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Scion FR-S Interior Upgrade Part 2

Bucket seats, harness bar, and harnesses get installed

Aug 16, 2016

With the exterior and engine bay pretty much done, I still felt like the interior of my '13 Scion FR-S was pretty basic. It always bugged me when I would see a dope car on the outside, but a bone stock interior. I mean, I don't blame them, unless you're at a car show; the general public probably won't be paying much attention to the interior of your car. The only modification I had really done was my Works Bell hub/quick release and Vertex steering wheel. As some of you may know, my Scion FR-S is meant to be a full streetcar that I can also take on the track. It was time to throw out my factory seats and step up my interior game.

Scion frs bride digo ii seats Photo 2/19   |   Scion Frs Bride Digo Ii Seats
Scion frs bride digo ii seat Photo 3/19   |   Scion Frs Bride Digo Ii Seat
Scion frs bride type yz seat rail Photo 4/19   |   Scion Frs Bride Type Yz Seat Rail
Scion frs bride type yz seat rail install Photo 5/19   |   Scion Frs Bride Type Yz Seat Rail Install
Scion frs bride type yz seat rail installed Photo 6/19   |   Scion Frs Bride Type Yz Seat Rail Installed
Scion frs bride air bag seat cancellation sensor Photo 7/19   |   Scion Frs Bride Air Bag Seat Cancellation Sensor

As mentioned, my Scion FR-S is a streetcar and also happens to be my daily driver. This meant a full bucket seat was out of the question. I needed a reclinable seat that would fit a big dude such as myself, especially for those times I'm stuck in LA traffic or long road trips. I reached out to my friend Bun Fukuyoshi of Lot U.S.A., the master distributor of Bride seats. He recommended the Bride Digo II, and suggested I pair them with the Type-YZ seat rail.

Scion frs agency power harness bar Photo 8/19   |   Scion Frs Agency Power Harness Bar
Scion frs agency power harness bar install Photo 9/19   |   Scion Frs Agency Power Harness Bar Install
Scion frs agency power install Photo 10/19   |   Scion Frs Agency Power Install
Scion frs agency power scion frs harness bar Photo 11/19   |   Scion Frs Agency Power Scion Frs Harness Bar

I knew I was going to eventually run harnesses, so I began shopping around for a harness bar. I opted for Agency Power's bolt-in bar for its straightforward install and added rigidity. To contrast the dark interior, I requested the bar painted white. Once it arrived, I dropped by Auto Tuned in Monrovia, Calif., to get both my Bride seats and harness bar installed. Agency Power wasn't kidding when they said the harness bar installation is easy. The kit is made up of five pieces and best of all, no cutting or drilling is needed. You'll need to remove the bottom portion of the rear seats to mount two points to the seat belt anchor and two other mounting points on the front seat belt anchors. It took Meng Tea of Auto Tuned around 20 minutes to install. While this was happening, the older brother, Young Tea, was prepping the Bride Digo II by mounting the rail to the seat and installed the airbag seat cancellation sensor. The first thing you'll notice when you install Bride seats and rails is that the seating position is significantly lower. It takes a few days, but you eventually get used to it.

Scion frs evasive motorsports Photo 12/19   |   Scion Frs Evasive Motorsports

Next stop was Evasive Motorsports to get my Takata Drift III Snap harnesses installed. Takata uses polyester webbing, which has the advantage of minimal degradation under UV light as well as resistance against acids, like battery acid. The material also doesn't absorb moisture, so you'll have consistent performance in any climate. These belts are perfect since they meet FMVSS standards for street legal use. But we think the most important feature is the ASM technology, which is an acronym for anti-submarining.

Scion frs takata harnesses unbox Photo 13/19   |   Scion Frs Takata Harnesses Unbox
Scion frs takata harnesses unboxing Photo 14/19   |   Scion Frs Takata Harnesses Unboxing
Scion frs takata harnesses installation Photo 15/19   |   Scion Frs Takata Harnesses Installation
Scion frs takata harness installed Photo 16/19   |   Scion Frs Takata Harness Installed
Scion frs takata harness loop Photo 17/19   |   Scion Frs Takata Harness Loop
Scion frs takata harness to harness bar Photo 18/19   |   Scion Frs Takata Harness To Harness Bar
Scion frs scion frs seatbelt install Photo 19/19   |   Scion Frs Scion Frs Seatbelt Install

This technology reduces the risk of sliding underneath the lap belt in the event of frontal impact. Just like regular seatbelts, your upper torso should be able to rotate slightly in an impact. The ASM system on the shoulder belt releases an extra length of webbing for torso movement to prevent your body from submarining under the lap belt. While the body is out of alignment your glutes stay firmly planted into the seat, just like it would with factory seat belts. According to Takata, if you have a roll cage or a harness bar, the safest way to mount the shoulder belts is between 0 and 20 degrees. If you don't have a harness bar or roll cage you can mount them to the rear OEM seatbelt anchor points at an angle of 45 degrees going downward from the seat harness opening. Personally I always found the factory FR-S seat a little uncomfortable. Being strapped down by Takata harnesses feels and looks much better.

The Bride seats MSRP at $1,050 each, the Agency Power harness bar goes for $570 and Takata harnesses will run you $305 each. Next my interior will need some sort of custom work, like an alcantara dash. Now that my car is supercharged, I'll also need some gauges.

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