When Goodyear Tire invites you for a day of tire testing at the Bondurant School of Racing in Phoenix, AZ, it’s in your best interest to go—and so I did to try out the all-new Eagle F1 asymmetric all-season tire. The F1 features an entirely new design inspired by their popular summer tire with an included “dry handling zone” on the outside shoulder as well as an “all season zone” on the inside for increased water evacuation. Additional components present a new specialized tread compound for enhanced performance characteristics, micro-grooved TredLock technology and improved Traction Teeth for that extra grip under those dreaded rainy/snowy conditions. While ripping through the scorching hot Bondurant course, the improvements of the new platform became instantly apparent upon comparison with a competitor’s tire. While the competition seemed to make the possibility of drifting an AWD Audi a reality, the F1 remained glued to the pavement under the hairiest of conditions, along with a noticeably shorter, more responsive skid test. With 36 different size combinations and a 45,000-mile tread life warranty, we could not recommend this product any more as an all-in-one, go to, all season tire for the casual enthusiast looking to grip the grain while keeping the baby momma and additional accessories safe.