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Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Some easy bang for your buck.

Oct 11, 2012
Modp 1211 01+interior and bolt on buyers guide+cover Photo 1/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

When looking for easy ways to improve your ride without breaking the bank, bolt-on performance parts and interior modifications are a great place to start. Easy installation and immediately noticeable results make these parts some of the best things you can do to any ride, whether it’s a daily driver or on the way to becoming a track star.

CR-Z cold-air intake
Specifically designed to boost power and acceleration, this new cold-air system uses a mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube engineered to reduce restriction and intake temperature. The intake tube is routed to the outside of the engine bay to deliver air with lower temperatures to the air inlet, which helps achieve increased horsepower because of the cooler outside air.

Modp 1211 02+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+ams induction kit Photo 2/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

AMS Performance
R35 GT-R alpha induction kit
AMS has eliminated driveability issues often seen when running high horsepower on the R35 Nissan GT-R by converting the stock induction system to a blow-through MAF system. This conversion provides improved measurement of airflow entering the engine and allows you to run an atmospheric vent blow-off valve without the throttle issues that commonly arise on the standard draw-through MAF system. This system has been proven effective up to 1,400 hp.

Modp 1211 03+interior and bolt on buyers guide+exhaust system Photo 3/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Legalis R exhaust system
The Legalis R model is perfect for the street because of its oval-type canister, and it provides an increase in power throughout the rpm range. The RM-01A is great for an enthusiast looking for increased horsepower and weight reduction while maintaining good throttle response, and the Super Ti model provides the most power gain and greatest weight reduction. All Fujitsubo exhaust systems are made in Japan using the latest technology and highest quality materials.

Modp 1211 03+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+dc intake Photo 4/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

DC Sports
Acura TSX cold-air intake
The DC Sports two-piece cold-air intake can convert to a short-ram system, and all DC intakes are TIG-welded by hand and polished to get a show-quality finish.

Modp 1211 04+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+k tuned cover Photo 5/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Billet Logo Plate and Coil Pack Cover
The K-Tuned billet logo plate and coil pack cover offer a great look to all K-Series engines. The logo plate can be used with the coil pack cover to give your valve cover that extra little touch, or use the logo plate as an accent piece. Mount the logo plate on your car and show your support for K-Tuned and its products.

Modp 1211 06+interior and bolt on buyers guide+buddyclub competition exhaust Photo 6/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Spec II competition exhaust
Developed strictly for competition use, the BuddyClub Racing Spec II exhaust system is the pinnacle of all competition exhaust systems today. Made with 100 percent stainless steel construction and a straight-as-can-be muffler design, the Spec II exhaust system offers both a lightweight construction and extreme high-flow efficiency. Spec II systems utilize a specially engineered intermediate silencer to enhance torque at low rpm and a lightweight slip fit spring and hook connection to replace the heavier bolt-and-gasket-style flanges. Available for both turbo and naturally aspirated applications.

Modp 1211 07+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+megan headers Photo 7/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Megan Racing
Stainless steel headers
Megan Racing stainless steel headers are made of thick T-304 stainless steel and are mandrel-bent to form and fit to your particular application with the best performance results possible. These headers help your engine maximize its performance by allowing the exhaust gases to flow more efficiently to gain power and performance.

Modp 1211 08+interior and bolt on buyers guide+hondata gasket Photo 8/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Heat shield gaskets
Hondata heat shield gaskets are replacement intake manifold gaskets made from special high-temperature plastic, designed to insulate the intake manifold from the cylinder head and give you up to 5 percent more power. Heat shield gaskets are available for Honda, Acura, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai, and Dodge applications.

Modp 1211 09+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+akrapovic exhaust Photo 9/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Titanium exhaust systems
With a long history of high-end motorsports engineering, Akrapovic has recently released a number of offerings for the sport-compact segment. These exhausts are exceptionally well made, featuring full titanium construction front to back. This system can save up to 38 pounds when compared with stock, and applications include the Nissan GT-R, 370Z, and Mitsubishi Evo X with more coming soon.

Modp 1211 10+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+toda racing exhaust Photo 10/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

TODA Racing
Honda S2000 exhaust system
During the course of development, TODA tested various pipe diameters, muffler designs, and bends until the final design was conceived. Maximum power output through out the entire rpm range was the main design criterion for these high-power exhaust systems. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, the system improves performance by increasing power and reducing vehicle weight.

Modp 1211 11+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+s2000 manifold Photo 11/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

TODA Racing
Honda S2000 exhaust manifold
The TODA Honda S2000 exhaust manifold is meticulously handmade in Japan by experienced craftsman using high-grade stainless steel for durability and light weight. Leveraging its more than 40 years of experience in tuning high-output four-cylinder Honda engines, TODA S2000 exhaust manifolds extract the maximum available performance from F20C and F22C engines.

Modp 1211 12+interior and bolt on buyers guide+kn intake Photo 12/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Lexus IS-F intake system
This new system draws air through a K&N high-flow air filter that increases airflow and never needs to be replaced. Protecting the titanium-top, cone-shaped air filter and isolating it from engine heat is a powdercoated heat shield that replaces the stock airbox.

Modp 1211 13+interior and bolt on buyers guide+genesis exhaust Photo 13/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Hyundai Genesis Coupe exhaust system
All MXP exhaust systems are thoroughly dyno tested and proven to provide the most power throughout the entire powerband. Each Genesis Coupe exhaust features a quad-tip design with a burnt-titanium finish and is constructed of SUS304 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and weight savings. All MXP performance products come with a three-year limited warranty from the original date of purchase.

Modp 1211 14+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+genesis test pipe Photo 14/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Hyundai Genesis Coupe test pipe
Mackin Xtreme Products has designed a test pipe to replace the restrictive cat on the Genesis Coupe 2.0T. With a 77mm inner piping diameter, this test pipe will free up exhaust flow exponentially to provide maximum top-end gains. Constructed of SUS304 stainless steel, you can rest assured it will provide maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

Modp 1211 15+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+sti exhaust manifold Photo 15/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Subaru WRX STI exhaust manifold
Available in equal-length and nonequal-length applications, the MXP EJ25 exhaust manifolds offer a higher volume of exhaust flow to ensure quicker turbo spool-up and increased top-end performance. These units are constructed of the highest quality SUS304 stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

Modp 1211 16+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+cobb intake Photo 16/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Cobb Tuning
SF intake
The Cobb Tuning SF Intake was engineered using CFD analysis to ensure your turbo gets the best intake charge possible. The composite intake body rejects high engine bay temperatures and includes an integrated velocity stack and airflow straightening grid for accurate MAF readings when combined with ECU calibrations available on Cobb’s website.

Modp 1211 17+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+cobb exhaust Photo 17/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Cobb Tuning
Turbo-back exhaust
Turn heads with the distinct exhaust rumble of a Cobb Tuning turbo-back exhaust. Made from 3-inch-diameter 304 stainless steel and finished with precision welds, Cobb’s full turbo-back exhaust not only sounds great, but is also the perfect start to Stage 2 power gains when combined with proper tuning. Features include cast bell mouths where applicable, smooth CNC mandrel bends, OEM-quality flanges, custom-spun metal substrate catalytic converters, polished free-flowing resonator/muffler sections, and attractive tips etched with the Cobb logo. Applications available for Mazdaspeed, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.

Modp 1211 18+interior and bolt on buyers guide+megan after cat exhaust Photo 18/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Megan Racing
Stainless steel after-cat exhaust system
These SUS304 stainless steel exhausts feature CNC-machined flanges and mandrel bends. Its aggressive styling and deep, strong tone are just part of the Megan Racing after-cat characteristics. It also serves to improve horsepower, torque, and overall performance with its straight-through design.

Modp 1211 19+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+stillen intake Photo 19/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Gen III cold-air intake
The Generation 3 cold-air intake kit for the Nissan 370Z, Infiniti G37, and 350Z dual throttle-body is the ultimate intake for the dual-throttle-body VQ motor. To maximize horsepower, this kit places dual air filters in front of the radiator and varies the diameter of tubing, which makes 18.5 whp on the G37.

Modp 1211 20+interior and bolt on buyers guide+greddy intake Photo 20/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

FR-S air intake
GReddy air intake systems improve horsepower and torque through a cool air-charge and smoothly increasing intake airflow. These new multilayer synthetic, deep-pleated, dry filter element offer improved filtration. They also provide high flow without the worry of MAF sensor contamination. Performance gains are attributed to the careful air filter placement along with tuned aluminum piping or variable diameter molded piping.

Modp 1211 21+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+skunk2 intake Photo 21/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Civic Si cold-air intake
This two-piece, 3.5-inch to 3.0-inch tapered design and supplied MAF sensor adapter allows for compatibility with vehicles utilizing the factory ECU or MAP-based aftermarket engine management systems. Skunk2’s design also positions the air filter facing downward for 2 inches of additional ground clearance when compared with competitors’ designs. That, combined with a design that doesn’t require modifying the factory fender liners, greatly reduces the chances of water entering the intake during wet conditions.

Modp 1211 22+interior and bolt on buyers guide+stillen exhaust Photo 22/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Stainless steel exhaust systems
Stillen exhaust systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most stringent quality measures and are tested on Stillen’s in-house dyno on a vehicle by vehicle basis for optimal power gains. All Stillen exhausts are made of stainless steel and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Modp 1211 23+interior and bolt on buyers guide+tanabe exhaust Photo 23/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Touring Medallion Exhaust
This 100 percent SUS304 stainless steel system uses Advantex packing material to bring you a mature-sounding and tastefully built exhaust for your highly tuned machine. Rated at 93 db, this exhaust provides a powerful yet subtle and deep tone and offers high ground clearance at the same time.

Modp 1211 24+interior and bolt on buyers guide+blue exhaust Photo 24/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Concept G Blue exhaust
Take your turbo car to the next level with a full turbo-back or after-cat exhaust system. This high-flow SUS304 stainless steel system features 1.5mm and 1.2mm wall piping, mandrel-bent piping, and Inconel-treated tips for the best combination of rugged heat resistance and weight reduction and finish. Concept G-Blue is for off-road use only and not rated under 93 db.

Modp 1211 25+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+skunk2 header Photo 25/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

S2000 MegaPower header
Skunk2’s MegaPower header is designed and engineered to maximize exhaust flow and increase both horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. The unique design is the result of more than a decade of racing experience coupled with computerized modeling and extensive dyno testing. Each Skunk2 MegaPower header features equal-length, sequentially paired, stepped primaries and a 4-2-1 tri-Y design that terminates into a collector with a 2.5-inch outlet. These features, paired with Skunk2’s unique design specs, provide an extremely broad powerband that’s applicable to a wide range of engine sizes and configurations. MegaPower headers also feature the smallest possible primary tubes required to achieve optimum overall and peak power.

Modp 1211 26+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+shifter knob Photo 26/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Sports shift knob
These rally-inspired shift knobs utilized in professional motorsports across the globe are made from Duracon. White and black colors are available with 5MT and 6MT shift patterns. New exclusive Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ shift knobs also available.

Modp 1211 27+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+e brake knob Photo 27/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Spin turn knob
The Cusco spin turn knob replaces the factory parking brake button to prevent the brake lever from locking up when pulled while still retaining full normal use of the factory brake system. This enables the use of the E-brake for quick turning maneuvers seen in such motorsports as rally and drifting.

Modp 1211 28+interior and bolt on buyers guide+recaro seat Photo 28/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Pro Racer HANS seat
The Recaro Pro Racer HANS is made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) and features optimum interplay between the HANS device, harness, helmet, and racing shell for the HANS system to achieve its full potential. Also available in XL sizes, which are 35 mm wider than the standard Pro Racer HANS seat.

Modp 1211 29+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+buddyclub seats Photo 29/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Racing-spec sport seat
The Racing-spec sport seat was designed by the BuddyClub Racing Team. One of the key features is the ability to be able to adjust the seat with more than 90 degrees of adjustment. These seats also feature a quick access lever that allows you to quickly gain access to the rear section/seats of your car. The material is a suedelike microfiber that features a patented center design that provides outstanding comfort, ability, and outstanding cooling.

Modp 1211 30+interior and bolt on buyers guide+safety racing belt Photo 30/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Safety Racing
Elite Series racing seatbelts
The Safety Racing Elite Series seatbelts from Speedway Motors combine great looks and superior protection. The five-point harness uses 3-inch-wide, platinum-colored nylon webbing, with contrasting black hardware and a latch handle cover to prevent accidental belt release. The harness meets SFI 16.1 specifications and can be used in a bolt-in or wrap-around configuration.

Modp 1211 31+interior and bolt on buyers guide+racequip belt Photo 31/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Latch and Link harnesses
All RaceQuip Latch and Link harness systems are constructed using drop-forged steel hardware for ultimate strength and reduced weight. All hardware is cadmium plated for added protection. RaceQuip only uses 3-inch premium nylon webbing, and all belts are box-X-pattern sewn to ensure uniform stitch length and strength. Belts and hardware are routinely tested to verify compliance with SFI 16.1 standards.

Modp 1211 32+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+cusco rollcage Photo 32/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

D1 rollcage
The D1 is the trademark rollcage finished with the Cusco blue paint. Made from 40mm chromoly material, which is 33 percent lighter than steel, it provides uncompromised safety and chassis rigidity characteristics. These bolt-in rollcages are engineered by taking the data used from actual motorsports competitions as well as the most advanced chassis flex simulation software. Depending on the vehicle application, four through eight points are available, as well as lefthand-drive models.

Modp 1211 33+interior and bolt on buyers guide+autopower rollcage Photo 33/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Bolt-in rollcages and rollbars
Autopower rollbars and rollcages meet or exceed the safety requirements for most competition sanctioning organizations. The fit in your vehicle allows quick and easy entry and, most important, quick exiting, while conforming closely to your interior for a clean, unobtrusive look and feel. The bars and ’cages are certified MIG-welded and precision jig-notched, providing maximum strength and the best fit available. Most applications are a true bolt-in and require no welding.

Modp 1211 34+interior and bolt on buyers guide+status racing seat Photo 34/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Stätus Racing
Ring series racing seats
Named after the famed Nürburgring, The Stätus Racing ring series is strictly designed for those who want the utmost in safety and function for their race cars.  The regular ring has a narrower base, whereas GTX is for larger drivers but flared out on the thigh bolsters to accommodate even more space than the ring GT.  Its slight V shape still gives great support in the leg area without compromising function.

Modp 1211 35+interior and bolt on buyers guide+skunk2 shifter knob Photo 35/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Five- and six-speed weighted shift knobs
Consistent with Skunk2’s racing heritage and high-performance parts manufacturing practices, each Skunk2 Shift Knob is machined from high-quality, billet stainless steel and features a PVD titanium coating designed to resist scratching and wear. Skunk2 Shift Knobs are also custom weighted to 440 grams to help promote smoother, more positive shifting, suitable for all forms of racing and street applications. Don’t be fooled by less expensive imitations; only Skunk2 Shift Knobs feature a true titanium finish and are precision machined to exacting standards.

Modp 1211 36+interior and bolt on buyers guide+safecraft fire protection Photo 36/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

LT Series fire protection systems
When it comes to protecting yourself and your car from fire, you can rely on a Safecraft fire suppression system—the brand used by more NASCAR, NHRA, and SCCA competitors than any other. Safecraft’s LT Series fire protection systems are permanently installed in your race car, ready to protect you in the event of a fire. They feature a billet aluminum discharge head with two separate discharge ports, allowing you to run a line to the engine and one to the cockpit.

Modp 1211 37+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+buddyclub harness Photo 37/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Four-point harness
The BuddyClub four-point harness is the perfect addition to your BuddyClub seat in your daily driver. BuddyClub harnesses are universal applications that use a factory-style center buckle. The harnesses bolt in via a snap-in-style fastener and come with all the proper hardware to install into your car. Colors available are Black and Red.

Modp 1211 38+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+cusco steering wheel Photo 38/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

FR-S, GT86, and BRZ steering wheel
Cusco offers a 350mm factory steering wheel wrapped in your choice of high-quality suede, leather, or carbon fiber. Upgrade and enhance the sport feel of your steering wheel without sacrificing the airbag.

Modp 1211 39+interior and bolt on buyers guide+cobb short shifter Photo 39/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Cobb Tuning
Adjustable short shifter and knob
Grab hold of the Cobb Tuning shift knob and double-adjustable short shifter for the ultimate upgrade in shifting customization. Reduce shift throw while independently adjusting shift knob height to match your specific shifting style. The Cobb knob is made of satin black delrin and weighs in at an ultralightweight 104 grams. This keeps the knob comfortable to the touch even in direct sunlight and encourages quick shifts with excellent linkage feedback.

Modp 1211 40+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+nagisa seat rails Photo 40/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Nagisa Auto
Super-low seat rail
Available in single-lock or double-lock mounts, Nagisa Auto seat rails are low, which allows more clearance for the bucket seat and driver. Nagisa seat rails are compatible with popular seat brands, e.g., Bride, Sparco, Recaro, and so on, and have the necessary durability to support those seats.

Modp 1211 41+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+buddyclub seat rail Photo 41/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

No-cut K-swap shifter box
This is the ultimate shifter for your K-swapped EF, EG, EK, or DC2. The shifter mounts with no cutting of the exhaust tunnel and provides a perfect seal to prevent exhaust and moisture from entering the car. The shifter assembles securely in two pieces and lets you keep your existing center console and cupholders. Like all K-Tuned shifters, it can be adjusted for throw, spread, height, and rotation to fit every driver. This is just one more product from K-Tuned that is making K-swaps simpler.

Modp 1211 42+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+k tuned shifter box Photo 42/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Super low-down seat rail
These seat rails provide one of the lowest seat positions on the market. With more than 9 inches of front to back slide and 20 locking positions, these rails can get a person of any height in a comfortable driving position. They are specially designed for BuddyClub seats but can accept other manufacturers’ seats as well. Optional adapter plates allow you to use the Super Low-Down Rails with bottom-mounted seats such as our Racing Spec Sport Seats.

Modp 1211 43+interoir and bolt on buyers guide+splash wheel hub Photo 43/43   |   Interior And Bolt-On Buyer’s Guide

Boss steering wheel hub
Splash is a renowned manufacturer of precision-crafted steering hub accessories, manufacturing steering hubs in a variety of shapes and sizes for many Japanese vehicle makes and models. Also available in short hub and sports hub, the Splash Boss steering hub can retain the functions of the steering wheel like turn signal switches, electronic components, and safety airbags.


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