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Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Jun 17, 2009

Ecsta SPT
The Ecsta SPT has a unique casing construction that allows it to absorb bumps, making it ideal for sports car owners on a budget. Select sizes are available in colored smoke for drifting.

Sizing 15"–22"
UTQG 180

Modp_0906_01+performance_tire_buyers_guide+kumho+ecsta_spt Photo 2/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Extreme Contact DW
The DW provides excellent traction and responsive handling in wet and dry conditions, improved ride comfort and better mileage at industry-leading rolling resistance levels. Among the new features are visible letters that alert drivers of the tire’s optimal performance levels.

Sizing 16"–21"
UTQG 340

Modp_0906_02+performance_tire_buyers_guide+continental_extreme_contact_dw Photo 3/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Exclaim UHP
Truly a performance tire for all seasons, General Tire’s Exclaim UHP is designed to fit a wide range of performance sports cars, coupes and sedans. This tire delivers excellent grip, handling, traction, cornering and braking in wet and dry conditions.

Sizing 15"–24"
UTQG 380

Modp_0906_03+performance_tire_buyers_guide+general_exclaim_uhp Photo 4/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Available exclusively through Discount Tire Direct, the YK-520 delivers a higher level of performance, all season traction, long mileage and comfortable ride.

Sizing 15"–18"
UTQG 520

Modp_0906_04+performance_tire_buyers_guide+yokohama_yk_520 Photo 5/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Ecsta XS
Designed for SCCA racing that demands high Uniform Tire Quality Grades, the XS delivers unrivaled dry grip with split-second steering response.

Sizing 15"–19"
UTQG 320–340

Modp_0906_05+performance_tire_buyers_guide+kumho_ecsta_xs Photo 6/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Extreme Contact DWS
The ExtremeContact DWS (tuned for dry, wet and snow) features a unique asymmetrical tread design for improved grip and braking in dry and wet conditions and an advanced tread compound for improved traction in all weather conditions.

Sizing 16"–24"
UTQG 540

Modp_0906_06+performance_tire_buyers_guide+continental_extreme_contact_dws Photo 7/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Mickey Thompson
ET Street Radial II
This DOT-approved, street-legal drag radial provides responsive and reliable handling, an excellent ride on the street and dependable high-performance on the strip.

Sizing 14"–18"
UTQG 000

Modp_0906_07+performance_tire_buyers_guide+mickey_thompson_et_street_radial_i_i Photo 8/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Ziex ZE-512
Available exclusively through Discount Tire Direct, Falken’s ZE-512 all-season performance tire features special dual compound that helps deliver reliable all-season traction, and a full-width nylon cap maintains a consistent contact patch for great handling.

Sizing 14"–18"
UTQG 360-420

Modp_0906_08+performance_tire_buyers_guide+falken_ziex_ze_512 Photo 9/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Advantage T/A
These tires are performance-tested with real-world driving in mind and are designed for aggressive driving and long life.

Sizing 15"–18"
UTQG 560

Modp_0906_09+performance_tire_buyers_guide+bfgoodrich_advantage_ta Photo 10/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Proxes T1R
This UHP radial is designed exclusively for high-end sport sedans and coupes. It takes advantage of computer simulation technology, providing high-speed stability in both dry and wet conditions with excellent ride comfort.

Sizing 14"–22"
UTQG 280

Modp_0906_10+performance_tire_buyers_guide+toyo_proxes_t1r Photo 11/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

The features Yokohama’s Micro Silica technology, enabling the compound to conform to road surface irregularities and maximize grip. The boasts a tread pattern designed to optimize cornering confidence, wet traction, on-center feel and even treadwear for performance that lasts.

Sizing 15"–20"
UTQG 300

Modp_0906_11+performance_tire_buyers_guide+yokohama_s_drive Photo 12/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

The NT05 is a maximum-performance summer tire that was developed through extensive computer simulation modeling and on-track testing. These rigorous quality standards helped produce a street tire that provides precise and responsive handling and performance.

Sizing 17"–20"
UTQG 200

Modp_0906_12+performance_tire_buyers_guide+nitto_nt05 Photo 13/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

G-Force Super Sport A/S
This tire combines all-season control and performance, resulting in a tire that is ready for any corner or straightaway no matter the weather conditions.

Sizing 15"–20"
UTQG 400

Modp_0906_13+performance_tire_buyers_guide+bfgoodrich_gforce_super_sport_as Photo 14/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Proxes R1R
The Proxes R1R is ideal for aggressive street driving, the street touring category of SCCA autocross and the Street classes at time attacks.

Sizing 15"–18"
UTQG 140

Modp_0906_14+performance_tire_buyers_guide+toyo_proxes_r1r Photo 15/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

The Invo is an ultra-high-performance street tire. A special tread pattern reduces perceived road noise, provides a comfortable ride and delivers exceptional traction in dry and wet conditions.

Sizing 17"–24"
UTQG 220-260

Modp_0906_15+performance_tire_buyers_guide+nitto_invo Photo 16/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Advan Neova AD08
The all-new ADVAN Neova AD08 improves upon the performance of the Neova AD07 with the addition of Yokohama’s new Micro Silica compound with Hyper Density Carbon; giving superior traction in wet and dry conditions.

Sizing 15"–19"
UTQG 180

Modp_0906_16+performance_tire_buyers_guide+yokohama_advan_neova_ad08 Photo 17/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Radial Wet
Hoosier Sports Car DOT Radial Wet tires were developed for drivers who participate in autocross and road racing events in moderate to heavy rain.

Sizing 14"–18"

Modp_0906_17+performance_tire_buyers_guide+hoosier_radial_wet Photo 22/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Ventus V12 Evo, K110
Multiple Tread Radius (MTR), innovative tread design and HPSR compound technology provide superior control and precise responsiveness required for performance under extreme driving conditions.

Sizing 17"–21"
UTQG 280

Modp_0906_18+performance_tire_buyers_guide+hankook_ventus_v12_evo_k110 Photo 19/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Victra Z4S
The Maxxis Victra Z4S was designed for the driver who wants sporty handling while maintaining refinement and tread life. It features multi-pitch tread blocks and a unique casing design to minimize pattern noise and harshness.

Sizing 15"–20"
UTQG 420

Modp_0906_19+performance_tire_buyers_guide+maxxis_victra_z4s Photo 20/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Zeon RS3
Developed after more than a year of testing by both ROUSH Performance and Cooper engineers, the RS3’s racing-inspired silica tread compound maximizes grip for dry handling while maintaining an exceptional level of wet performance.

Sizing 18"
UTQG 220

Modp_0906_20+performance_tire_buyers_guide+cooper_zeon_rs3 Photo 21/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Hoosier Racing Tire Sports Car DOT A6 Radials are Track and Competition DOT tires developed for drivers who compete in autocross, time trial and hillclimb events in dry conditions.

Sizing 13"–19"

Modp_0906_17+performance_tire_buyers_guide+hoosier_radial_wet Photo 22/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Ventus R-S3, Z222
The Ventus R-S3 is a new extreme-performance tire developed for serious sports cars and performance sedan enthusiasts looking for race tire–like traction on the street or for use in autocross, drifting and track events.

Sizing 15"–18"
UTQG 140

Modp_0906_22+performance_tire_buyers_guide+hankook_ventus_rs3_z222 Photo 23/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Direzza Sport Z1
Star Spec
The Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec is Dunlop’s Extreme Performance Summer tire developed for enthusiasts looking for race tire–like traction on the street or for use in autocross, drifting and track events.

Sizing 15"–18"
UTQG 200

Modp_0906_23+performance_tire_buyers_guide+dunlop_direzza_sport_z1_star_spec Photo 24/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Victra MA-Z1
The MA-Z1 provides enhanced stability, with a solid center rib and stiff shoulder blocks. The unidirectional tread design improves handling in wet and dry road conditions, while the high stiffness casing offers impressive steering feedback and controllability.

Sizing 16"–20"
UTQG 220–280

Modp_0906_24+performance_tire_buyers_guide+maxxis_victra_ma_z1 Photo 25/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Eagle GT
Goodyear’s Eagle GT offers drivers all-season traction and the excitement of great handling. It has TredLock technology, an asymmetric tread pattern and an eye-catching sidewall design.

Sizing 15"–22"
UTQG 400–440

Modp_0906_25+performance_tire_buyers_guide+goodyear_eagle_gt Photo 26/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

The FK452 features the latest developments in noise absorption technology due to phase-shifted random pitch variation, while handling response and high-speed stability are improved.

Sizing 16"–24"
UTQG 300

Modp_0906_26+performance_tire_buyers_guide+falken_fk452 Photo 27/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Potenza RE050A Pole Position
These are designed to provide exceptional dry and wet road traction with 90 percent silica content tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design.

Sizing 16"–20"
UTQG 140–280

Modp_0906_27+performance_tire_buyers_guide+bridgestone_potenza_re050a_pole_position Photo 28/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Ultra Sessanta
The Sessanta is designed parametrically, which means that the tread construction, shape and contours are optimized for every size using a mathematical formula based on design parameters to make it an excellent performance tire.

Sizing 17"–22"

Modp_0906_28+performance_tire_buyers_guide+vredestein_ultra_sessanta Photo 29/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

The new AZENIS RT-615 offers a world spec construction, featuring an improved motorsports-grade cap compound that effectively maintains grip as tire temperatures increase. The result: a tough, durable, street-sensible tire.

Sizing 14"–18"
UTQG 200

Modp_0906_29+performance_tire_buyers_guide+falken_rt615 Photo 30/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Potenza RE-11
The Potenza RE-11 is an extreme-performance summer tire developed for enthusiastic sports car, sports coupe and performance sedan drivers. It is tuned for dry and wet conditions.

Sizing 15"–19"
UTQG 180

Modp_0906_30+performance_tire_buyers_guide+bridgestone_potenza_re11 Photo 31/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Eagle F1 Asymmetric
The F1 Asymmetric premium ultra-high-performance tire has commanding dry grip and a water-shedding inner tread zone to aid wet traction. A layer of Aramid in the inboard sidewall help maintain even tread pressure on the road to enhance grip while cornering.

Sizing 17"–20"
UTQG 240

Modp_0906_31+performance_tire_buyers_guide+goodyear_eagle_f1_asymmetric Photo 32/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide

Sportrac 3
The tread design gives sports cars an enhanced appearance while the robust, wide shoulders and 3-D, V-shaped tread blocks in the center of the tread give outstanding performance on bends.

Sizing 15"–17"

Modp_0906_32+performance_tire_buyers_guide+vredestein_sportrac_3 Photo 33/33   |   Performance Tire Buyer's Guide


Nitto Tire
Cypress, CA 90630
General Tire
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Toyo Tires USA
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Continental Tires
Hankook Tire
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Yokohama Tire Corporation
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Kumho Tires
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Falken Tire
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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
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Hoosier Tire
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Suwanee, GA 30024
Cooper Tire
Findlay, OH 45840



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