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SP Engineering Top Shop Challenge - Are they done yet?!

Oct 1, 2008
Impp_0811_01_z+turbo_sp_engineering+snap_on_cooler_scooter Photo 1/2   |   SP Engineering Top Shop Challenge - Are they done yet?!

Dear competitors,

I'm currently sitting in the SP Engineering garage, lounging around with nothing to do. SP's head mechanic, Hiro, is here chain smoking and reading a Skyline GT-R service manual while tooling around on our new secret weapon. As I sat idly by, listlessly watching the fans spin in a trance state, I see Hiro attempting to do a dry burnout as he vicariously takes a tight turn spinning the machine's tires in place. We're bored.

As I watch him put on a drift exhibition a light goes off in my head with an ingenious idea. Why not use this scooter for our upcoming Castrol Top Shop Challenge? It's slow, unproven in build quality, and doesn't deliver a lot of horsepower, much like the engines you're attempting to build. But in all fairness, this scooter's power level is exactly what's needed to help level the playing field and make this a more honest and fair event. We've thought about bringing our RB26DETT engine to the event, roll it off the trailer, make some pulls, and take home the prize money and bragging rights-but we've been know to be pushovers on occasion. We like to give you, as our competitors, a shot at winning and a glimmer of hope. In all honestly, we hate to see a bunch of grown men cry. So as we load up our scooter on the Mustang Dyno, I bid you a farewell and hope all is going well for you. Don't stress too much as you try to figure out how to assemble your engines. We're always here if you need a helping hand.

P.S. Here are the full specs of our scooter, just in case you need to know what you might be up against. Good luck!

Impp_0811_02_z+turbo_sp_engineering+snap_on_cooler_scooter_dyno Photo 2/2   |   SP Engineering Top Shop Challenge - Are they done yet?!

Snap-On Ice Chest Cooler, Electric Scooter Specifications:
Power: Electric
Watts: 500 watts earth magnet motor
Volts: 24 (12 x 2)
Batteries: Two batteries, 12 volts each, 12 amps each
Tire Size: 9x2 with steel mag rims
Throttle Type: Variable speed control
Brakes: Rear disk brakes-foot braking is also possible with shoes
On/Off Switch: Yes
Tool Kit: Included
Amps: 24 total
Drive System: Chain driven
Frame: High-tensile steel molded inside cooler material
Cooling Area: Drinks are kept cold by the ice you put in the cooler. The unit isn't refrigerated.
Charger: 110-240 VAC Heavy-Duty Smart Charger
Suggested Max. Weight: 250 pounds, tested to 540 pounds
Speed: Up to 13 mph*
Range: 15 miles
Charging Time: Three to four hours
Easily Foldable: Yes, the front end slips out and fits into cooler for easy transporting in the trunk of almost any car.
Adjustable handlebars for your comfort
Scooter Size: 24-inch length x 17-inch width x 18-inch height
Scooter Of Cooler Only: 28-inch length x 17-inch width x 19-inch height
Scooter Warranty: 30 days
Battery Warranty: Six months
Colors: Blue, red, white, yellow, and black (color availability subject to change without notice)
Weight: 74 pounds.
*Depends on load and terrain



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