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Import and Domestic Car Photos

The Much Needed 2021 BMW M3 & M4 Front Bumper Makeover
The new M unveil just took place at the end of September but already we're hearing some aftermarket rumblings about improving its factory "style" front bumper.
RodrezOct 20, 2020
Widebody, Fire-Breathing WRX STI For Next Gymkhana Video Breaks Cover
Subaru of America unveils the next automotive star of Hoonigan's Gymkhana series, and surprise, surprise, it's a pretty gnarly looking WRX STI. Yeehaw.
Bob HernandezOct 20, 2020
Top 20 Old-School Chassis
From classic Corolla and 240Z to the rarely used Starion and R30 Skyline, we compile a list of our most beloved old-school builds.
Bob HernandezOct 19, 2020
OEM-Plus 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback - Another One Saved
Based on an OEM+ feel, this hatch carries plenty of details, highly sought-after authentic goods and a nice surprise within its unassuming, nicely laid out engine bay.
RodrezOct 17, 2020
Restomod BMW E30 M3 Retains Original Inline-4 & Evolution Styling But Goes Balls Out Everywhere Else!
A build that blends heritage with innovation doesn't come easy and certainly takes a trained eye, which is why we're very excited to give you the exclusive final reveal of Stan Chen's "Crazy 88" M3.
Sam DuOct 16, 2020
1994 JDM Nissan S13 180SX: From The Tomei Expressway To The Las Vegas Strip
DJ Manifesto has an eye for detail. The original plan for his 180SX S13 was just a quick resto, nothing special. Just get it running and leave it at that. However, as one thing led to another, plans changed.
Rushton SkinnerOct 15, 2020
1,300-pound Civic Type R-powered Rocketship!
Despite its familiar looks, the Ariel Atom 4 shares only 3 parts with its predecessor: the clutch pedal, brake pedal, and fuel cap. In other words, this is an all-new iteration of Ariel's analog sports car.
Greg FinkOct 15, 2020
100+ Photo Gallery Of All-Toyota Supra Car Show In Las Vegas
2020 is was Supras in Vegas's 10th anniversary and despite Coronavirus limitations, it still drew 200 Supras of all generations, as well as a few surprise chassis on hand to shake things up
Sam DuOct 15, 2020
Old-School JDM: The Japanese Classics of the 2020 Elkhart Collection Auction
Are people really willing to spend top dollar for Japanese classics from the '80s? '70s? Even the '60s? We're about to find out as RM Sotheby's auction house is set to stage for its Elkhart Collection sale
Bob HernandezOct 14, 2020
Timeless 2006 Honda S2000 Packs A 460HP Punch!
It's not often you find an S2000 cared for at this level up for sale, and it's rare that someone is in the position to make a purchase that's beneficial for both parties, but that's exactly what happened to Aymaan Rehman
RodrezOct 13, 2020
Murdered Out Mk5 Toyota Supra With Pandem Body Kit & Work Meister Wheels Is Making Moves
The A90 Supra is still relatively new on the scene, however it's safe to say this example built by Garrett Jarboe, now owned by Josh Nepa, will go down as one of the most memorable Supras we've ever seen.
Sam DuOct 13, 2020
Pricing and Details on the 2021 Honda Accord 10th Generation Refresh
The 2021 Accord, in many ways is Honda's golden child. Sure, we've applied that label before to the CTR, but in terms of sales, it's tough to argue that the Accord isn't their shining star
Alex StoklosaOct 12, 2020
Another Star is Born: The 8-Cylinder Mitsubishi Starion
An LS V8 swap may sound like a broken record to some, but the story behind this car shows just how great our community is, and how blessed we are to have people like Mikie Sorrell and Tanner White.
Sam DuOct 10, 2020
The 1st Gen. Honda CR-V Convertible You Never Knew Existed
Conceived as a design exercise, this bubbly, soft top CR-V was a show pony that highlighted what was possible by aftermarket engineering firm Valmet
Evan McCauslandOct 9, 2020
Next-Gen. BRZ Makes Surprise Appearance At World's Largest Subaru Parade
SubieFest teamed up with Subaru of America (SOA) to do something special for 2020, namely attempt to reset the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Subarus
Bob HernandezOct 9, 2020
20 Year Time Capsule: The Hikari Works Racing MKIV 1997 Toyota Supra
We're going to take you way back with this MKIV Supra. Back to the early days of Super Street, when the internet was still in its infancy and our readership was entirely reliant upon print.
Micah WrightOct 8, 2020
FR-S Firepower: Super Street's Top 5 Most Popular Scion Feature Cars
Despite only lasting 13 years Scion still made a sizable impact on the tuning scene with vehicles like the xB gaining a cult-like following and the FR-S becoming a common site at track events and car shows everywhere.
Bob HernandezOct 7, 2020
Honda Civic Type R vs. Toyota Supra
If you want Japanese performance at a price the average household can afford, should there be an H or a T on the hood?
Scott EvansOct 6, 2020
Bolt-In 550HP All (Electric) Motor!
This new bolt-in crate motor option is gunning to replace one of the most common crate engine choices out there in GM's small-block V-8.
Alex StoklosaOct 6, 2020
Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far
Since it looks like masks will be a widespread reality for the foreseeable future, we decided to round up our favorite ones from our favorite aftermarket parts companies.
Bob HernandezOct 6, 2020

How-to Classic

Honda B-Series/D-Series Supreme Shifting With Hybrid Racing

For those who enjoy the audible, haptic feedback that comes from a snickety aftermarket shifter kit Hybrid Racing's Short Shifters offers the most diverse, innovative approach we've seen thus far from a bolt-in system.

RodrezOct 1, 2020


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