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Fender Rolling, Shaving, and Flaring - Roll It, Shave It, Pull It, Flare It

Forcing A Fender To Accept Your New Wheels

Charles Trieu
Mar 17, 2010
Photographer: Jonathan "Wong,"

When it comes to running low offset wheels and a flush stance, you can't avoid doing some fender work. There are several different methods with many different types of results. You can roll it with a roller, shave it with a die grinder, pull it with a roller or even flare it giving it a whole new arch. What we don't suggest is using a bat or pipe and jamming it in between your tire and fender. If you've never done it before, a pipe is not the method for beginners. Results can be very fugly. Those old days are gone. Nowadays there are plenty of different tools dedicated to fender modification for people like us.

Here we've taken two cars to two professionals to see how it's properly done. This doesn't mean you should attempt this by yourself. This is a skill that is developed with experience. And the service is much cheaper than having a body shop repaint a fender that you f'ed up.

By Charles Trieu
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