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Garage FR-S Build

Part 1: Suspension

Mar 11, 2013

For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook and Instagram, here’s a quick recap. The Import Tuner staff along with our sister publications Super Street and Modified got together and demanded the executives here at Source Interlink buy us a new Scion FR-S to build as a joint project car. We’re tired of driving old used cars, and, with the peanuts we get for a salary, we figured they should buy us a new car to toy with.

Announced on our Facebook, Instagram, and our own we let you fans pick from three different types of build. With the build details on the site, you guys voted Type 2 as your favorite.

The first thing you want to do to any car is suspension. Lowering the car will allow for better handling and an overall better appearance. Knowing we’ll track test this car later on after Modified gets done with the engine upgrades, we chose the KW Variant 3 coilovers. These are two-way adjustable (rebound and compression) and will allow us to fine-tune the car for both the street and track.

KW Variant 3 coilovers with 14-level adjustable compression damping.

Impp 1301 04 o+garage FR S+KW variant 3 coilovers Photo 4/14   |   Garage FR-S Build
Impp 1301 06 o+garage FR S+KW variant 3 coilovers Photo 5/14   |   Garage FR-S Build

The Variant 3 line is two-way adjustable.

Impp 1301 05 o+garage FR S+KW variant 3 coilovers Photo 6/14   |   Garage FR-S Build
Impp 1301 08 o+garage FR S+KW OEM suspension comparison Photo 7/14   |   Garage FR-S Build

KW versus OEM suspension.

Impp 1301 07 o+garage FR S+KW OEM suspension comparison Photo 8/14   |   Garage FR-S Build

Installed with tons of room to go lower.

Impp 1301 09 o+garage FR S+scion FR S Photo 9/14   |   Garage FR-S Build

Wanting a bit more chassis tuning, we ordered the Cusco Type OS strut tower bars. The great thing about the Cusco unit is the optional BCS (brake cylinder stopper) that is incorporated into the end bracket. These bars will go on top of the KW coilovers to keep the suspension geometry and chassis from flexing too much.

Impp 1301 10 o+garage FR S+cusco type OS strut tower bar Photo 10/14   |   Garage FR-S Build

Cusco Type OS strut bar with the BCS.

Impp 1301 11 o+garage FR S+cusco type OS strut bar with BCS Photo 11/14   |   Garage FR-S Build

With the rear bar came instructions on exactly how much to cut the rear carpet for a perfect fit.

For a complete write-up installation of KW coilovers and the Cusco strut tower bars on our Scion FR-S, check out We even have a video of the install of the suspension for lazy people like us. Who likes to read anymore anyway, right?

All three brands—Import Tuner, Super Street, and Modified—will be taking turns building different aspects of this car. You’ll have to try and keep up with all three of us to get the full buildup.


KW Suspension
Sanger, CA 93657
Cusco USA
Huntington Beach, CA 92647



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