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Devils Own Injection Kit And More - Upgrade

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May 4, 2010

Who: devilsown injection
What: dvc-100 controller
Rides: all
Do you want to own your competition like a devil(s)? Then you need DevilsOwn's new alcohol injection kit. The DVC-100 controller is adjustable with a built in 100-psi MAP sensor for vehicles making serious boost. Each kit comes with a methanol rated 250-psi variable speed pump, heavy duty check valve, 20' of black high pressure nylon tubing, self sealing bulk head fitting with built-in filter, three sizes of nickel-plated nozzles featuring their micro droplettechnology and all hardware necessary.

Sstp_1005_01_o+hot_new_products+dvc_100_controller Photo 2/7   |   Devils Own Injection Kit And More - Upgrade

Who: glowshift gauges
What: 3-in-1 combo gauge
Rides: all
So you've been rocking your older cousin's hand-me-down second gen Eclipse for the last few years and life's been good. The car runs great, despite the fast-and-furious graphics and all the other crap from 2001. But there's just one problem, having to look past 15 gauges just to see how fast you're driving is turning you insane, not to mention making your eyes bleed. Clean up that mess of a cockpit with GlowShift's newest creation, the 3-in-1 gauge. Capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound and displaying boost along with two temperature readings of your choice - this unit is sure to find it's way into plenty of cars soon!

Sstp_1005_07_o+hot_new_products+combo_gauge Photo 3/7   |   Devils Own Injection Kit And More - Upgrade

Who: jdm goodie
What: mazda3 axela window visors
Rides: 2004-09 mazda3 hatchback
The Mazda3 hatch is a pretty dope looking car, but as we all know there are plenty of things you can do to improve it. In true JDM fashion, JDM Goodie is bringing over window visors for your Mazda3 - the perfect addition for your car to add some style and functionality.

Sstp_1005_06_o+hot_new_products+axela_window_visors Photo 4/7   |   Devils Own Injection Kit And More - Upgrade

Who: sikky manufacturing
What: ls1 engine swap conversion kit
Rides: 1989-1998 nissan 240sx/silvia
Love it or hate it, the LS engine is a serious powerplant and is quickly becoming the engine of choice for many 240 owners. Sikky is making it easier than ever to put that American V8 into your RWD drift-mobile via their swap kits. No cutting or welding is required and all the guesswork is done with this direct bolt in mount kit.

Sstp_1005_02_o+hot_new_products+engine_conversion_kit Photo 5/7   |   Devils Own Injection Kit And More - Upgrade

Who: demonwerkz
What: rear bumper support
Rides: 2003-07 mitsubishi lancer evolution
If you or someone you know owns an Evo VIII or IX you probably know that the JDM rear bumper is a lot hotter than the USDM. What you might not know is that to run the JDM rear bumper you have to run the JDM bumper support - which might as well be whittled out of balsa wood. Well Demonwerkz has designed a new piece that allows you to run the JDM bumper without sacrificing your safety. They've gotta' be the most considerate Demons ever!

Sstp_1005_04_o+hot_new_products+rear_bumper_support Photo 6/7   |   Devils Own Injection Kit And More - Upgrade

Who: pioneer
What: avic-x920bt
Rides: any 2-din
Get lost a lot? We thought so, but not anymore! The AVIC-X920BT knows your hometown like your hand knows your... well... But if navigation isn't enough how about the all new PandoraLink which allows you to control Pandora from your phone directly on the screen! That means you can book mark, thumbs up/down and change stations without ever touching your cellular device. There are probably a million other things the source unit can do so to see them all checkout Pioneer's website!

Sstp_1005_05_o+hot_new_products+avic_x90bt Photo 7/7   |   Devils Own Injection Kit And More - Upgrade



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