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Kokoro Honda Presents Acura Hoarding 101
For guys like Tyson Hugie, the ideal garage isn't a fantasy, it's reality, and the long list of mods that you might expect aren't at all missed.
RodrezAug 25, 2020
"Absolute Drift" Creators Tease "art of rally" Gameplay
art of rally is here to prove you can still have a little fun with a PC and throwback pixel counts.
Nick YekikianAug 25, 2020
JDM Sedan Envy - 2007 Honda Civic Mugen RR
Takeru Tojo wanted a sedan for his growing family...but not a standard sedan. Lucky for him he was able to find a Civic Mugen RR for sale which fit all his needs perfectly
RodrezAug 25, 2020
A90 Toyota Supra Traction Control Issue Resolved
If you're considering pushing your modified A90 Supra to its limit on the track then RSR's EDC cancellers are a must have mod.
Sam DuAug 24, 2020
Drift Car Olympics - Formula D Debuts Skills Battle Video
Formula Drift teams up with Turn 14 Distribution to give fans a satisfying appetizer before the official September season opener
Bob HernandezAug 22, 2020
JDM-Inspired Ford Mustang: Supercharged V6 & Time Attack Ready
Wait...a supercharged Ford Mustang on Super Street?! Can the world end already?! Before you click that exit button, hear us out...
Sam DuAug 21, 2020
2020 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals
The new date may have thrown the usual crowd for a loop, but organizers were still pleased with the turnout with over 1,000 cars and even more spectators coming out for the three-day weekend affair.
Bob HernandezAug 21, 2020
4,400HP In One Day - Checking Out The Drift Office Supra Dyno Shootout
The A90 features a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 that's factory rated at 335 horsepower but how much power can a A90 Toyota Supra actually lay down?
Evan GriffeyAug 20, 2020
JDM Aero Ace Liberty Walk's 1995 Nissan Skyline R34 Silhouette
This is every Gran Turismo nerd's fantasy come to life and we can't get enough of it from just about any angle.
Nick YekikianAug 20, 2020
2018 McLaren 720S On A Mission To Find 1,000whp
Andre Wetzell is on a mission to not just own one of the fastest street-legal supercars out there, but also to have it break the 1,000whp mark.
Sam DuAug 19, 2020
Type R, SiR, & Kei Cars - The Top 11 Hondas America Never Got
America's long gotten stiffed when it comes to Honda's most sought after, performance-based models, despite the 50 states inhabiting more enthusiasts of the brand than any other place on the globe.
Aaron BonkAug 19, 2020
2000 Honda Civic Hatchback - The Curse of the Daily Driver
With its choice of classic parts and an understated appeal only a select few can see, Jesus Aguilar's EJ is a shining example of how quality, execution and attention to detail always stand out, no matter how many examples you're faced with
RodrezAug 18, 2020
The 10 Worst Tuner Car Trends Ever
From outrageously loud fart-can exhausts and wings the size of diving boards to overused underglow inside and out, we somewhat nostalgically look back at these trends and find ourselves asking, "What were we thinking?"
Jofel TolosaAug 18, 2020
2003 Honda S2000 Begs The Question: 4-, 6- or 8-Cylinder Turbo Power?
Alex Graf's S2000 is a rolling example of just how much versatility Honda's celebratory 2-seater offers, especially as it relates to engine choices.
RodrezAug 17, 2020
RC F Ditches V8 for Turbo 2JZ and Sheds Weight on Kevlar Diet
When we got an e-mail with the tagline, "most powerful, most advanced Lexus drift car on the planet" we were curious. After watching the included video, sure enough, this was the baddest modern-Lexus we've ever seen
Sam DuAug 14, 2020
ART Customs 1/64 Die-Cast are Modified Micro-Sized Bliss
Until just a few weeks ago, we had no idea that modifying 1:64-scale die-cast toy cars was a thing, but then we Googled it and went down an entirely new rabbit hole.
Bob HernandezAug 14, 2020
The Super SUV - ABT Sportsline Unveils the Audi RSQ8-R
The tuning gurus at ABT Sportsline needed something pretty special to celebrate the brand's 125th birthday and we're pretty sure they nailed it with the Audi RSQ8-R Super SUV
RodrezAug 14, 2020
Element Fire Extinguishers Revolutionizes Fire Safety
In a "bigger is better" world, the Element extinguisher is an anomaly, the tiny extinguisher offers a 50 second discharge—4 times more extinguishing time than a traditional 5-lb. canister extinguishers
RodrezAug 13, 2020
Tesla Model S: New Carbon Fiber Body Kit And Proof You Can TE37 Everything
TDG is the latest player to jump into the EV game and they have some new and exciting parts that might pique your interest in Tesla's Model S
Sam DuAug 13, 2020
"S" is for "Sick!" - Our Top 5 Most Viewed Acura Type S Stories
With Acura's new 4-door Type S scheduled to hit dealerships soon, we decided to corral our most visited Type S stories from over the years
Bob HernandezAug 13, 2020

How-to Classic

Do It Yourself Powder Coating - Tricks of the Trade

A step-by-step guide to knocking out parts powder coating projects in your home garage

Scott TsuneishiSep 17, 2020


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