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2007 Super Street Honda Fit - Hissy Fit

The Newest And Baddest Addition To Our Project Car Fleet

Ricky Chu
Dec 5, 2006
Photographer: Super Street staff and manufacturers
130_0612_01_z+2007_honda_fit+front_view Photo 1/9   |   2007 Super Street Honda Fit - Hissy Fit

Show of hands: who believes we can build a completely insane Time Attack Honda Fit in time for SEMA? That's a tough one because even we're questioning whether we've bit off more than we can chew. Fortunately, Leigh Guarnieri from Extreme Dimensions has done most of the dirty work for us. And when we say "most" we mean all of it. We don't know how he finds time between eating his broccoli pasta and being the creepy dude on MySpace, but he managed to get our car stripped down, make a body kit for it, and order 90-percent of the parts for us. Bravo.

We're closing in on just one more month to our deadline after we picked the Fit up from Duke's Rollcages where Terry Wyrember had fabbed up a sick rollcage for us. As of press time, it is sitting at Jimenez Bros. Custom (JBC) paint shop where they're spraying the engine bay and interior in BASF gold. That's right, gold, holmes. By the time they're done, we'll have roughly three weeks to tow the car to Hasport in Arizona where Brian Gillespie is going to drop in the Brian Crower-built and stroked K20 motor, Carbonetic tranny internals from Takumi Project, Full Race exhaust manifold, and a host of parts from Acura, like a five-lug conversion and TSX Brembo brakes.

130_0612_02_z+2007_honda_fit+right_side_view Photo 2/9   |   2007 Super Street Honda Fit - Hissy Fit

Then back to Duke's it goes to have them mount up the HKS GT3037 turbo, GT wastegate, then weld up piping for the intercooler and stainless Ti exhaust. Somewhere along the line, we'll need to drop in RC Engineering injectors, fuel system and NX nitrous and N-tercooler. JBC gets the car again to finish up the airbrushing on the outside and S.I.X Autoworks is going to cut up some roll call decals to represent all the companies that have shed blood and sweat into this machine. Next, comes the very lengthy task of tuning the F-Con V Pro, in which the master tuners over at SP Engineering have offered their services. Last, is the suspension that we're going to rock from Tein and custom Volk Racing wheels with BFG stickies.

What's the date and time again? Tick tock. Tick tock. We'll be ready with the car and 500hp. The question is, will you be ready for it?

Fast Facts - '07 Honda Fit

Owner Super Street

Hometown The wrong side of the tracks at Primediatown

Daily Grind Corporate Shill

Plan of Attack Do absolutely nothing for months then beg Leigh Guarnieri to finish the car

Power Est. 450-plus hp

Under the Hood K20A swap with Hasport mounts; Darton Dry Sleeves with flange; ERL Performance assembly, sleeving and Superdeck system; Brian Crower 2.35L Stroker Kit and cams; JE pistons; ARP K20 Head and Main Stud kit; Full Race turbo exhaust manifold; HKS turbo, wastegate, blow-off valve, intercooler and exhaust; custom intercooler piping; Koyo radiator; RC Engineering injectors; Calico Coatings; Jaz Products fuel cell; Nitrous Express 75hp system, N-tercooler

Drivetrain Carbonetic LSD, clutch and gearset; Driveshaft Shop axles

Brains HKS F-Con V Pro; SP Engineering tuning

Stiff Stuff Tein coilovers; GT Spec front strut tower brace and rear lower bumper reinforcement

Rollers 18x7.5 (show), 17x7 (race) Volk Racing wheels; BFGoodrich tires

Stoppers Acura TL front brakes

Outside Carbon Creations front and rear bumpers, side skirts, wing, vented front fenders, vented hood, OEM hatch; custom paint by BASF and Jimenez Bros.

Inside Custom Duke's rollcage; Status Racing Laguna seats (2); Takata five-point harnesses (2); Nardi steering wheel

Database "The Bucket Brigade" (Nov '06)

Note: These Fast Facts are subject to change. We're really only making them up as we go along.


Mackin Industries
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Tein USA
Downey, CA 90241
SP Engineering
City Of Industry, CA 91745
Koyo Cooling Systems
Irvine, CA 92618
Takata Racing Products
Greensboro, NC 27408
RC Engineering
Torrance, CA 90501
Nitrous Express
Wichita Falls, TX 76310
JE Pistons
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Darton Sleeves
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Carson, CA 90746
ERL Performance
New Albany, IN
American Honda
Torrance , CA 90501
Deer Park, NY 11729
Jaz Products
Status Racing
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Brian Crower Inc.
The Driftshaft Shop
Dukes Rollcages
By Ricky Chu
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