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The Modified Civic Build Pt. V: HFP

Honda Factory Performance

Super Street Staff
Dec 20, 2017
Photographer: Jofel Tolosa

After finding some additional power and torque from the Modified Series Civic Sport Project, then upgrading the suspension and adding a new wheel and tire package, we wanted to see what else was out there. Being that it's still a brand-new model, there aren't shelves stocked with parts waiting to be bolted on. We turned to our friends at American Honda for advice and they suggested we take a quick trip to Honda HQ in Torrance, California, to check out some of the HFP accessories they'd recently released. If you're not familiar with the acronym, HFP, or Honda Factory Performance, is a line of aesthetic and performance optional parts produced by Honda that carries the same fit, finish, and quality of a standard Honda part.

Modified civic build rays 57Cl Photo 2/5   |   We added Rays 57CR wheels, Continental Tire ExtremeContact Sport rubber, and Muteki lug nuts to complement the new ride height courtesy of Eibach's coilovers last time, and the newly installed HFP cross-drilled rotors look right at home.

Typically comprised of larger wheels, wings, and assorted aero bits, as well as interior enhancements, HFP goods have long run parallel with new Honda vehicle releases. In the case of the 10th-generation Civic, the HFP line includes 19-inch wheels, black-coated lug nuts, and a complete underbody spoiler kit that you can order all at once, or in separate stages, based on your preference. We already added a new set of RAYS 57CR wheels and Muteki lugs, and because the vehicle we're working with is a Sport model, it's already loaded with front, rear, and side lips from the factory, so we were good on those fronts. What we didn't have, however, is the more aggressive HFP tailgate spoiler that caught our attention almost immediately. Made of injection-molded ABS, the wing comes factory painted, and because Honda produces it, the fit and finish are factory fresh.

Modified civic build HFP tailgate spoiler Photo 3/5   |   Modified Civic Build HFP Tailgate Spoiler
Modified civic build HFP tailgate spoiler Photo 4/5   |   The HFP tailgate spoiler is far more aggressive and a much needed addition to our project.

While we were at Honda HQ, the staff brought out a set of its front- and rear cross-drilled rotors, which feature a bright red center finish to contrast your wheel of choice. These are manufactured to factory specs, so your original calipers and pads won't have any issues working properly with them.

Modified civic build hfp floor mat Photo 5/5   |   We didn't get the time to change much inside the car, but the HFP floor mats and Sport Pedals make a bold statement.

Inside the cabin, we ditched the dark factory floor mats and replaced them with a set of HFP mats that clip in just like the originals, but are ultra-bright and fitted with HFP badging. To go with the mats, we added a set of HFP Sport Pedals. With clear-coated anodized aluminum construction, the pedals feature small rubber inserts that give you much better grip and will no doubt remind you of S2000 pedals.

That's the end of the road for the very short amount of time we had with the Honda Civic Sport hatchback. Next issue, we'll do a complete review of all of the changes and let you know where this car ended up!

By Super Street Staff
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