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Fit As A Fiddle - Install

Prepping Our B-Spec Project For Sema

Mar 15, 2007
Photographer: Henry Z. DeKuyper
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Hide And Seek
In case you get really bored, we figure we'd bring you back to your childhood days of reading Highlights. Go through this intro picture and see how many of the following items you can find. Circle these items, tear out the page and send it along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to Super Street c/o Hissy Fit, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048. The first 150 entries will get an NX sticker courtesy of Nitrous Express. (

1. Koyo radiator box
2. Takata harness boxes
3. Yamz
4. Nitrous Express boxes
5. Cherry picker
6. Air compressor
7. Big electric fan
8. S2000 exhaust
9. Zero 1000 banner
10. White hood
11. Tein coilover box
12. Floor jack 13 Rikdaddy

With the biggest show of the year just around the corner and what seemed like a billion commitments to fulfill, we had little time to crank out our Fit. Duke's fabbed up an insane rollcage, Hasport dropped in the ERL-built K20 motor, and the body shop had fitted (no pun intended) the Carbon Creations kit and implemented a crazy airbrush scheme. We're good to go, right? Wrong. Even after all of our sponsors did so much work on the Fit, we were still only about 25-percent ready for SEMA. And in terms of making it fully functional and race-prepped, we were even further than that. To make things worse, we didn't have a facility to work in. Luckily, Andy Yu was generous enough to let us "borrow" some space from the Zero 1000 USA warehouse. When Steve Wang from bBist dropped the car off at Zero 1000 for us, it was basically a painted shell, a motor and a thousand boxes of parts from HKS, Nitrous Express, Volk Racing, Koyo, Tein and hell...the list goes on and on. At that point we were down to less than three days before the big bad transport came to pick up the car and ship it to Vegas. That meant a ton of wrenching, driving around picking up parts, and some minor fabricating. Fortunately, SEMA-ready meant that the car didn't have to be running. Yeah, our car was a "pusher" (we ain't trying to front), but it made it front and center in the Honda booth just in time for setup day. Without the help of all our sponsors, it would have still been bone stock with two curb-checked wheels, a check-engine light on and no gas. Next, we'll make the car ready to put down nasty numbers on the dyno and attack the track.

"Holy Hell! What have I gotten myself into?"

The ERL-built K20 motor sits nicely inside the engine bay with the Hasport mount kit. Thanks, Bri Bri.

Jonny's only work out of the year involved assembling the steering wheel and quick-release hub we acquired from A-spec.

If you like spaghetti, ramen, chow mein or any type of noodles, you'll love the miles of harness wires we have to cram back into the Fit.

Yamz installs the Carbon Creation side skirts while Leigh translates what's going on to a fobby girl he found on MySpace.

Through the crazy rollcage you can see Rikdaddy installing the coilovers Tein stole back for us. Thanks, Philippe.

No shifter means no shifting. Caterade takes care of that problem by hooking up the shift linkage and putting together the center console.

"No, Yamz, we're not done yet. If you get back to work, we'll mix up a martini for you."

Yamz can make body kits out of cardboard if you want. Just kidding. He's mocking up a template for the carbon fiber dash he's about to make.

She cleans up real nice. Design Haus graphics, BFGoodrich R1 tires and 18-inch Volk Racing GT-V wheels were the icing on the cake.

Wong Dong Silver looks for a place to tuck away the stainless steel nitrous line as he runs it to the solenoid in the engine bay.

Remember, boys and girls, always wear protective eyewear.

It's amazing what Yamz can do with a sheet of carbon fiber, two martinis, a Roto Zip and a sweaty bandana.

"Yo, Yamz, why are we working on this Fit when we could just jack Andy's Murcielago and finish our steakhouse tour?"

Finding a place to mount the Aeromotive fuel pump and filter was a task that only Wonger wanted to take on.

By Rikdaddy
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