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FIC Racing Wheel Spacers

Appearance is Everything.

Apr 28, 2014

So you finally found the perfect set of "ultra-rare" wheels, only to find the offset doesn't push them out as far to the fenders as you would have liked. Do you simply shed a tear and sell the wheels with hope that another set might come along or use some common sense and purchase a set of wheel spacers to give your car that perfect fix? We assume the latter would be the more common choice.

FIC racing wheel spacers 02 Photo 2/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers

Sometimes your wheels need just a slight hand to help you space them out, gaining extra clearance and a wider stance. Some people may call them spacers, because they don't change bolt patterns. When you move up in wheel size or attempt to squeeze a more aggressive fitment, you may encounter caliper clearance or rubbing problems. Wheel adapters can be a smart and easy solution for you

We at Import Tuner are generally not fans of wheel spacers, but that is mostly due to the fact that there are so many crappy ones on the market. If you're guilty of purchasing and installing one of those crappy wheel spacers and have noticed a significant vibration in your steering at 50-plus mph, you're not alone. How many times have you heard someone say, "Wheel spacers are dangerous!" Probably more than once! More than likely, those "Internet special" wheel spacers you purchased were not hub-centric and are causing your steering wheel to shake at higher speeds. Not only is it annoying, but it's also dangerous. Many wheel spacers offered on the market are molded from a material known as cast aluminum. These spacers are made up of a variety of cheap metals that lack strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Cast-aluminum spacers have been known to crack and corrode over time, a dangerous situation that could easily be prevented if you only purchased a quality unit.

FIC Racing helps you get the vibration and shake out of your car by offering quality wheel spacers. Imported by More Japan USA, these "made in Japan" wheel spacers are designed with an integrated hub-centric ring to guarantee a perfect tight fitment from your hub to the center bore of your wheel.

FIC racing wheel spacers HR spacer 07 Photo 6/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers
FIC racing wheel spacers hub centric ring 08 Photo 7/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers

We tracked down a Nissan 350Z to test a set of FIC Racing spacers using an od (outer diameter) of 73 mm. These JDM FIC hub-centric wheel spacers are CNC machined from Dura aluminum and fit a number of bolt-pattern wheels, which include 4/5x100 and 4/5 114.3 accordingly. Currently available in 5 mm with various sizes soon to follow, these spacers should suit any of your wheel spacing needs.

FIC racing wheel spacers 09 Photo 8/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers

Toss those universal fitment spacers; FIC Racing offers six different inner diameter sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your specific vehicle. The id available sizes include 54, 56, 60, 64, 66, and 67 mm.

FIC racing wheel spacers 06 Photo 9/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers 06
FIC racing wheel spacers 10 Photo 10/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers

Extended wheel studs are a much-needed replacement for any car engaged in autocross, track, or drag racing. ARP offers these chromoly steel studs that are heat-treated and have a 190,000-psi tensile strength rating. Notice the side-by-side comparison of ARP studs versus OEM studs with a set of spacers stacked on top of one another. Generally speaking, if your lugs cannot make five full rotational turns before tightening you wheels, your studs are too short and the car shouldn't be driven on the streets.

FIC racing wheel spacers wheel studs 11 Photo 11/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers
FIC racing wheel spacers wheel studs 12 Photo 12/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers
FIC racing wheel spacers wheel studs 13 Photo 13/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers

Even with a set of FIC Racing 5mm spacers, the 350Z offered noticeable wheel fitment; both before-and-after photos show the improvement.

FIC racing wheel spacers before 14 Photo 14/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers
FIC racing wheel spacers after 15 Photo 15/15   |   FIC Racing Wheel Spacers


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