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Braking System Buyer's Guide

Here is the Braking System Buyer's Guide which features bluestuff race brake pads and more.

Mar 23, 2010

Gran Turismo Kit
This braking system originates from racing components consisting of ventilated, integral or composite discs, available drilled or slotted, four-, six- and eight-piston aluminum calipers, a complete set of high-performance brake pads, metal braided lines and high-quality small parts.

Modp_1004_03_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+turismo_kit Photo 2/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Dynapro 6 Brake Kit
The enhanced brake capacity and pad performance of the DynaPro 6 forged billet 6-piston caliper is combined with 12.19-inch-diameter rotors for this group of sport compact kits. These kits are the perfect complement to wheel, tire and suspension upgrades on daily drivers, competition vehicles and custom-styled show machines.

Modp_1004_02_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+dynapro_brake_kit Photo 3/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Ap Racing
Big Brake Kits
Brake upgrades should not only look great but be strong and confident performers under all conditions. AP Racing, a dominant force at the top levels of motorsports and OE supplier to a long list of car manufacturers, provides equipment for serious upgrades to many makes and models. Give your ride that extra touch of safety and style with these easy-to-install big brake kits.

Modp_1004_01_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+brake_kits Photo 4/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Power Slot
Power Alloy Enhanced
Brake Rotors
Power Alloy enhanced brake rotors utilize a special formula of increased molybdenum content that delivers improved stopping power in severe duty situations and offers superior resistance to cracking due to thermal stress in performance driving situations. The new generation of Power Slot Power Alloy adopts an evenly applied anti-corrosion e-coating over all unswept surfaces in a new, eye-catching black finish. The result reduces unsightly corrosion while providing a pad/rotor interface ready for immediate use without any additional attention needed for pad bedding, which is required on some rotors not equipped with e-coating. These rotors also utilize Power Slot's unique directional cooling vanes to further enhance stopping power and brake cooling efficiency.

Modp_1004_04_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+power_slot Photo 5/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Hawk Performance
HP Plus Pads
This race compound can take the heat of the track and get you home safely without having to change back to street brake pads. The HP Plus was developed and manufactured for sport driving and track day applications. However, due to the dramatic friction levels produced by this product to achieve race-level braking, rotor wear, noise, dust and pad life may be affected.

Modp_1004_07_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+plus_pads Photo 6/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

EBC Brakes
Bluestuff Race Brake Pads
The newest offering from EBC Brakes comes in the form of the Bluestuff pads, a full race compound pad for sports cars and faster sport compacts. With a new aramid-fiber-based compound that has high friction levels, excellent release, thermal stability and much reduced rotor damage, this new material doesn't spark like many other comparable products. These new pads also feature a shock-resistant interlayer between the steel backing plate and the brake compound itself to prevent pad debonding and edge lifting.

Modp_1004_06_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+ebc_brakes Photo 7/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Trophy Sport Big Brake Kit
StopTech's Trophy Sport Big Brake Kit features the four-or six-piston Trophy ultra-lightweight caliper with patented bridge and also include the company's patented AeroRotor and AeroHat, both engineered to increase airflow for better cooling and performance. Together, these technologies optimize performance and provide consistent feedback to the pedal in commuting, spirited street driving or track use.

Modp_1004_05_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+big_brake_kit Photo 8/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Super Challenge Brake System
These competition kits are equipped with Rotora's all-new Super Challenge lightweight forged calipers, constructed of high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy. The Super Challenge is also equipped with a full-floating, two-piece constructed disc system using Rotora's Anti-Rattle Extended Float Drive mounting hardware. These larger disc rings come slotted-only and heat-treated with Rotora's new directional staggered design vanes to increase airflow, thermal capacity and heat dissipation.

Modp_1004_11_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+challenge_brake_system Photo 9/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Project Mu
6-Pot Caliper Sports Brake System
Project Mu's new six-piston system has been launched to meet the demand for better stopping power from the popular slim forged body. This model's sleeker body means much less wheel interference with the caliper, making it ideal for customized FWD cars. Constructed from forged aluminum alloy, these calipers are built to perform and last throughout even the most grueling conditions.

Modp_1004_09_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+caliper_brake_system Photo 10/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Carbon-Ceramic Matrix Rotors
Stillen, in a long-standing technical partnership with carbon brake innovator AP Racing, has come up with a major upgrade for the R35 Nissan GT-R. This upgrade is an instant 38-lb reduction in unsprung and rotating weight. Under normal usage, these CCM discs may last the entire life of your GT-R-and your next one.

Modp_1004_10_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+matrix_rotors Photo 11/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Performance Brake Pads
Carefully chosen material and extensive R&D has gone into the development of Tomax's new brake pads, which come in three different trims. They cover anything from long lasting, comfortable braking for street use; focusing on overall balance from low to high speed, pad abrasion and force at low temperatures; and high-friction brake force for advanced sport driving. Front and rear sets are sold separately to fit drivers' preferences.

Modp_1004_12_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+tomax_brake_pads Photo 12/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Procomp Big Brake Kit
The idea behind making huge power numbers without backing them up with solid stopping ability is unsafe, hurts lap times and can cause damage to your OEM brake system. With the Ksport ProComp Braking Systems, your vehicle will be able to stop efficiently and safely, whether on the street or track. Using slotted, vented rotors and a differential-bore caliper, the Ksport ProComp systems provide efficient, consistent braking by resisting brake fade. The two-piece rotor design resists cracking and warping better than any single-piece rotor. These brake systems are designed for easy installation and most applications require only basic hand tools.

Modp_1004_13_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+ksport_brake_kit Photo 13/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

6-Pot Caliper And New E-Slit Rotor
The new E-Slit rotor from Endless is comprised of a narrow, curved slit that's incorporated with four smaller E-Slits. The smoother shaving of the pad by the long, curved slit and the increased friction provided by the E-Slits maintain optimal brake pad condition at all times. The rotor material is comprised of a special carbon blend, an Endless original technology that decreases heat cracks and extracts 100 percent of the brake pad's performance. The 6-Pot caliper is made of lightweight forged aluminum with excellent heat resistance characteristics, and piston sizes of differing diameters are staggered to ensure even pad wear and increased feedback. The braking force of these calipers is a perfect match for high-horsepower cars.

Brake Lines
Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines are an industry standard in the world of motor racing. Goodridge kits feature the finest quality stainless steel braided hoses, which improve braking performance, eliminate the spongy feel of rubber hoses and provide superior resistance to corrosion.

Modp_1004_15_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+brake_lines Photo 14/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Disc Brakes Australia
5000 Series Brake Rotors
These performance brake rotors feature thermal stability profiling for improved heat handling, thermo-graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring and unique ventilation that runs cooler, stronger and outperforms traditional disc rotors by up to 20 percent. Manufactured from the finest quality cast iron, DBA rotors are the ultimate braking solution for the car enthusiast looking for race-quality performance.

Modp_1004_19_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+disk_brakes_australia Photo 15/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Grex Brake Systems
GREX brake kits are designed as full competition-spec brake kits suitable for street use. Lightweight four-, six-, and eight-piston aluminum calipers are designed to be as compact as possible and are stylishly protected by classic GREX gold hard-anodized finish. Lightweight, two-piece rotors are included along with Earl's Teflon lined stainless steel braided brake hoses.

Modp_1004_21_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+grex_brake_system Photo 16/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Project Mu
Club Racer Brake Pads
The Club Racer pad was developed using input and data from professional drivers around the world. These pads feature proprietary asbestos-free carbon metal brake compound capable of withstanding temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius (1,400 degrees Fahrenheit). Drivers will notice high initial bite over a wide temperature range, excellent pedal feedback and brake modulation, virtually zero brake fade and consistent stopping power every lap. Club Racer brake pads will be available at the start of the 2010 racing season for Japanese, European and domestic vehicles.

Modp_1004_20_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+club_racer_brakes Photo 17/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Street Performance Brake Pads
Street Performance Brake Pads are engineered to meet the demands of high-performance driving situations while maintaining their ability to work in normal driving conditions. The first full line of brake pads from StopTech combines the benefits of premium street brake pads with aggressive friction formulas suitable for light track use. These pads utilize para-aramid composites to deliver optimum stopping performance over a wide temperature range and are specially formulated to deliver linear response in cold and hot conditions. All StopTech Brake pads are 100 percent positive molded and include OE-style shims to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibration.

Modp_1004_22_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+stoptech_brake_pads Photo 18/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide

Brake Fluid
The Endless RF-650 racing brake fluid is OE on all Porsche GT3 Cup cars and officially supplied to Formula 1 teams. Boasting high boiling points as well as superior compressibility to the competition, Endless RF-650 racing brake fluid continues to gain popularity with hardcore racers and professional race teams alike.

Modp_1004_23_z+braking_system_buyers_guide+endless_brake_fluid Photo 19/19   |   Braking System Buyer's Guide



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