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Interior Upgrades to Keep you Sane - Track Tunes

Dressing up the inside of our '90 Nissan 240SX SE

Ricky Chu
Feb 29, 2012
Ssts 0664 05 o+interior upgrades to keep you sane+stock cluster Photo 6/27   |   Interior Upgrades to Keep you Sane - Track Tunes

180SX Tachometer$0$0 (came with our motor)
GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer$102$82
Pilot Motorsports Shift Knob$35$28
Pioneer DEH-P3800MP Head Unit$130$104
Antenna Harness$12$12

180SX Tachometer

Install Time:45 Minutes
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Tools Needed: Ratchet, socket (12mm), Phillips head screwdriver

For whatever reason, the tachometer from the '89-240SXs doesn t work after dropping the SR20DET motor. We've heard about resistors and whatnot you can make the tach signal read correctly, but far and above, the easiest way to opt for either a Japanese 180SX tachometer or one from a twin cam '91-94 240SX.

GReddy Turbo Timer

Install Time:30 Minutes
Difficulty: 1 out of 5
Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver

You have no idea how hot the oil inside your turbo gets, especially after you've been thrashing around at full boost for the past hour like a maniac. Turning your car off right away is the quickest way to kill your turbo bearings because the oil will sit and clump from the heat. You need to let your car and turbo cool down. The GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer lets you do just that without having to sit around like an idiot.

Ssts 0664 13 o+interior upgrades to keep you sane+phase 2 motortrend turbo timer harness Photo 14/27   |   1. The Phase 2 Motortrend turbo timer harness makes life really easy for as it plugs directly into the P2M harness.
Ssts 0664 17 o+interior upgrades to keep you sane+turbo timer Photo 18/27   |   5. Decide where you want to mount the turbo timer and you're done.

Circuit Sports Weighted Shift Knob

Install Time:3 Minutes
Difficulty: 5 out of 5 (Well, we had a hard time.)

Our rubber shift knob was well-dated so we had to dump it for this threaded from Circuit Sports we picked up at Phase 2 Motortrend. It looks and feels dope, but damn when it's hot outside you don't want to be holding onto a chunk of metal with your bare hands.

Pioneer P3800MP Head Unit

Install Time:30 Minutes
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver, butt connectors, wire crimper

Our beater car didn.t come with a stock radio. Horrible. As much as we love the sound of turbo spool and exhaust rumble,we needed something to keep us preoccupied on our long drives to the track. The wallet-friendly Pioneer P3800MP head unit fit us perfectly, playing both standard CDs and MP3s.


GReddy Performance Products
Irvine, CA 92618
Pioneer Electronics
Long Beach, CA 90810
Crutchfield Corporation
Charlottesville, VA 22911
City Of Industry, CA 91748
Phase 2 Motortrend
Walnut, CA 91789
Design Motorsports Engineering
Superior Nissan
By Ricky Chu
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