It's finally here. After getting our Integra down to a proper stance using Eibach springs and Tokico shocks, we decided on a tire and wheel package that would suit the car perfectly. Ever since we received the car from Acura, it's had a set of stock 15-inch wheels and tires. They were fine for when the car was stock, too. Add the intake, header, and exhaust and the car sounded and performed like a real street car. With the monster HKS exhaust sticking out the back, and the Super Street and Acura Type R stickers on the quarter windows, the wheels and tires just didn't cut it. We turned to our friends at Fittipaldi wheels and Yokohama tires to get us rolling in style. As usual, we didn't want to mess up our manicures, so we went to the experts at Stokes Tire in Santa Monica, California, for the installation. Check it out.