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Goodyear Eagle SS Tires - Tire Review

Designed specifically for DOT class drag racing, Goodyear has put its decades of experience producing race-winning rubber into engineering the Eagle SS

Nov 10, 2010

If you're a drag racer who competes in a class that requires DOT radials, Goodyear has just entered the fray with the new Eagle SS. Designed specifically for DOT class drag racing, Goodyear has put its decades of experience producing race-winning rubber into engineering the Eagle SS, the benefits of which I felt firsthand from behind the seat of a Pontiac G8 GT (361 hp and 385 ft-lbs of torque V-8 engine) on the NHRA dragstrip at Firebird Raceway near Phoenix.

Modp_1011_01_o+goodyear_eagle_ss+track Photo 2/4   |   Goodyear Eagle SS Tires - Tire Review

Let me preface this by stating that my experience drag racing is limited, but once I got comfortable with timing the lights and holding the correct rpm for the launch, I posted some quick and consistent 60-foot times. My best back-to-back runs started with reaction times of .017 and .024, resulting in mph readings of 99.77 and 99.66, respectively. E.T.'s on these two runs were 14.426 and 14.422, remarkably consistent times despite my inexperience and 160-degree track temperature.

From the driver seat, the Eagle SS rear tires felt extremely grippy. Even with 385 ft-lbs of torque on tap from the G8's 6-liter V-8 engine, it was dead easy to limit wheelspin to a nice little chirp coming off the line and no burnout was required to heat up the compound. It's this kind of consistent grip and ease of use that grassroots bracket racers are looking for, and if my results are any indication, Goodyear has done a great job dialing in the Eagle SS for this type of competition.

Modp_1011_02_o+goodyear_eagle_ss+2010_pontiac_g8_gt Photo 3/4   |   Goodyear Eagle SS Tires - Tire Review

Even if you're just looking for improved e.t.'s so you can beat your buddy on Friday night at the local dragstrip, the Eagle SS will certainly be a huge improvement over any UHP street tire. Just keep in mind that even though the Eagle SS is DOT approved and therefore technically street legal, it's really only designed for drag racing. So don't plan to do any grocery-getting on this rubber.

Specs & Details
Goodyear Eagle SS
Type DOT drag radial
Size 275/40R17

Modp_1011_03_o+goodyear_eagle_ss+tire Photo 4/4   |   Goodyear Eagle SS Tires - Tire Review

Key Features
DOT approved
Intended for racetrack use only
Tread compound designed specifically for DOT drag applications
Unique sidewall design
Designed for a wide range of vehicles

Test Mule
'10 Pontiac G8 GT
Test Driver
David Pratte, regular contributor to Modified
Test Track
Firebird International Raceway's NHRA dragstrip
Track Condition
110 degrees Fahrenheit, dry and sunny



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