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The Castrol SYNTEC Top Shop Challenge

It's GO time!

Jul 1, 2008
0807_impp_01_z+castrol_syntec_top_shop_challenge+mitsubishi_4g63 Photo 1/1   |   The Castrol SYNTEC Top Shop Challenge

We've been keeping a close eye on our competition as of late and by the looks of it their engines are progressing well. We still feel that we've got the competitive edge with our AMS built 2.0L 4G63 expecting to belt out in excess of 900hp. However, knowing that the other shops and magazines have seen our setup by now they might be getting worried. Some of them maybe even rethinking their strategy and looking for different ways to make even more horsepower.

Remember, this competition isn't who makes the most horsepower rather several different tests that will prove the overall worth of the engine. Let's face it though, we know the horsepower challenge will draw the most attention. We realize we aren't going to make the highest peak horsepower number of the bunch but we don't need to. With our 2.0L displacement we have a low multiplier and whatever horsepower figure is put up, it's divided by the displacement for the final number. Hence why our confidence is high. If we can churn out 900hp then we are looking at a final hp-per-liter score of 450. For a 3.0L engine to match that it will have to make 1350hp. Not impossible but definitely not easy especially on 100 octane pump gas.

With AMS tuning Guru Martin Musial behind the wheel of this build and his excellent hammering skills, we are sure to sneak in a couple tricks of our own to give us that slight competitive edge we need to force our way to the top.

For all the progress and new updates on all the engine builds check out and don't forget to enter for your chance to win this very motor that we are building!

SamcoSport launches new interactive website

SamcoSport are proud to announce that their Fresh, new-look website. After undergoing a massive face-lift from their old site, content is now far easier for the viewer to access plus several new features have been added, including a virtual hose explorer where the user can discover the advantages of using silicone hoses, and why SamcoSport hoses are the best Brand available.

Other unique features include a virtual engine bay where the user can scroll over the available colours to get a glimpse of how SamcoSport hoses can transform the look of their bay, plus a comprehensive download section.



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