increase strength and are then coated using black nitride to provide superior wear resistance and minimize power-robbing friction. These valves increase compression by approximately 0.3 points.

Modp_1011_01_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+high_compression_valves Photo 2/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

BLOX Racing
LS/VTEC conversion kit

This complete conversion kit transforms a non-VTEC Honda B-series engine into its high-revving DOHC VTEC counterpart with no machining requirements. Different head gasket sizes are available.

Modp_1011_02_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+ls_vtec_conversion_kit Photo 3/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

BLOX Racing
Block Guards

Engine block guards help strengthen and support the upper cylinder walls in open-deck engines. CNC-machined from AL6061, the BLOX Racing engine block guard also provides maximum coolant passage to the head, minimizing the risk of head gasket failure and cracked cylinder sleeves.

Modp_1011_03_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+block_guards Photo 4/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

BLOX Racing
Racing Camshafts

These camshafts are designed and manufactured using the latest software and casting technologies, then CNC-ground to precise tolerances and performance specifications. Each profile offers increased horsepower and torque across the entire rpm range.

Modp_1011_04_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+raciing_camshafts Photo 5/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Connecting Rods

The Carrillo connecting rod is a precision, high-strength, quality connecting rod, and when properly installed and maintained will perform flawlessly in today's racing and high-performance engines.

Modp_1011_05_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+connecting_rods Photo 6/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

BLOX Racing
Titanium Retainers

BLOX Racing Ti retainers are machined to exact specifications and help reduce the overall weight of the valvetrain area; as a direct result of the reduced weight, the maximum rpm limit is increased. Each retainer provides assurance from premature wear associated with high rpm and mileage.

Modp_1011_06_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+titanium_retainers Photo 7/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

BLOX Racing

These valvesprings are designed and engineered for high-performance street driving and all-out racing conditions. Each set provides maximum lift while preventing valve float and helps counter the effects of spring surge. These are perfect for both naturally aspirated and forced induction engines.

Modp_1011_07_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+valvesprings Photo 8/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Cosworth Performance
High-Performance Engine Components

Cosworth high-performance engine components, including forged pistons, billet crankshafts, forged connecting rods and FSL head gaskets, are available for a wide range of popular performance vehicles, such as the Subaru STI, Mitsubishi EVO and Nissan GT-R.

Modp_1011_08_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+high_performance_engine_components Photo 9/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

BluePrint Racing
Stroker Kit

BluePrint Racing stroker kits meet or exceed OEM tolerances and provide the base for a strong bottom end. These kits include billet race profile crankshafts, custom Wiseco pistons and race-profile connecting rods.

Modp_1011_09_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+stroker_kit Photo 10/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

BluePrint Racing
Racing Valvetrain

High-quality valvetrain components are one of the most overlooked items in an engine. Titanium retainers, valves and valvesprings from BluePrint Racing are precision fitted to eliminate unnecessary wear due to excessive rubbing.

Modp_1011_10_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+racing_valvetrain Photo 11/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Racing Valvetrain

Supertech stainless steel intake valves stand out for their precision and consistency. Heat treatment provides less friction for better heat dissipation than chromed valves. Dual valvespring kits are made with premium chrome silicon vanadium steel alloy for high performance and durability.

Modp_1011_11_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+racing_valvetrain Photo 12/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Racing Valvetrain

Skunk2 offers a wide variety of high-performance valvetrain upgrades. Retainers, valves, springs, as well as camshafts and cam gears are available for Honda B-, H-, F- and K-series engines, as well as newly introduced Subaru and Mitsubishi applications.

Modp_1011_12_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+racing_valvetrain Photo 13/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Forged Pistons

These pistons are manufactured from enhanced 4032 alloy that has low thermal expansion, excellent wear resistance and higher thermal conductivity, allowing to run tight piston to cylinder clearances with low noise. The piston rings are manufactured in Japan with the latest technology for high-performance applications.

Modp_1011_13_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+forged_pistons Photo 14/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

4B11 2.2L Stroker Kit

HKS' 4B11 2.2L stroker kit is designed to increase engine displacement and incorporate technology that was developed in conjunction with the CZ200S time attack car. The EVO X 2.2L kit includes a forged full counter crankshaft, I-beam connecting rods and forged pistons.

Modp_1011_14_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+stroker_kit Photo 15/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

SR20DET Camshafts

Newly redesigned SR20DET camshafts from HKS provide improved performance and enable a wider powerband. Each camshaft application is offered in multiple profiles, with their own lift and duration characteristics to suit various levels of tuning.

Modp_1011_15_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+sr20det_camshafts Photo 16/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Cabe Toyota
High-Performance Head Gaskets

When building a high-performance engine for your MR2 or AE86, it makes sense to use the best parts available like these metal head gaskets. A direct replacement for the factory unit, these 0.8 mm head gaskets are designed for superior performance at higher cylinder pressures and heat.

Modp_1011_16_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+head_gaskets Photo 17/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Inline Four
Pro-Cast Pistons

Pro-Cast pistons are cast by the same industrial automotive manufacturer that produces OEM Honda pistons - that same OE quality is in Pro-Cast's special 81.5mm and 82mm sizes with a molybednum skirt coating. With power and reliability at its finest, you can now have the increased displacement without the thermal expansion headaches of a forged piston.

Modp_1011_17_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+pro_cast_pistons Photo 18/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Ross Pistons
EVO X Pistons

Massive pin boss pillars and extra-thick material in critical areas of these pistons help withstand the pressures of high boost levels. They also come standard with larger valve reliefs, forced pin oilers and heavy-duty steel wrist pins built to your specs. Gas porting, internal lightening and coatings are optional services offered by Ross as well.

Modp_1011_18_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+evo_x_pistons Photo 19/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Buddy Club
Racing Camshafts

Developed, tested and proved by Buddy Club's own race teams and engineers, the Racing Spec camshafts utilize one of the more aggressive designs in camshaft technology available today. Buddy Club's patent-pending lobe forming technology increases low to midrange torque is while maintaining a 12.8mm lift for high-end power.

Modp_1011_19_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+racing_camshafts Photo 20/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

TODA Racing

Progressive pitch coil springs are used to prevent valvespring surging and improve the natural frequency. High-strength Si-Cr steel and ultra-high-strength Si-Cr steels are also used.

Modp_1011_20_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+valvesprings Photo 21/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

JE Pistons
Asymmetrical Forged Pistons

JE Pistons now offers the industry's first off-the-shelf asymmetrical piston design. The unique piston skirt design reduces friction, while maintaining strength in all critical areas and includes JE Pro Seal Rings accessories.

Modp_1011_21_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+asymmetrical_forged_pistons Photo 22/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

JE Pistons
FSR Subaru Pistons

JE Pistons now offers new FSR forged pistons for '04+ Subaru WRX STI and '06+ WRX (EJ257) engines. The high-strength design was specifically created for high-horsepower Subaru-powered vehicles and is currently being used on numerous 700hp time attack engines.

Modp_1011_22_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+fsr_subaru_pistons Photo 23/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Kelford Cams
Honda K-Series Camshafts

Kelford has a variety of camshaft profiles for your Honda K-Series engine and also offers custom profiling upon request. No matter how mild or wild your seltup, Kelford Cams has your bases covered.

Modp_1011_23_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+k_series_camshafts Photo 24/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Darton Sleeves
VR38DETT Engine Block

Modular Integrated Deck (MID) sleeve kits are now available from Darton Sleeves for Nissan's VR38DETT block. This kit will allow you to go from a standard bore of 95.5mm to a max bore of 100mm, handling any amount of boost and or high compression in your GT-R.

Modp_1011_24_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+vr28dett_engine_block Photo 25/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Forged Pistons

Wiseco Performance Products is now offering its Max 23-degree series of racing pistons. This is the first series to use 2.250-inch pin forging and technology. Narrow spacing between the bosses increases the bearing area and reduces unsupported crown area, reducing ring groove distortion. Kits are available in multiple compression heights and compression ratios to fit your motor.

Modp_1011_25_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+forged_pistons Photo 26/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

TODA Racing
Billet Camshafts

TODA camshafts are produced in Japan on the highest quality billet camshaft cores available. A variety of profiles are available, from mild to full race. VTEC Killer Camshafts are also available for select Honda engines.

Modp_1011_26_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+billet_camshaft Photo 27/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Tomei Powered
4G63 Slicing Baffle

Keeping track of proper oil function inside an engine assembly during high-performance driving is vital. The Slicing Baffle serves the same purpose as the standard 4G63 baffle except that it has been redesigned for increased efficiency, preventing problems such as oil pressure drop. It also serves as an oil cutter, which eliminates friction loss.

Modp_1011_27_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+slicing_baffle Photo 28/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Tomei Powered
Performance Camshafts

Performance camshafts from Tomei have been designed and tested to be used on the stock cylinder head and ECU applications. These camshafts have been designed for entry level to midrange tuning; they're for daily driven street use vehicles as well as light track use.

Modp_1011_28_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+performance_camshafts Photo 29/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

TODA Racing
Stroker Kits

TODA Racing stroker kits include forged pistons, connecting rods and a balanced crankshaft. Most kits are also supplied with connecting rod bearing clearances already set by TODA. The entire kit is balanced and blueprinted for maximum performance and efficiency. Applications include Honda B-, F- and K-series; Mitsubishi 4G63 and 4B11; and Nissan SR20DET.

Modp_1011_29_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+stroker_kits Photo 30/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Jim Wolf Technology
VQ35 camshafts

Jim Wolf Technology produces more than 20 profiles for the Nissan VQ engine series, including the S1 at 260deg/10.8mm lift to the C9 at 283.5deg/13mm lift. Call for profile recommendations for all motorsports, boosted and naturally aspirated.

Modp_1011_30_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+vq35_camshaft Photo 31/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

TODA Racing
Bronze Valve Guides

For high-performance applications where loads and temperatures are increased, standard valve guides are not capable of performing effectively. TODA Racing valve guides have increased strength and improved thermal conductivity along with good durability, improving the effectiveness of the valve guides under high-performance conditions.

Modp_1011_31_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+bronze_valve_guide Photo 32/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide

Jim Wolf Technology
In-Chassis Valvespring Tool

This tool allows a single technician to replace valvesprings in a safe manner, without removing the cylinder heads from the vehicle. By incorporating a modified follower bucket to compress each spring, the retainer locks can be set on top of the follower and moved safely into place, leaving both hands free to precisely complete the job. It can also be used with heads off the engine.

Modp_1011_32_o+engine_internal_parts_buyers_guide+valvespring_tool Photo 33/33   |   Engine Internal Parts Buyer's Guide



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