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Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Improve performance, and look good doing it

Oct 8, 2010

The word "aerodynamics" can conjure up bad images in many sport compact owners' minds. Visions of nasty, ill-fitting bodykits and obnoxious, oversized wings remind us of days past - bad days we wish we could forget about. But all aerodynamics parts are not for looks alone. Check out a few of these functional aero parts available for a wide variety of cars.

APR Performance
GTC-500 carbon-fiber wing

Spanning 70 inches, the GTC-500 is the largest aftermarket adjustable wing available. With its optimized 3-D airfoil shape, the GTC-500 is perfect for high-speed touring applications and supplies an ample amount of downforce without causing excess drag. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was performed on this wing to support validation of its aerodynamic design.

Modp_1010_01_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+wing Photo 2/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

APR Performance
Carbon-fiber brake ducts

Heat is the enemy when it comes to braking. By channeling cool air onto the front brakes, it's possible to decrease stopping distance by reducing temperatures caused by friction, which results in brake fade. These ducts from APR are a great way to start cooling down those big brakes.

Modp_1010_02_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+brake_ducts Photo 3/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Chaser Aerodynamics
RE-style GT300 hood

Constructed from fiberglass, this hood is made in a closed mold with the mold's parting flanges on the bottom lip of the hood, not at the edges. The hood uses the factory mounting points as well as the factory latch mechanism and is less than half the weight of the OEM hood.

Modp_1010_03_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+hood Photo 4/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Seibon Carbon
Nissan GT-R hood

Seibon Carbon has several cool carbon-fiber parts for the Nissan GT-R. Offerings include OEM replacement hoods, trunks and trunk spoilers. The carbon-fiber upgrades from Seibon Carbon are the ultimate choice in aerodynamic performance.

Modp_1010_04_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+hood Photo 5/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Seibon Carbon
Hyundai Genesis carbon-fiber upgrades

Seibon Carbon has several cool carbon-fiber parts for the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Offerings include OEM replacement hoods, trunks and trunk spoilers, SC-style vented hoods and TS-style vented hoods. Utilizing deluxe French or U.S.-made carbon fiber and rigorously inspected during a quality-control process, the carbon-fiber upgrades from Seibon Carbon are the ultimate choice in aerodynamic performance.

Modp_1010_05_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+hood Photo 6/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Racing Beat
Type II Miata aero Kit

The Racing Beat Type II Miata aero kit presents an even stronger, more aggressive statement in improving the factory lines of the '90-97 Miata. Utilizing the stock mounting points and hardware, this kit easily replaces the stock front bumper and incorporates functional openings for improved airflow. The Racing Beat bodykit also includes side skirts, a rear bumper, a deck cover and a rear spoiler to complete a fully integrated look. Manufactured in the USA from hand-laid fiberglass and easily prepped for final painting and installation.

Modp_1010_06_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+mazda_miata Photo 7/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Racing Beat
Type III Miata bodyKit

The Racing Beat Type III bodykit for the '99-05 Miata provides an aggressive appearance upgrade for Mazda's fun-loving sports car. Don't stop at just the front end, add a set of side skirts, rear fairings, deck cover and rear spoiler to complete the package. Manufactured in the USA from hand-laid fiberglass and easily prepped for final painting and installation.

Modp_1010_08_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+mazda_miata Photo 8/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Racing Beat
RX-8 aero Kit

The RX-8 Racing Beat Type II was designed to offer a more aggressive appearance for the RX-8, while still maintaining the original styling cues of the stock front end. The Type II is a complete replacement bumper and utilizes the stock mounting hardware and mounting points. The center grille opening and two oil cooler openings are covered with powdercoated mesh screens. Also available with this kit are side skirts, rear fairings and a rear spoiler. Manufactured in the USA.

Modp_1010_07_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+mazda_rx8 Photo 9/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Lexus GS Digna kit

After many years of inquiries for a third-generation bodykit, Vertex is proud to announce its GS460/350 Digna kit. This kit delivers a sport-inspired, yet classy and subtle feel to your Lexus sedan. Full kit includes front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper.

Modp_1010_09_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+lexus_GS Photo 10/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Extreme Dimensions
N-1 5-piece370Z bodykit

Spice up your ride with this new lip kit. Available for a wide variety of applications, this well-fitting and flexible kit is a sure win for any enthusiast.

Modp_1010_12_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+nissan_370Z Photo 11/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Sport aerokit

Ings offers track-proven, functional, high-performance aerodynamics products. Each product is developed and manufactured 100 percent in Japan for highest quality assurance, and the added bonus of using legitimate JDM parts. Improve your lap time in style with this functional aero - available in FRP or carbon.

Modp_1010_13_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+impreza_WRX Photo 12/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

370Z bodykit

Beginning with a front fascia, this kit incorporates a large open area for fresh airflow to intercoolers, oil and transmission coolers, and also works in conjunction with a separately available brake cooling kit currently in development. The side rocker panels are designed and modeled after Steve Millen's championship-winning IMSA 300ZX and are fully functional, applying an incremental amount of downforce at higher speed. Stillen also has a urethane roof wing and rear wing available as well to complete the full 370Z bodykit.

Modp_1010_14_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+nissan_370Z Photo 13/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Prius ISM kit

Going green? You'll love the Vertex ISM kit for the Toyota Prius. This kit enhances the lines of the environmentally friendly and gas-saving vehicle for enthusiasts looking to customize their green machine.

Modp_1010_15_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+toyota_prius Photo 14/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

EVO X body parts

Located in the Kanagawa prefecture of Fujino, Varis is a legendary Japanese aero parts manufacturer that has been prominent in the racing realm since the late '70s. Now offering a complete array of body parts for the EVO X (including hood, canards, wing, bumpers, diffuser, lips, mirrors and even doors), you can create your own mix or use it all.

Modp_1010_16_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+mitsubishi_EVO_X Photo 15/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Nissan GT-R bodykit

This complete kit for the Nissan GT-R is now available from Varis. Smooth styling and racing inspiration set the look of this kit apart from the crowd, make sure your GT-R gets some JDM love from Varis.

Modp_1010_17_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+nissan_GTR Photo 16/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Extreme Dimensions
Hot Wheels 8-piece bodykit

This aero kit is constructed from Duraflex (special material designed to be flexible yet durable) and functions as well as it looks. This complete eight-piece kit is available for a variety of applications.

Kouki S14 Lang bodykit

The Vertex Lang brand is specifically designed for motorsports in mind. This handmade kit has sharper lines than the regular Vertex brand for better aerodynamics. The full kit includes a front bumper, a rear bumper and side skirts. All Vertex pieces are marked with serial numbers for authenticity.

Modp_1010_14_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+nissan_kouki_S14 Photo 19/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Seibon Carbon
Nissan 370Z carbon-fiber upgrades

Seibon Carbon gets your 370Z in shape by losing excess weight and building strength with carbon-fiber products. Seibon Carbon has more than 14 replacement parts in multiple styles including hoods, trunks, trunk spoilers, lip kits, fenders, doors, pillars, mirror covers and other miscellaneous parts. Utilizing deluxe French or U.S.-made carbon fiber, the upgrades from Seibon Carbon are the ultimate choice in aerodynamic performance.

Modp_1010_15_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+nissan_370Z Photo 20/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

S15 Edge

The Vertex Edge widebody system for the Silvia S15 beefs up the already sleek lines of the legendary machine. The full kit includes a front bumper, side skirts, a rear bumper and front and rear aero fenders.

Modp_1010_16_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+nissan_silvia_S15 Photo 21/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Mazda RX-8 bodykit

This handmade kit boosts technical rigidity and an elegant style that will set your Mazda RX-8 off on the street and track. All Vertex pieces are marked with serial numbers for authenticity. Never substitute quality, always support authentic products.

Modp_1010_17_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+mazda_RX8 Photo 22/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

EVO X bodykit

Sunline Racing now offers its aero treatment for the EVO X. Consisting of a front bumper, side skirts, a rear under fin, canards, a GT-wing and a dry carbon roof cover, this kit has you taken care of. The aero parts are created in pursuit of both superior functionality and the racing appearance.

Modp_1010_18_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+mitsubishi_EVO_X Photo 23/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Type V GT wing

Voltex is a specialty aero parts brand located in Suzuka, Japan. With experience in F-3 and Formula race car aero design, Voltex handcrafts its products with the highest attention to detail. Possibly its most popular product is the Voltex Carbon GT Wing, which comes in a variety of customs sizes fitted specifically for your vehicle.

Modp_1010_22_o+aerodynamics_buyers_guide+wing Photo 24/27   |   Aerodynamics Buyer's Guide

Carbon-fiber hoods, trunks and diffusers

VIS parts are made from the finest carbon fiber available and meet all ISO standards. Each hood is inspected by the company's quality-control department before leaving its facility to ensure the highest standard.



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