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Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Aug 25, 2009

Advance CR Series

Defi has just released the new Advance CR series of 52mm and 60mm meters in the U.S. Available in metric units (kPa, Bar, and Celsius), the gauges have an illuminated amber red outer ring on both white- and black-face meters. The self diagnostic system and micro controller calibrates up to a 270-degree angle to provide precise and accurate information.

Modp_0909_01_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+defi_advance_cr_series Photo 2/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide


Powerful and user-friendly, the new Info-Touch provides advanced engine monitoring with touch-screen ease. Installation of the 3.5 Color TFT unit is made simple with the provided OBD/CAN and 12V cigarette lighter plugs. Depending on the vehicle, this unit can display from a large list of factory ECU signal items, estimate power with a weight/acceleration run, data-log up to 15 minutes of info and read/reset DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). The Info-Touch also has options for displaying external signals from other GReddy units like the v-manage and f-manage, or even non-GReddy units like A/F ratio meters and more.

Modp_0909_02_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+greddy_info_touch Photo 3/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Red Racer

The Defi Red Racer meter model has been specifically designed for the U.S. market. The main features include stepping motor technology, affordable pricing, readouts in U.S. measurements and red illumination.

Modp_0909_05_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+defi_red_racer Photo 4/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Boost And Exhaust Combo

This unique combo gauge unit features dual engine readings with multiple display modes, smoked lenses with digital LED displays and more. Includes all sensors.

Modp_0909_06_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+glowshift_boost_and_exhaust_combo Photo 5/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Elite 10 Color Boost

This gauge features 10-color illumination, high and low adjustable warnings, a peak recall function and an advanced stepper motor technology.

Modp_0909_07_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+glowshift_elite_10_color_boost Photo 6/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Digital Display Gauges

AEM's Digital Display Gauges include sensors and all necessary hardware for installation and operation. Each gauge includes 24 LED lights that change from green to yellow to red for immediate reference to the measured parameter and an integrated thee-digit display that reveals real-time operating conditions. They feature a standard 52mm gauge housing that fits in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere.

Modp_0909_08_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+aem_digital_display_gauges Photo 7/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Camp 2

Camp 2 is a multi-meter system used to monitor a vehicle's data information in conjunction with the factory or aftermarket A/V display unit. It can monitor up to 24 data readings and displays up to six simultaneous readings from the vehicle's OBD-II port or with an optional universal adapter for non-OBD-II vehicles. The Camp2 can also be used to monitor the HKS F-Con V Pro, S, SZ, IS and HKS Meter Sensors.

Modp_0909_09_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+hks_camp_2 Photo 8/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

White Face Gauges

STACK's new addition to its already popular 52mm gauge line is a new white dial face variation. This line of minor instruments is designed to complement white dial face STACK tachometers and Integrated Dash Displays for customization to suit your information needs and visual preferences. Available in three movement types-professional stepper motor analogue, electric analogue and mechanical analogue-to suit your performance needs and budget.

Modp_0909_10_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+stack_white_Face_gauges Photo 9/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Stepper Motor Analog Gauges

Bring total control and driver awareness to your vehicle with STACK stepper motor analog gauges. Key hardware features include a larger viewable area for improved visibility, pre-made wire loom for ease of installation and solid-state sensors to ensure unrivaled accuracy and durability with reduced size and weight over conventional electric gauge sensors.

Modp_0909_11_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+stack_stepper_motor_analog_gauges Photo 10/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Racing Meter Blm

Blitz Racing Meter BLM gauges feature a black light bulb that creates a unique glow from the gauge while the chrome needle provides higher visibility. The carbon-face look provides that extra racing touch.

Modp_0909_12_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+blitz_racing_meter_blm Photo 11/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Racing Gauges

STRI Racing gauges provide precision, performance and durability for the hard-core enthusiast at a reasonable price. This along with its continual advancements is what positions STRI Racing gauges to provide more performance and value for your money.

Modp_0909_13_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+stri_racing_gauges Photo 12/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Performance Series Gauges

ProSport's impressive lineup of 60mm and 52mm Performance and Premium gauges offer precise 270-degree dial sweep for superb accuracy.

Modp_0909_14_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+prosport_performance_series_gauges Photo 13/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Racing Meter SD

BLITZ has just launched its latest series of gauges featuring a new stepper motor drive called the Racing Meter SD. Each gauge includes a gauge holder or a shade and all the necessary parts for installation. Sizes available in 52mm or 60mm.

Modp_0909_15_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+blitz_racing_meter_sd Photo 14/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

52MM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge

STACK's new 52mm Wideband Air/Fuel gauge is the ultimate tuning aid for high-performance vehicles and provides accurate, real-time readouts.

Modp_0909_16_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+stack_52mm_wideband_air_fuel_gage Photo 15/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Digital Series Wideband

ProSport has released its new Digital Series Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio gauges. The gauge uses the latest Bosch five-wire, heated LSU 4.9 sensor, with a range of 10.0:1 to 20.0:1. The 52mm gauges feature a blue LCD readout in the center and a bar-graph-style LED around the outside of the gauge that changes from green (rich) to yellow (optimal) to red (lean).

Modp_0909_17_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+prosport_digital_series_wideband Photo 16/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Blue Digital Series

The GlowShift Blue Digital Series Wideband A/F Ratio gauge includes the latest LSU 4.9 oxygen sensor and sensor controller. The gauge features a smoked lens and a blue LED display that shows between 10.0 and 20.0 A/F ratio. The gauge also features a dimming function that can be connected to your vehicle's headlamps to decrease brightness by 30 percent when they are powered on. It also includes a weld-in sensor bung, a wiring harness and a controller unit.

Modp_0909_18_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+glowshift_blue_digital_series Photo 17/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Analog Gauges

In a retro move, AEM is proud to announce the release of its high-tech analog version of its popular wideband air/fuel gauge, allowing racers and enthusiasts with analog gauge clusters to match their existing setup. The easy-to-read analog interface features a Bosch sensor, the same accuracy, speed and control as other AEM units, as well as a 0-5v analog output for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or FIC. The backlighting is user adjustable to seven colors.

Modp_0909_19_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+aem_analog_gauges Photo 18/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Innovate Motorsports
G5 Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

The G5 Air/Fuel Ratio gauge (52mm) features a high-speed stepper motor, through-dial backlighting and an illuminated pointer. Each kit includes the gauge, an LC-1 wideband controller, oxygen sensor and bung/plug, and the award-winning LogWorks engine-tuning software.

Modp_0909_20_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+innovate_motorsports_g5_air_fuel_ratio_gauge Photo 19/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

A/F Knock AMP

The HKS A/F Knock Amp (AFK) is an electronic monitoring device that displays two vital engine conditions: engine knock and air/fuel ratio, providing even more safety for your engine.

Modp_0909_21_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+hks_air_fuel_knock_amp Photo 20/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Racing Series

The BLOX Racing series of 52mm gauges feature a classic look with a white background and green backlight. Each gauge is clearly marked and highly visible and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and hose connections. Also available are composite gauge pods and meter clusters, sensors and adapters, wiring harnesses and other replacement parts.

Modp_0909_22_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+blox_racing_series Photo 21/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Auto Meter
Wideband A/F Gauges

Auto Meter now has Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio gauges available to match 10 popular gauge lines. These Wideband gauges are standard 52mm and come as a complete self-contained unit with a Bosch sensor and no external interface modules required.

Modp_0909_23_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+auto_meter_competition_series Photo 22/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide

Auto Meter
Competition Series

Powered by digital microprocessor-controlled, rugged stepper motor drives and laboratory-grade sending units, the Competition Series Electric Gauges combine extreme durability and readability of 270-degree sweep mechanical gauges with the easy installation and safe operation of short sweep electrics. Track tested and race proven, these units use precision senders to keep hazardous fluids out of the driver compartment and perform gauge calibration and sensor diagnostics at power up for extreme accuracy every time.

Modp_0909_24_o+gauges_and_widebands_buyers_guide+auto_meter_competition_series Photo 23/23   |   Gauges & Widebands Buyer's Guide


Auto Meter
Sycamore, IL 60178
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Blitz USA
Azusa, CA 91702
Blox Racing
Fremont, CA 94538
GReddy Performance Products
Irvine, CA 92618
Downey, CA 90241
West Berlin, NJ 08091
Prosport Gauges, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Innovate Motorsports
Irvine, CA



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