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Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Manage and monitor your precious cargo.

Jul 9, 2012
Modp 1207 01+gauges and electronics buyers guide+cover Photo 1/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Any high-performance engine needs to be cared for and properly managed and monitored. Sometimes factory gauges can be inaccurate or simply not specific enough for modified cars, and oftentimes factory electronics and OEM ECUs are simply not up to the task of keeping up with highly modified cars. Take a look at these offerings from the aftermarket segment.

Water/methanol Failsafe device
AEM’s Water/Methanol Failsafe device actively monitors a water/methanol injection system’s entire flow curve, eliminating the chance of engine damage if your water/methanol system stops flowing.

Infinity programmable EMS
AEM has released the Infinity Programmable Engine Management System for race vehicles. With the ability to process 400 million instructions per second (MIPS), it is quite possibly the most advanced programmable engine controller available.

Modp 1207 03+gauges and electronics buyers guide+aem infinity ems Photo 2/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Four-channel wide-band UEGO controller
This four-channel wide-band UEGO controller allows users to monitor individual cylinder air/fuel ratios (AFR) on up to four cylinders and can monitor up to eight individual cylinders with the addition of a second unit.

Modp 1207 04+gauges and electronics buyers guide+aem wide band uego Photo 3/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Auto Meter
Wide-band gauges
Auto Meter has developed a complete line of wide-band gauges for every application and budget. These gauges will never need free-air calibration and deliver the highest level of accuracy and responsiveness available using an exhaust-mounted O2 sensor. An analog data output is standard on every gauge.

Modp 1207 05+gauges and electronics buyers guide+auto meter gauges Photo 4/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Pro gauges
Microprocessor-controlled, stepper motor gauge movements with programmable warning points and memory recall, the newest Spek Pro gauges pack a tremendous amount of technology into a small package. Unparalleled accuracy and the ability to control external pumps, fans, or relays make for one of the most advanced instruments ever engineered.

Modp 1207 06+gauges and electronics buyers guide+spec pro gauges Photo 5/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Street/race dash displays
The iconic Stack dash continues to set the standard in advanced data communications with the driver. Laboratory levels of precision give a truly no-compromises instrumentation solution for both street and race applications.

Modp 1207 07+gauges and electronics buyers guide+stack street display Photo 6/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

ST200 Clubman tachometer
Stack stepper motor driven tachometers are designed, engineered, and assembled with an attention to detail typically associated with high-end timepieces. Waterproof housings milled from billet aluminum to noise suppression levels that far exceed anything seen this side of an EMP, these tachs take no shortcuts in delivering truly remarkable levels of quality.

Modp 1207 08+gauges and electronics buyers guide+stack st200 Photo 7/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Touch Brain
Blitz’s new Touch Brain is a vehicle data-monitoring and logging system that simply connects to your vehicle’s OBDII port. With its 3.5-inch, 65,000-color TFT touch panel display, a simple touch allows you to easily navigate the comprehensive menu for viewing valuable data such as rpm, vehicle speed, ignition timing, and even fuel economy.

Modp 1207 09+gauges and electronics buyers guide+blitz touch brain Photo 8/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Scramble boost controller
The newest scramble boost controller from Blitz comes with new programming that improves boost pressure stability from stock up to 3.00hkPa or 43 psi. The high-efficiency solenoid provides excellent boost pressure stability, control, and response.

Modp 1207 10+gauges and electronics buyers guide+blitz boost controller Photo 9/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Boost gauge
The Garrett mechanical boost gauge is the perfect addition to your interior for the important job of accurately monitoring your boost levels. The gauge has a sleek design and features a black face, white backlit numbers, and a brushed-aluminum ring. The gauge monitors boost from 30 Hg of vacuum to 30 psi of boost.

Modp 1207 11+gauges and electronics buyers guide+garrett boost gauge Photo 10/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Racing meter
Cusco is proud to release a new line of gauges featuring three models: boost pressure, water temperature, and pressure. The racing meter is recommended for both competition and street use. Cusco racing meters are 100 percent made in Japan to bring you the most advanced technology accompanied by the highest product quality.

Modp 1207 12+gauges and electronics buyers guide+cusco racing meter Photo 11/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

DCCD Active Center Differential system
Cusco offers center differential tuning for AWD applications to suit a wide variety of driving styles and varying road surfaces. The vehicle’s performance can be increased by tuning the center differential, which benefits acceleration, braking, and steering controls. Base maps include locked, super hard, hard, medium, soft, and super soft. For use with the Windows XP operating system only.

Modp 1207 13+gauges and electronics buyers guide+cusco differential system Photo 12/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Smart Accel Controller
The A’PEXi Smart Accel Controller offers instant throttle response for vehicles equipped with electronic throttle control (ETC) systems. Throttle response that is delayed from ETC or better known as drive-by-wire throttle is greatly improved with this simple unit and a vehicle-specific plug-and-play harness installation, which is connected between the factory accelerator pedal sensor and wiring harness within a few minutes

Modp 1207 14+gauges and electronics buyers guide+apexi smart controller Photo 13/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

DIN 3 meter
The DIN 3 meter utilizes a clear background biplanar VFD display and boasts the accuracy of an analog meter with digital technology.

Modp 1207 15+gauges and electronics buyers guide+apexi din 3 meter Photo 14/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Updated advance control unit
In addition to all the functions of the original advance control unit, the new version allows values to be displayed in peak mode.

Modp 1207 16+gauges and electronics buyers guide+defi advance control Photo 15/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

DMR (direct multi recorder)
This direct multi recorder allows users to record video and data log along several parameters.

Modp 1207 17+gauges and electronics buyers guide+hks dmr Photo 16/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Racer Gauge 80mm tachometer
In addition to the available 52mm Racer Gauge series, the new 80mm Racer Gauge tachometers are available in 9,000-rpm and 11,000-rpm readouts. Available in blue, white, and red backlighting, the 80mm tachometers also include an indicator and adjustable peak warning function.

Modp 1207 18+gauges and electronics buyers guide+defi racer gauge Photo 17/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Speed sensor street kit
The Garrett Turbocharger speed sensor kit offers the ability to monitor your turbocharger to ensure longer life and maximum performance. By constantly monitoring your turbocharger’s shaft speed, you acquire a more complete picture of your turbocharger’s performance.

Modp 1207 19+gauges and electronics buyers guide+garrett speed sensor Photo 18/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Brockway Engineering
Through the selection of one of three different screen modes, you can monitor two or four user-selectable parameters at a time. As many as 25 different parameters are available for viewing, depending on vehicle support, and seven parameters are available via external sensors, including AFR and boost.

Modp 1207 20+gauges and electronics buyers guide+brockway engineering dgauge Photo 19/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Multi D/A gauge
The GReddy Multi D/A gauge is large, 62mm, hybrid digital-analog gauge that can select between an optional seven pieces of data to monitor in its integrated EL digital display. Select from turbo or oil pressure analog dials, with various sensors and options to suit any enthusiast. The included wireless remote controls all functions, including selection of viewed sensors, seven color LED backlighting, peak-hold, and warning features.

Modp 1207 21+gauges and electronics buyers guide+greddy d a gauge Photo 20/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

ATSC (active torque split computer)
The HKS ATSC is the device to control the front torque distribution to an appropriate level. Front torque distribution is available in four levels.

Modp 1207 22+gauges and electronics buyers guide+hks astc Photo 21/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Coil pack retrofit
The Hondata coil pack retrofit (CPR) allows the use of coil-on-plug individual ignition coils by replacing the stock coil and ignition. A Hondata S300 system and U.S. OBDI ECU are required.

Modp 1207 23+gauges and electronics buyers guide+hondata coil pack Photo 22/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

The K-Series programmable ECU (K-Pro) consists of a hardware modification to certain K-Series ECUs, allow you to reprogram the ECU and data-log sensors; adjust timing tables, fuel tables, VTEC engagement point, rev limit, and cam angles; and add nitrous controls, timing, and fuel control under boost conditions. Additional enhancements include twice the onboard data-logging memory, eight additional analog inputs for data-logging, and onboard calibration storage.

Modp 1207 24+gauges and electronics buyers guide+hondata k pro iii Photo 23/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Innovate Motorsports
MTX digital-series dual- function gauges
Key features include display as either in-hg/psi or BAR, over-boost warning, and progressive shift light or single-stage shift light. This 52mm gauge features a water-resistant casing, interchangeable faceplates and bezels, and locking connectors for simplified installation.

Modp 1207 25+gauges and electronics buyers guide+innovate motorsports gauges Photo 24/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Innovate Motorsports
MTX digital AFR gauge
The new Innovate Motorsports digital MTX-series air/fuel ratio gauge utilizes the only 100 percent digital wide-band air/fuel ratio technology on the market. The award-winning patented DirectDigital technology used is faster and more accurate than common UEGO gauges and is now more affordable.

Modp 1207 26+gauges and electronics buyers guide+innovate motorsports afr gauge Photo 25/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

M7 Japan
EBC-R Boost controller
Four channels of duty variable control can be set manually with this boost controller. Set by a single function of 1 channel type (SW is a 1 button type). This boost controller also features wireless capabilities.

Modp 1207 27+gauges and electronics buyers guide+m7 boost controller Photo 26/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

M7 Japan
Racing meters
These stepping motor–equipped electric meters feature a backlight dimmer function that operates with an illumination switch for better viewing in the dark. They also feature a warning function and a peak hold function. Peak value can be memorized and recalled for data-logging purposes. Only one power supply connection is required for multiple meters.

Modp 1207 28+gauges and electronics buyers guide+m7 racing meters Photo 27/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Okada Projects
Plasma direct
The Plasma Direct is the ignition coil with a high-power amplifier built in to it. The spark amperage is increased 100 percent, allowing the spark to reach many more molecules. This is extremely important in forced induction applications but also improves the performance of normally aspirated engines.

Modp 1207 29+gauges and electronics buyers guide+okada projects plasma direct Photo 28/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Okada Projects
Plasma Lift
Plasma Lift prevents misfiring by increasing spark voltage. Furthermore, the Plasma Lift is designed so that voltage adjustment is possible. This feature will give you more freedom to adjust air/fuel ratio and plug gap, and performance is increased.

Modp 1207 30+gauges and electronics buyers guide+okada plasma lift Photo 29/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Prosport Gauges
80mm boost gauge
This is a stand-alone gauge, so no controller is needed. It features a minus-30 to 30-psi range with a 270-degree scale, Swiss-made stepper motor electronic movement that ensures pinpoint accuracy, a three-color display (white, blue and amber), peak recall, an adjustable outer bezel that can set the warning mark manually, a daisy chain system, and an illuminated red pointer and includes T-fitting and tubing.

Modp 1207 31+gauges and electronics buyers guide+prosport boost gauge Photo 30/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Prosport Gauges
52mm Performance-series gauges
Prosport has redesigned all of its 52mm performance-series (entry-level) gauges with new pointers, and most innovative is they now all have stepper motor movements. This is an industry first, as even the gauges as low as $37 now have a stepper motor movement. Prosport has upgraded the movement and pointer with no increase in price.

Modp 1207 32+gauges and electronics buyers guide+prosport performance gauges Photo 31/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Wiring Specialties
Nissan engine swap harnesses
If you’re looking for a plug-and-play solution for your Nissan engine swap, look no further. Wiring Specialties has your bases covered with a wide range of products. The company can also customize nearly any harness to fit specific needs.

Modp 1207 33+gauges and electronics buyers guide+wiring specialties harness Photo 32/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Black Box data logger
The Zeitronix Black Box data logger is a flash memory data logger for use with Zeitronix Zt-2 or Zt-3 wide-band systems. The Black Box data logger uses 1GB or 2GB Micro SD cards with power and data supplied by a Zt-2 or Zt-3 wide-band controller. The large button and indicator make it easy to start and stop logging. An auto-save feature maintains data in the event of power loss. The Zeitronix Black Box data logger can record Zt-2 or Zt-3 data for hours at a time.

Modp 1207 35+gauges and electronics buyers guide+blox box data Photo 33/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Zt-2 wide-band AFR
The Zeitronix Zt-2 is the most accurate, powerful,  smallest digital wide-band air/fuel ratio meter and data logging system on the market. Using a Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor and state-of-the-art digital processing, the Zt-2 measures, logs, and displays precise air/fuel ratio, accurate to within 0.1 AFR, and other parameters critical for safe tuning. The Zt-2 is ideal for use in conjunction with a stand-alone engine management system, piggyback fuel computer, or carbureted engine and comes with a standard analog linear wide-band output.

Modp 1207 36+gauges and electronics buyers guide+zeitronix wide band Photo 34/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Cobb Tuning
This OEM ECU flashing, managing, and monitoring assistant allows custom mapping while retaining the sophistication of the OEM ECU. Powerful software tools provide access to the heart of the ECU, allowing you to create custom calibrations and maximize gains for your unique setup.

Modp 1207 37+gauges and electronics buyers guide+cobb accessport Photo 35/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

Sport 2000 EMS
With 14 channels capable of controlling injection and ignition duties, the Platinum Sport 2000 can support most modern engines (including three-rotor engines) with multicoil or conventional distributor ignition systems as well as aftermarket CDI systems. It’s capable of controlling sequential injection on 4-, 6-, 8-,10- and 12-cylinder engines and direct-fire ignition for engines up to six cylinders, or wasted spark ignition on engines up to 12 cylinders.

Modp 1207 38+gauges and electronics buyers guide+haltech ems Photo 36/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

The M800 plug-in ECU for the EVO X RS delivers the tuning performance of MoTeC’s most popular EMS with a quick and easy installation. It offers maximum sophistication to control the latest automotive advances, such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive-by-wire throttle, while maintaining the flexibility to suit a range of users.

Modp 1207 39+gauges and electronics buyers guide+motec evo x ecu Photo 37/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

V88 and V44 EMS
Vi-Pec software has advanced tuning tools like QuickTune, which enables hands-free tuning with no input required from the user, other than running the engine through its various rpm and load sites. Motorsport features like antilag, flat shift and launch control are standard features on the V44, V88, and plug-in ECU models.

Modp 1207 40+gauges and electronics buyers guide+vi pec ems Photo 38/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

RLC Racing
Micro Pod Sport
The Micro Pod Sport mounts easily virtually anywhere and features a sunlight-readable, color graphics, 3.5-inch touch screen and dual-color programmable shift lights to allow the driver to find information quickly and easily. It connects to external sensors and/or an OBD-II port for data and has 2GB of logging memory to provide space for up to 52 channels.

Modp 1207 41+gauges and electronics buyers guide+blox racing pod Photo 39/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide

A/F wide-band and gauge combo
The PLX air/fuel ratio sensor module accurately measures the precise wide-band air/fuel ratio of any internal combustion engine. Up to 32 sensor modules can be daisy-chained together in the PLX iMFD system, and it can also be used as a stand-alone unit capable of interfacing with third-party hardware.

Modp 1207 42+gauges and electronics buyers guide+plx gauges Photo 40/40   |   Gauges And Electronics Buyer’s Guide


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Blitz USA
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Cobb Tuning
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GReddy Performance Products
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Prosport Gauges, Inc.
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Innovate Motorsports
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Tein USA
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Okada Projects
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Wiring Specialties
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Brockway Engineering
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