When it comes to boost, it seems like you can never get enough. Well, we can't at least. Whether it's a car that comes stock with a turbo or one you've slapped an aftermarket kit on, you will never be able to kill that urge for boost. Like a yuppie fiending for his daily triple-shot mocha espresso, you too, yearn for the pressurized air spooling from your turbo-so in comes the boost controller. There are about a thousand out there, from a simple knob to full-on electronic units that could probably double as a spare brain for a NASA space shuttle. But with all of these quality parts, we don't want any complications, either. If a gadget has an instruction manual thicker than a business law textbook and takes longer to program than a graphing calculator, it gets the boot. The AEM TRU-BOOST falls right smack dab in the middle. It does its job as a fully functional boost controller with 29psi available (75 with a special boost sensor), it's simple to use and it looks dope. What's even better is that it doubles as a boost gauge so you don't end up with too many meters all over your dash. Face it, you're not in a fighter plane.