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Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010

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Feb 23, 2010

Who: Tomei
What: Extreme TI Exhaust
Rides: 2008 Mitsubishi EVO X
Where:, 949.855.6577
How Much: $1290
New to Tomei's Extreme line is their titanium exhaust for the Mitsubishi Evo X and is the first exhaust under the Extreme line, which makes us think: why don't they make it for more applications? (We've got to see if this will fit our Ralliart Sportback project car.) Constructed of 1mm titanium, the piping is 80mm and tip is 115mm. T-bolt clamps and springs hold the exhaust together for the absolute weight savings and performance gains. Burnt blue hazes cover the tip and muffler while the tubing shows off the sectional welds.

Sstp_1003_01_o+products+tomei_exhaust Photo 2/8   |   Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010

Who: Eastwood
What: Fender Finisher
Rides: Any
Where: ,800.343.9353
How Much: $79.99
Tried the bat method to roll your fenders and had some nasty 240SX looking results? Eastwood's new Fender Finisher allows you to slowly hand-bend the fenders to perfection. Wrap your fenders around your low offset wheels and get that hellaflush look. Check out the site for a video on how to use it. And if you prefer the traditional device, they have that, too.

Sstp_1003_02_o+products+fender_finisher Photo 3/8   |   Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010

Who: Nitrous Outlet
What: Plug And Spray Harness
Rides: Aany
Where: ,866.648.7637
How Much: inquire
The first ever plug and play nitrous harness is here. With this you won't have any confusion on wiring up your nitrous kit or have any sloppy budded mess. Made of heavy-duty weatherproof relays, high-quality Delphi connectors and clearly marked connectors will give your engine the factory OEM-looking harness. Optional 2-stage setups, nitrous controllers, bottle heaters and everything else will easily work with this harness as well.

Sstp_1003_06_o+products+nitrous_outlet Photo 4/8   |   Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010

Who: Nippon Thermostat Company
What: Low Temp Thermostats
Rides: Most
Where:, 304.937.3300
How Much: $66
Using a lower temperature thermostat will keep your engine cooler and preventing it from coming close to that point of explosion. Nippon's Low Temp Thermostats are used all over the world and proven to work on cars in LeMans and WRC. Fancy silicone hoses are one thing, but a lower temperature thermostat will actually improve the performance of your engine.

Sstp_1003_08_o+products+thermostat Photo 5/8   |   Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010

Who: Kinsler
What: Honda K-Series Intake Manifold
Rides: Anything That Can House That Special K
Where: ,248.362.1145
How Much: Inquire
The masters of induction have given another gift to the Honda community. This manifold is completely customizeable upon order, so you can select your runner diameter, length and profile. Additionally, you can select your plenum size, angle and throttle-body opening. Being a three-piece manifold allows Kinsler to use the same inner piece as their ITB kit, allowing for velocity stacks in the plenum.

Sstp_1003_09_o+products+manifold Photo 6/8   |   Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010

Who: Stoptech
What: Street Performance Brake Pads
Rides: Most
How Much: Inquire
Can't afford one of StopTech's baller caliper upgrades? Well, now you can get StopTech performance without having to buy calipers. Their new Street Performance brake pads utilize para-aramid composites to deliver optimum stopping performance over a wide temperature range and are specially formulated to deliver linear response in both cold and hot conditions. All pads are 100% positive molded and include OE-style shims to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibration. Also, each pad is scorched to remove any impurities in the friction material to provide improved stopping power right out of the box.

Sstp_1003_10_o+products+pads Photo 7/8   |   Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010

Who: Mishimoto
What: Heavy-Duty Transmission Cooler
Rides: Most
Where:, 877.466.4744
How Much: $175
When making a lot of power on a supercharged or turbocharged car, the weakest link might end up being your transmission. So spend a few bucks to save the thousands of dollars you've invested in your car. With its eight-inch electric fan this cooler will keep any transmission at the right temperature as transmission fluid is looped around to pass through the fins six times before going back into the transmission.

Sstp_1003_13_o+products+mishimoto Photo 8/8   |   Tomei Extreme TI Exhaust - Upgrade March 2010



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