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Eibach's Anti-Roll Kit Install - Wrenchin'

Firmly Planted

Nov 30, 2010

Project AP1
Known for its incredible handling right out of the box, the S2000's reputation is well deserved. It's so good in fact, ten years ago many "experts" said that altering the suspension in any way would actually decrease its handling. No doubt the same group of thinkers that told us DOHC VTEC cams could never be improved upon. With a decade under its belt, the Honda roadster now has a massive following, and with it, a large number of aftermarket suspension upgrades.

Htup_1101_01_o+eibach_anti roll_kit_install+right_side_view Photo 2/17   |   Eibach's Anti-Roll Kit Install - Wrenchin'

Eibach Springs has always catered to new cars, sometimes before your local dealership ever takes delivery of a new model. In the case of the S2000, Eibach is essentially revisiting the market, offering new suspension products to a community that seems to be growing faster than ever. Their new coil-over system is now available to the public, as well as their anti-roll kit. Their quality is arguably some of the best in the world due to their emphasis on research and development, real world track experience, and a painstaking eye for quality control during manufacturing. If you attend the annual Eibach Honda Meet, the staff offers visitors an in-depth tour of the facility and everything that goes into their products. It's worth the walk, trust me.

Other than coilovers and a few bars, I was pretty comfortable with my AP1's handling, but the Eibach crew assured me I'd change my tune once I tried their adjustable anti-sway bars. Challenging them to prove me wrong, I made my way over to Corona, CA, for a quick install.

With the new bars installed, we took to the back roads for a "feeling out" session. After five minutes, I had to admit, I was wrong. The difference could be felt with every flick of the suede-wrapped steering wheel. Initial turn-in was still free and light, but the inherent sway, or transfer of weight toward the outside wheels, which you experience with just about any car (even one armed with high quality coil-overs), became a thing of the past. The AP1 seemed to stay flat through the sharp turns; the increase in cornering confidence simply a byproduct of greatly improved entry and exit speeds with more grip from the opposing wheels. The Eibach bars had no issues with fitment; even with the large rear/under diffuser and big 75mm exhaust system, they were a direct bolt-on. No one likes being wrong, but in this case, I didn't mind it one bit. The fun factor was moved up a few notches with the help of Eibach and their anti-roll kit.

Htup_1101_13_o+eibach_anti roll_kit_install+rear_view Photo 6/17   |   Eibach's Anti-Roll Kit Install - Wrenchin'

If you're new to the S2000 world, there's never been a better time to jump into building one of these. Aftermarket support is overflowing, and new engine swap and iVTEC conversion options are just getting underway. And when big timers like Eibach jump back into the mix to offer their top-shelf suspension upgrades, you know the car is making waves. Not only is Eibach offering the awesome anti-roll kit, but they've also developed a top-of-the-line coil-over system for the S2K. How does double-independent adjustable rebound and compression, mono-tube design, spherical upper bushing mounts, stainless steel and Teflon braided reservoir lines, as well as a wide range of legendary ERS spring rates available sound? Imagine a coil-over like that paired with their anti-roll kit. Like I said, if you're new to all of this, you're entering at the perfect time.

Htup_1101_05_o+eibach_anti roll_kit_install+close_up Photo 7/17   |   Eibach's Anti-Roll Kit Install - Wrenchin'
By Rodrez
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