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Import and Domestic Car Photos Page 2

1-on-1 with Nissan GT-R Specialist Garage Active
In order to get the full story of Garage Active, and its animated founding father, you would need more than just a single feature. In all honesty, you would probably need something along the lines of the Lord of the Rings sized trilogy, complete with all of the spin-offs, behind-the-scenes extras and perhaps even that
Micah WrightFeb 25, 2021
Honda Civic Hatchback Project K24 Pt. 13: Fluid Control
Chase Bays – Coolant Overflow Last year, as I began piecing this hatchback project together after it came back from DTM Autobody for its color change, Chase Bays provided their Tucked Aluminum Radiator kit that caught my attention for a few reasons, the first being that rather than just a small radiator that would sit
RodrezFeb 24, 2021
Don’t Call It an IS F: V-8 Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance Revealed
From the Editors of SS: Well, well, well, what do we have here? Our Monday morning became a whole lot more interesting waking up to the announcement of a new V-8 Lexus IS, the IS 500 F Sport Performance – but do not call it an IS F. While it uses the same 2UR-GSE mill
Alex StoklosaFeb 23, 2021
Pasadena, Calif. Overrun with a Variety of JDM & USDM Honda Builds
Almost a year after the lockdowns began, the natives are beyond restless and car enthusiasts, like the Honda fanatics that attended the Old School Honda Meet on February 21st, might be the most eager to hit the road. With seven SoCal events (that we know of) all happening on that particular day, local streets and
RodrezFeb 23, 2021
Split Personality Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R
As a color choice, we don’t generally see a lot of turquoise on tuner cars; it seems to be a hue favored more by bejeweled sun-loving grandmas with leathery skin rather than Japanese car fans. But the dazzling sheen on Jimmy Tu’s Chrome Turquoise 2015 Nissan GT-R is kind of mesmerizing and possibly the perfect
Bob HernandezFeb 22, 2021
Art of Attack’s K20 ITB 1996 Honda Civic Type R
Cars like this 1996 Civic Type R EK9 are commonly found among the most desired by Honda fans old and young. Sure, it doesn’t carry the dramatic appeal of, say, the original NSX – a car that carries a legion of fans not only enamored with Hondas but car enthusiasts of all types – and
RodrezFeb 19, 2021
The Legend of the high-revving Honda S2000 Roadster
Super Street: It didn’t even make any sense back in 1999 when Honda announced that its S2000 was on its way to dealerships. Knee-deep in all things Honda during an era when the 5th gen. Civic, a monumental hit for Honda’s aftermarket hungry fans was just being followed up by the 6th generation Civic –
Nick YekikianFeb 18, 2021
1986 Ford RS200 Evolution Test Drive: Arguably the Most-Interesting Performance Ford Ever
From the Editors at SS: It may be from the ‘80s, and never offered in America, and look a little goofy with its ride height hiked up the way it is, but all of that belies the sports car athlete that is the midengined, turbo four-banger, AWD RS200. Made so Ford could go rally racing
Christian SeabaughFeb 17, 2021
Chopped and Widebody-Converted Rocket Bunny 1991 Acura NSX
The interesting thing about cars like this 1991 Acura NSX is that, along with the folklore and general fandom that surrounds the chassis and helps drive their value through the roof, you’ll find far more heavily modified versions floating around currently as compared to days of past. With three decades now behind the original flagship,
RodrezFeb 17, 2021
This 3D-Printed Aero Adds Some Subtle Slickness to the Ferrari F8 Tributo
It must be tough out there for new Ferrari F8 buyers who risk blending in with the many McLarens and Lamborghinis when cruising the strip. Or worse, getting shown-up by the hotter F8 variant that’s surely just over the horizon. Fret not, big ballers, because the supercar tuner extraordinaire that is 1016 Industries just dropped a new 3D-printed carbon-fiber aero kit
Conner GoldenFeb 16, 2021
Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time
Whether it's an entry into the tuning world or a full-on, high-end build, the Civic has always been a favorite for enthusiasts.
Super Street ArchivesFeb 12, 2021
Dreaming Big: Custom Widebody 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R
The times, they are a-changin’ as newer generations enamored with Japanese car culture are far more mesmerized by iconic JDM chassis than the European supercars and Americana muscle once plastered on the walls of the now 40-plus crowd. Embedded with cars like this 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R at a young age, these ‘90s heroes have
RodrezFeb 11, 2021
Like Father, Like Son: 1973 Mazda RX-3 & 1981 Toyota Starlet
Unless you’re strolling the green grasses of Long Beach during the annual Japanese Classic Car Show, you’re not likely to spot a pair of old-school builds as clean as this 1973 Mazda RX- 3 and 1981 Toyota Starlet with one another. Owned by Angelo and Julian Angeles, theirs is a story as old as hot
RodrezFeb 10, 2021
Behind the Scenes at Toprank Vehicle Importers
It has been 15 years since we’ve had a conversation with Sean Morris from Toprank International Vehicle Importers, and he has been one extremely busy dude in that time. Our paths originally crossed when he was a huge and invaluable contributor to our in-depth look at what it takes to import a car from Japan,
Bob HernandezFeb 9, 2021
Honda Performance Development Announces Civic Type R Crate Engine & ECU Package
One of the biggest factors in modern-day Honda performance is undoubtedly the art of the engine swap. Essentially the cornerstone of Honda enthusiasm over the last few decades, the vehicles, which often lend themselves to Lego-like, cross-platform compatibility, offer an almost endless supply of options to the end-user. Whether it’s a daily driver or a
RodrezFeb 8, 2021
Personalizing the Dream: 1JZ-Swapped R34 Skyline GT
The thirst has never been realer for the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, and pop culture has played the largest role in creating that want. Video games like Gran Turismo and films like those early ones in the Fast & Furious franchise set young enthusiasts’ imaginations ablaze some 20 or so years ago, like Antonio Miranda’s. Already
Bob HernandezFeb 5, 2021
Honda Tuning’s Project K24 Civic VX Pt. 12: Fuel & Monitoring
In the last update on Honda Tuning’s Project K24 Civic VX, I worked on getting the engine and transmission bolted in place along with its axles and a new wheel and tire package. It’s definitely starting to look like a car again after I’d completely torn it down for paint and bodywork a little over
RodrezFeb 5, 2021
Subaru Flat 12-Cylinder F1 Racing Hopeful
Super Street: Sounds pretty incredible, right? Who wouldn’t be interested in seeing what could be created with a giant blank check to support a flat 12 with individual throttle bodies and as much technology as Motori Moderni could pack into it for competition use? More importantly, why haven’t you heard about this 12-cylinder marvel prior
Benjamin HuntingFeb 4, 2021
500HP-Plus BMW 135i Race Car with License Plates
It is true that zee Germans know a thing or two about high performance, and not just adding at the factory a few additional horsepower, or slightly stiffer chassis bits, or mild aero to an otherwise mundane base platform. We’re talking about significantly rare cars that come with real muscle and athleticism; about cars with
Bob HernandezFeb 3, 2021
Behind the Scenes of JDM Parts Manufacturer 326POWER
Founded by legendary D1GP drifter Mitsuru Haruguchi, 326POWER is an aftermarket parts producer that is just as colorful as it is creative. Despite its demure exterior, the brand’s unassuming warehouse and the building adjacent to it are home to some of the automotive world’s wildest color combos. That, and a handful of builds that are
Micah WrightFeb 2, 2021

How-to Classic

Bringing a 30-Year-Old Integra GS-R Into the 21st Century with Pioneer Electronics

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we talk quite a bit about modernizing older chassis here at Super Street Network, and for good reason. By far the most popular group of cars to own and modify, at least within our demographic, come from the late ‘80s to ‘00 era, and with 20 to 30 years on

RodrezFeb 26, 2021


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