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TYC Headlights Taillights Side Mirrors - No Blackouts Here

Burning Bright With TYC's Headlamps, Tail Lamps, And Side Mirrors

Roel F. Concepcion
Nov 1, 2003
Sstp_0311_01_z+tyc_headlamp_tail_lamp_side_mirror+car Photo 1/1   |   TYC Headlights Taillights Side Mirrors - No Blackouts Here

Unlike other automotive journalists, we don't know jack about cars. All we know is that when you give a girl a ride, they should either pay with ass, gas, or cash. But since girls don't like riding in our cars because we always stop short, that small bit of knowledge is never put to use. So don't laugh when we show you the following tech install about headlights, taillights, and side mirrors. We had no idea where to start with mounting these basic components, so we asked the light geniuses at TYC to help. They provided all the SAE/DOT-approved hardware for this '97 Honda Civic and put Jeff Leu, the TYC ace, to work. He installed everything in less than an hour, and he even had time to sing us a song. Check out how he did it.

We Love Head
TYC's Projector Headlamps for '96-'98 Civics come in chrome and black, and offer one of the brightest projector lamps in the market.

2017 Honda Civic
$21,500 Base Model (MSRP) 31/40 MPG Fuel Economy

Getting Tail
The advantage of getting TYC taillights, besides the fact that they're SAE/DOT approved, is that they are correct in color and light diffusion. That means they deflect light in the correct directions.

Hittin' It From The Side
The newest products in the TYC lineup are the power side mirrors. They come in carbon fiber and black, as well as manual and power. They are made for '88-'00 Civic and '94-'01 Integra applications.

The Low Down
Msrp: Headlights ($450.40); Taillights ($280.94); Side Mirrors ($165.89)

Pros: TYC's products are SAE/DOT approved, which means you can't be pinched by the fuzz; plus, they look good.

Cons: There's a ricer stigma that comes with these lights.

Install Difficulty: Extra easy

Verdict: It makes a hell of a difference with the style of your car. And the most important thing is that they're legal, unlike all the girls we try to date.

By Roel F. Concepcion
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